CHIP: Anyone Want a $9 Computer? Oh, You ALL Do? Fine, Then!


Well, wow. Of course, it’s not REALLY a $9 computer if you have no idea it requires more than taking it out of its tiny box and plugging it in before you realize that you probably need a monitor, keyboard and a decent connection to use it. Also, Bluetooth controllers aren’t cheap the last time I checked. So if you get this for game playing purposes and haven’t an idea of what a decent controller costs, look that up first before you grab your own Chip.

But there’s little doubt that a LOT of those 20,000+ backers on this Kickstarter project know these facts. That and there are a few Chip models that cost a bit to a lot more than $9 that come with that screen, keyboard and monitor. I’m highly intrigued by this particular project, but as I’m always broke, I won’t be nabbing one of these until it’s ready for retail and all the bugs are flattened out. It’ll likely be used for games and maybe learning to program stuff (something I’ve always wanted to do because I have game ideas not thought of or done right yet). Anyway, these are exciting times aren’t they? Unless you’re lazy and want everything handed to you on a silver platter, of course.

Want to WIN a Merchbro Link For President T-Shirt? Read On!

link-president-shirtHey! Do you live here in the U.S. of A.? Do you like to win random prizes because who doesn’t like to win random prizes? Are you a fan of The Legend of Zelda series? Excellent. Well, the folks down at want TWO of you lucky Americans to win a nice Bella+Canvas 3001 Unisex T-shirt (that one in the photo to the left – male model not included). All you need to do is click here or on that photo to enter and use the entry code fanboydestroy when prompted.


Winners will be chosen as RANDOM and nope, you can’t enter more than once. Play nice, now. US residents only, please! Merchbro will handle the notification of winners and shipping out of prizes, so make sure you have an actual US mailing address they can ship to!

Merchbro: Your Link to Some Cool Custom Gear


Call it kismet, serendipity or maybe it’s just some good karma working its way through the universe – I’ll take it. Amusingly enough, I’ve been talking to a few people over the past few months who want to get a bunch of T-shirts and other clothing printed, some using my art, some using theirs. I tend to not think of my own artwork as wearable, but that hasn’t stopped folks from asking if I do design work on the side. Perhaps I should, but my brain tends to flick through ideas far too quickly to settle into a creative groove for long.

Anyway, I got an email out of the blue from Dan at Merchbro, a company that just so happens to do custom T-shirts and other goodies and it looks as if I get to forward that info to the folks that want to put my art and theirs onto assorted gear. How weird is that for timing? As for the quality of Merchbro’s work? Well, that image above is pretty cool, isn’t it? I’m betting some of you may even want one of these shirts, hmmmm? Well, stay tuned – we’ll see what we can do about that…

(Not that Link being able to run would actually happen given Link’s current immigration status. But hey, it really would be nice to see more variety on the ticket in the next election.)

RPG Maker Super Sale at Bundle Stars – Go Make Yourself Something Special

RPG Maker Bundle Stars Sale

If I’m not mistaken, every time Bundle Stars has run some sort of RPG Maker deal, they get a great deal of traffic and plenty of purchases. This time out, it’s not a bundle up for grabs, but a digital ton of game creation software, DLC content and even some excellent games you can buy up in whatever package you see fit. All you need is the basic RPG Maker VX Ace software and after that, you can add whatever DLC you like at an additional cost. If you’ve ever wanted to experiment with making your own JRPG-style games in just about any genre, here you go. If you just want to play games made by some really creative folks who’ve used the software, well, you get served as well with some fine titles to choose from. Buy what you like, save a bunch of money and support charity all in one shot? Sounds like a plan, man or ma’am, so get to it!

This Month Better Not Be Turkey Month…

(Thanks, tuxthemagicpenguin!)

Oof, it’s November already? Crap. Well, October was definitely both a bust and boom month for me. I won’t talk about the bust part because it’s none of your business and I’m not a TMI guy who confesses all then complains when people babble and squeak about what’s been written. I believe in plenty of privacy and hell, still recall when people kept personal diaries and journals and such. Granted, if you’re a sharer and don’t mind tattling all your secrets to the void, go right on ahead and be happy. Anyway, on the good news front, more work has come in thanks to a fellow editor-type wanting to expand his own site’s reach. While it’s still unpaid work, the goal here is building that site up more so it becomes a paying gig down the road (whee!).

Let’s see now, in other news… Yeah, the game backlog is still an issue, but I’m knocking stuff down bit by bit. I have a bunch of drafts to turn into reviews, so those will get done over the month. I’ll be doing a Toy of the Day or Week feature just to get to some of the more fun stuff I saw way back at Toy Fair and a few other events and yes, I’m adding some of those to a Holiday Gift Guide which should appear later in the month. More movie, book and tech reviews are coming (more drafts to complete!), with an overall goal this month of being a bit more well-rounded. Well, I’d gather Thanksgiving may take care of the more complete rounding part. That is, is I decide to participate in that huge calorie festival this year. I’m trying to be a healthier guy, so cutting the fat and a few other things may be on the plate instead.

As always, we shall see…

GetGeeked: Matter and Form Brings Affordable 3D Scanning to the Masses…


vlam matterform 070 vlam matterform 102 blank

With 3D scanning and printing being one of the latest new big tech things anyone who wants to do can do if they’ve the money, time, and patience, it’s still a somewhat expensive hobby to leap into for novices. Poke around online and you’ll see some scanners still run well over a thousand dollars and that’s out of the range of potential casual users or those who just want to experiment with 3D modeling techniques or maybe make a small amount of crafty goods as gifts or whatever using any number of 3D printers or printing services cropping up all over the place. Enter the folks at Matter and Form with a cool and affordable solution that does what the more expensive models do at a faction of the cost.

Matter and Form Educational Video from Mike Erskine-Kellie on Vimeo.

The company had a booth at the getgeeked tech show last week and I accidentally picked up the cute alien figure being scanned (oops) because I saw it and immediately thought up an ad for the company I think they should use with that cute little greenish guy. Of course, I put the figure back onto the turntable (heh, sorry!) and picked up some info about the scanner instead to peruse when I returned home… Continue reading

Some (Trouble-Free) Adventurezator Impressions…


So, I haven’t gotten into much trouble at all with the beta version of Pigasus Game’s awesome Adventurezator, but I’m certainly having a blast playing around with this game creation kit in progress. While it needs a bit more work before it’s ready for prime time, as an easy to use adventure game creation tool, it’s coming along quite nicely. In the current build, it’s best to play the included scenario-based game just to see how the inventory and object interaction work before diving into the editing function and getting all “I’ve got a story!” on this software. Creating characters (or “actors”, but you don’t have to call them that because you’re not paying them and they’re not making ends meet as wait staff somewhere) is super simple (although the game needs more variety in hairstyle and clothing options) and you can even whip up masks using your own image files if you’re feeling really creative… Continue reading

Oh, The Adventurezator is Going To Get Me Into Trouble… And YOU, Too…

Pigasus Games logoHmmm. Every once in a while, I get an invitation to try out an upcoming game and it’s a hit or miss proposition as to the quality of that work in progress or in some cases, the finished product. Pigasus Games’ Adventurezator caught my eye (OW!) as soon as I scanned the game’s Steam page and later, that video above.

Make your own emergent adventure games? Sure, why not? I’m downloading my beta code now and think I’m going to tinker a bit later this evening. Hey, my Saturday nights are usually not this interesting, people! Anyway, back in a bit – you should check this thing out too and get into some trouble with a story of your own, I say…

It’s BAAAACK! The Humble RPG Maker Bundle Returns!

Sure, it’s now set at a minimum of $25 (or more if you want to give more to charity), but this Humble Weekly Bundle is still a really impressive set of game making programs, add-ons and even more free games that you can shake a stick at. If you missed out on this before, don’t let the fact that it costs more deter you, ya cheapskate. This is about $370 worth of stuff if you buy it normally, so the price here is MORE than fair. I’d gather (and hope) this particular bundle stays on the Humble site for a while as a perpetual deal that pops in and out every so often, but that’s up to the folks behind the program who also probably need to sell this stuff at closer to a profit making level in order so they can stay in business. Anyway, go get yours if you haven’t already and go make that next “retro” classic RPG you’ve always wanted to!

This Humble Weekly Bundle Will Get You Busy Playing AND Making Games!

Okay, this one’s pretty awesome. If you’re seriously interested in creating your own 8 and 16-bit inspired role playing or other games, RPG Maker is an excellent tool to get into once you learn how to use it effectively. Of course, with the ton of great games that come in this week’s bundle, you may never get to playing around with the different programs you’ll snap up at a ridiculous price. Pay what you want for RPG Maker VX Ace, a DLC set of graphics and music you can use in your games, SEVEN games ready to play (Skyborn, Sweet Lily Dreams, Legionwood: The Tale of Two Swords, Star Stealing Prince, In Search for Immortality, and The Reconstruction. Each of these is a great example of what can be done with the software, but that’s ONLY the beginning (and if you’re a total cheapskate, you’ve ONLY spent a dollar or two so far!)

Just wait until you see what else is in this deal, folks… Continue reading