Random Art: You Get a Moon Carpet! And YOU Get A Moon Carpet!…

Moon Carpet 

Okay, it’s not a REAL moon carpet, but hey, it popped up in a dream I had while resting yesterday, so I’m sharing. Eh, I should probably tinker with it some more so it looks like something closer to a moon surface and not a close up of some bad skin condition. But hey, maybe that was what I saw in the dream and not some rug made of green cheese or whatever the moon is made up of. Hmmmm… it does tie the room together, doesn’t it?

Things I Learned @ Toy Fair 2014 #4: There’s A Dreamland Fairy in Your Future…


Dreamland Fairy_01Dreams can come true (with a little parental assistance)! The other cool dreamland product I say at Toy Fair won’t be out until later this Spring, but it’s a really neat idea on a few levels. Cassie Slane and Ami Van Dine, two moms created Dreamland Fairy after their six year old daughters came thought up the idea of a fairy house that they could keep in their rooms.

“Now what does one DO with a fairy house?” you ask? Well, since you’re a little behind the times and I’m a nice guy, I’ll let you in on the big deal because I happen to like it when you read my posts… Continue reading

A Modern Stone-Age Remedy…

poor fredBlehhhh. Woke up to-day with what feels like someone stepping on my throat IN my throat. Slight headache, too… but that’s probably caffeine withdrawal kicking in because it’s what, 12:46pm (what, already?!) and I’m still buried under some blankets. Currently debating whether to roll over and get back to sleep, kick myself out of bed far enough across the room to lift an aspirin out of my bag, pop it and fall backwards hoping I land back in bed or just getting the heck up, splashing some water at the body and getting out for a walk in that howling wind I hear outside. Wait, what? It better NOT be back to being too cold again. (*DingDingDingDingDing!*). Stupid bell. Damn thing always goes off when I think of the right thing to do (*DING!*).

Oh, shut up bell.

Besides, there are dinosaurs out there and hot sticky tar pits and something that looks like a stegosaurus but it’s really a lawn mower that I haven’t fed since it turned up in the yard the other day. So I don’t feel like venturing out and getting stepped on, sucked down or eaten. (*Ding?*)… Okay, Okay, so I had a rather silly Flintstones related dream last night, bell. It was kinda scary and really stupid and I’m not quite awake yet.

(*Ding…DingDINGDingDingDING!!!*) Hmmm… yeah, yeah… easy for YOU to say, you’re just inside my head and man, that ringing? It’s getting annoying! That and yes, I now REALLY want to buy a case of Gold’s Horseradish now because of it (*Ding!*). Ha, ha and ha. Alright, it’s settled, bell. (*Ding!*) Door Number Three it is, bell (*DingDingDing!!*)… but if I trip on a fossil and bust my head open, you better hope I wake up and this is some really dumb dream.

Ugh… back in a bit. I need a vacation… (*DING! DingDingDingDingDing!*). Geez, “what’s with this bell ringing…”

Random Art: Stuff to Not Wake Up and See #4 (Collect ’em All!)


Well, if you happen to live in the woods or near the woods and see a nasty-looking rotted hand pop up from the cold hard ground, you probably don’t have to worry TOO much. If it were a “real” zombie, it would have to be someone who was buried without being embalmed and even if they DID spring back to life, by the time that undead (or re-living) creep made his or her way back up, they’d be missing most or all of their fingers and probably an arm. So, nope, don’t scream at all. Either stroll over to the phone and ring up the authorities or if you happen to own a legal firearm, well… I guess that’s an actual trespasser you can take care of without getting in too much trouble. Granted, you’ll be needing to explain how the hell an non-embalmed body came out of the ground on your property, but if you didn’t put it there, that clueless act you’ll be putting on will be one hundred percent legitimate. Pleasant Dreams!

Random Art: Stuff to Not Wake Up and See #3 (Collect ’em All!)

eye spider Hmmm… I spy with my little eye… Eek. Actually, this eye spider isn’t all that big like you see here, but they do tend to get right up in your face and lurk there until you happen to open your own eyes and see it there. You could say “the eyes have it”, with “it” being your undivided attention as this thing starts doing its thing.

Oh, yeah… you’ll want to not scream at all, as they tend to love hopping into that open mouth and taking a little trip inside. I guess you could slap a few rolls of double sided tape around the bedroom and maybe on the bed, but there’s a good chance all you’ll end up doing is lose some hair on your head and assorted body parts from turning in your sleep. Pleasant dreams!

Random Art: Stuff to Not Wake Up and See #2 (Collect ’em All)

hauntI was actually going to post this one later in the week, but what the hey. I’m in a good mood today or something like that. Actually, I’m making progress in reworking the bunch of stuff I lost on that USB drive, so I guess this is a happy face (sings: “Put on a happy faaaaaaace!”). Yeah, OK. Let me stop here before your eardrums fall out and/or someone mails me a puppy or something. Don’t so that, by the way. Animlas seem to like me, but I have eye allergies that act up something awful around most animals with hair (and some people, too).

Hey, I’m a happy guy, really I am! I think this piece is incomplete anyway, as it’s part of an older drawing I clipped out and blew up on my scanner before dinking around with it in a few paint programs. Enjoy (I guess)… and pleasant dreams!

Random Art: Stuff to Not Wake Up and See #1 (Collect ’em All!)

waking to this...

Yeah, everyone has bad dreams, but you do wake up and usually things are back to some semblance of normalcy. On the other hand, you could be drifting out of dreamland and as your eyeballs are creeping open to catch that alarm clock a minute before it goes off, you see this mug staring into your mug. Feel free to swing a fist, pillow, pet or if you find it somewhat cute, give a big friendly hug. The surprise of any of the former actions will usually cause it to faint (a bit melodramatically, with a loud squeak and probably some gassy action), allowing you to make good your escape.

(OK, it’s just a portion of an old sketch I blew up and tinkered with in a paint program before making up a quick story behind the image. Just killing some time while downloading some files, folks…)

Random Art: Dream Theater, Open For Business…

from a nap...

While output in terms of posts have slowed here (temporarily!), my brain has been a bit jumpy with all sorts of ideas. Some of them come out as art, so you get to do less reading in this post and more “What the…” with your eyeballs. Well, at least with that piece above. That was from a weird nap earlier today. Don’t ask me what it means or go do any analyzing, folks – I just draw what I see (and I think this was the funny part of the dream). The other two pieces I’ll post later are just practice stuff. Enjoy!

practice reaching