Back Up And On My Feet. Or Perhaps I’m Dreaming Again…

So, yes. I went to bed earlier than usual after the spending the previous 24+ hours awake and I’d like to think I got a great rest now. However, I popped up in bed at 5:44am wide awake and as it was still dark outside, a bit annoyed that I was up. Of course, I did what anyone else would do… got out of bed and turned the computer on. Which was (of course) a bad idea. As I am the KING of bad ideas, I didn’t turn down the chance to hold onto my title. Amusingly enough, it probably would have been a better idea to relinquish that crown temporarily because nearly everything I tried to do online failed. I think my PC was still trying to sleep, so stuff like posting comments on a few blogs I follow or poking around to see if the stuff I was trying to sell on eBay kept getting me booted around with a few error messages.

Then again, my home computer needs some major updating which I haven’t done on the slower connection there. My super updated (thanks to free library wi-fi) laptop was in the other room all bagged up and ready to go later and yours truly wasn’t about to go out there and take it from its snug case to play with for a bit (as I’d be tempted to poke around all those games I’ve got installed)…

Nevertheless, I was fine and chipper reading and sending off some email until about an hour or so later when I started feeling droopy and decided to log off and get back to sleep for a few more hours. Somehow, I ended up in the kitchen making a cup of coffee and tossing some chicken into the oven. So much for Plan Whatever, but at least I didn’t touch that ice cream in the freezer. That’s for later tonight. Anyway, after a allegedly hearty meal (hey, there was some 12-grain bread in there too!), I found myself crawling back under the covers for a quick nap at around 8:30 or so. I set my alarm for 10:55am, figuring I’d be up and out by 11:30 or noon at the latest.

Well… not quite (again). After some toss and turn action, I ended up popping up again fifteen minutes before the alarm went off and figured I may as well stay up because if I did go back to catch a few winks the next thing I’d see outside would be darkness as evening rolled around. So, I decided to keep it boring, dashing into the shower and out then off to the library to tackle some stuff I’ve been trying to complete before the year vanishes completely. Things were going so well that I could almost hear a near zen-like tune warbling in the background. Okay, that’s not so zen-like, but I take my calm on the rocks whenever possible.

So, yeah. I survived my day without rest, it’s a beautiful day today and you, dear reader get a REALLY boring post. Whee. Life is good at this moment, so I’m going to enjoy that while it lasts…

Back in a bit

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