The Jury’s (Not) Out: Out of Service, Down For The Count


Rather appropriate for my current situation, I’d say. Go click that pic and buy a shirt. Hell, buy ME a shirt while you’re at it!

Ugh. So, thanks to running back and forth to serve on a jury in a modern but not cleaned too regularly court packed with common folk and their assorted germs, I’m sick as a dog. Well, a sick dog with a raw throat and assorted aches. While I have no issues with serving at all other than the long waiting times, uncomfortable seating and yeah, people coughing, sneezing and sniffling like mad, feeling as if I’ve been trapped in the most boring convention meets Groundhog Day is both annoying and amusing.

Okay, I’m going back to bed now, tonic in hand. My inbox is BURSTING with nice, busy news and such,but I’m in no shape to get to it. Ooof. We’ll see how I feel in a few hours/tomorrow, as I hate being this sick for no reason other than I was pressed into service in a public place that should be a great deal better maintained.


Things I Learned @ Toy Fair 2014 #4: There’s A Dreamland Fairy in Your Future…


Dreamland Fairy_01Dreams can come true (with a little parental assistance)! The other cool dreamland product I say at Toy Fair won’t be out until later this Spring, but it’s a really neat idea on a few levels. Cassie Slane and Ami Van Dine, two moms created Dreamland Fairy after their six year old daughters came thought up the idea of a fairy house that they could keep in their rooms.

“Now what does one DO with a fairy house?” you ask? Well, since you’re a little behind the times and I’m a nice guy, I’ll let you in on the big deal because I happen to like it when you read my posts… Continue reading

Annnd, We’re Back (After A Mistake or Two)…


Okay, so I didn’t get much sleep Monday night (as in none) and I wasn’t feeling so hot, but I decided to get some work done. Kind of a bad idea, as I ended up deleting a long article I’d been working on before it auto-saved (gyaaah!) and did it AGAIN with another one not too long afterward. Boo. Anyway, after some actual rest and a decent cup of coffee, I’m back in action (instead of back inaction, HAW!). I need to get back outside and down to the library in a bit, as I got up a few hours back to tackle laundry (Part One) and get a package out.

Back in a bit…

March Onward… But Don’t Wake Me Up, Grrr!


So, I got home this evening expecting to get a few posts in before midnight, but I ended up napping instead. Hey, how did THAT happen?! Meh, so much for productivity. Oh well. I guess I needed that rest after all. I’m most likely preparing for that big snow we’re supposed to get on Monday here (boo!)… or I was just tired after a kind of silly week. Okay, I need to get some articles completed and posted – more Toy Fair impressions, some reviews, an update to a movie post for a blogathon and so forth and so on.

And yes, I woke up to post this and am now going back to bed. Good Night, class. See you in a few hours… Zzzzzz…



I Went To Toy Fair And All I Got Was This Lousy Bad Back (Okay, Not Really)…

Owch. *squeeeak!* Hear that sound? It’s me bending over to see how swelled up my feet are. Eh, it’s not that bad, but I do need to lie down. I’m NOT lying down though – I’m typing this at the library because I figure I needed to post at least ONE update today before I went home and keeled over. I was planning to go home first, drop of the bags of stuff I’m carrying and then pop on out to write this post, but I very wisely decided to go straight to the library because I’d have tripped on a stray hair and landed square on my bed, never to rise again (well, until sometime tomorrow).

Anyway, the show was interesting as always. Made some new contacts, ran into a few old ones (and man, have some of them grown since last year!) and I’ll have a bunch of articles to write up over the next week or so. Hmmm… can I survive for the next hour and nine minutes or so and not keel over before I get kicked out of here? We shall see. Someone is going to sleep like a dead log tonight, that’s for sure…

Groan, Creak… What A Loooong Week…


Ay carumba! Me bones are weary bones, arrrr! Or something like that. “My neck, My back, My ass.”* Wow, I’m pooped after waking up too early (5am) and getting to Toy Fair too early, but at least they had coffee and some stuff to snack on. Anyway, updates will be slower than usual for a few days. I’m taking Monday off to do take care of some personal stuff and then it’s back to Toy Fair Tuesday and Wednesday. Now, if you’ll excuse me… I’m going to keel over and sleep for a virtual week… Zzzzz.

*(yeah, that line’s stolen/paraphrased from Matt Groening’s awesome Life in Hell collection)

A Modern Stone-Age Remedy…

poor fredBlehhhh. Woke up to-day with what feels like someone stepping on my throat IN my throat. Slight headache, too… but that’s probably caffeine withdrawal kicking in because it’s what, 12:46pm (what, already?!) and I’m still buried under some blankets. Currently debating whether to roll over and get back to sleep, kick myself out of bed far enough across the room to lift an aspirin out of my bag, pop it and fall backwards hoping I land back in bed or just getting the heck up, splashing some water at the body and getting out for a walk in that howling wind I hear outside. Wait, what? It better NOT be back to being too cold again. (*DingDingDingDingDing!*). Stupid bell. Damn thing always goes off when I think of the right thing to do (*DING!*).

Oh, shut up bell.

Besides, there are dinosaurs out there and hot sticky tar pits and something that looks like a stegosaurus but it’s really a lawn mower that I haven’t fed since it turned up in the yard the other day. So I don’t feel like venturing out and getting stepped on, sucked down or eaten. (*Ding?*)… Okay, Okay, so I had a rather silly Flintstones related dream last night, bell. It was kinda scary and really stupid and I’m not quite awake yet.

(*Ding…DingDINGDingDingDING!!!*) Hmmm… yeah, yeah… easy for YOU to say, you’re just inside my head and man, that ringing? It’s getting annoying! That and yes, I now REALLY want to buy a case of Gold’s Horseradish now because of it (*Ding!*). Ha, ha and ha. Alright, it’s settled, bell. (*Ding!*) Door Number Three it is, bell (*DingDingDing!!*)… but if I trip on a fossil and bust my head open, you better hope I wake up and this is some really dumb dream.

Ugh… back in a bit. I need a vacation… (*DING! DingDingDingDingDing!*). Geez, “what’s with this bell ringing…”

Back Up And On My Feet. Or Perhaps I’m Dreaming Again…

So, yes. I went to bed earlier than usual after the spending the previous 24+ hours awake and I’d like to think I got a great rest now. However, I popped up in bed at 5:44am wide awake and as it was still dark outside, a bit annoyed that I was up. Of course, I did what anyone else would do… got out of bed and turned the computer on. Which was (of course) a bad idea. As I am the KING of bad ideas, I didn’t turn down the chance to hold onto my title. Amusingly enough, it probably would have been a better idea to relinquish that crown temporarily because nearly everything I tried to do online failed. I think my PC was still trying to sleep, so stuff like posting comments on a few blogs I follow or poking around to see if the stuff I was trying to sell on eBay kept getting me booted around with a few error messages.

Then again, my home computer needs some major updating which I haven’t done on the slower connection there. My super updated (thanks to free library wi-fi) laptop was in the other room all bagged up and ready to go later and yours truly wasn’t about to go out there and take it from its snug case to play with for a bit (as I’d be tempted to poke around all those games I’ve got installed)…

Continue reading

Technogel Gives Your Bedtime Some True Joie de Vive!

sylvester_snoozyOne of my other big hobbies outside of gaming, film, cooking and generally staying out of most trouble (unless otherwise necessary for a good story later on) is sleeping. I’ve been been known to fall asleep almost anywhere at the drop of a hat. In fact, if you go buy me a hat and hand it to me right now, I could drop it and fall asleep before it hits the ground. Okay, I’m not that good, but I’ve definitely mastered the fine art of snoozing on any relatively flat surface. This is naturally both a very good as well as a very bad thing. Very good as in I can curl up on anything from a lumpy hardwood floor with a scratchy burlap blanket to a nice Italian leather sofa and zonk out with ease. Very bad as in my poor back, neck and other body parts have been through the wringer thanks to some of my sleeping choices over the decades… Continue reading

Back on Track! Mostly! Maybe!

(thanks, DukeBoy01

OK, in case you missed it, in yesterday’s episode I thought it was Wednesday and almost messed up an appointment I had today (the ACTUAL Wednesday) and tomorrow (the day after today, actually). SUSPENSE! Actually, I wasn’t entirely at fault, as the lady on the radio news station said it was Wednesday at one point, I got an email about an appointment that said tomorrow (today!) was Wednesday and that stupid dream I had after I fell asleep too late early Tuesday morning made it seem as if I’d gotten stuff done all day, gone home and went to sleep. So, yeah – I was more than shocked to find out around 7PM or so yesterday that my time traveling wasn’t real after all and nope, none of the work I’d done in my sleep carried over to the real world. Crap. I need to fix that one of these days. Or maybe not sleep at all whenever possible. Er, sorry about that train sized hole in your wall, folks. I was looking for something cool to catch your eye in this boring post and that was the first thing to come to mind…

Anyway, we now resume out regular broadcast, already in progress… (or: Man, I have a LOT of catching up to do!)