#TBT – Giant Cabbage Patch Sighting @ Toys “R” Us

30604_Package_2 30605_Package_2

They’re baaaaaaack! In case you didn’t know it, Cabbage Patch Kids are back in stores and getting doll collectors spending a few chunks of their cabbage this holiday season. If you were passing by or through a Toys “R” Us recently and almost got stampeded by a bunch of mom-looking moms, it’s because of the limited edition Cabbage Patch Kids 18 inch Big Kid – Sofia Lorraine Performer and Cabbage Patch Kids 18 inch Big Kid – Violet Anne Class President, both exclusive to the retailer.

These two big babies retail for $99.99 each and come with enough stuff in their respective boxes to earn their own room in your home. Granted, unlike actual kids, this pair isn’t going to grow older, leave for college, get great careers and support you in your golden years. But as both dolls are limited to 1000 pieces each, one day they maybe helping you fund a little vacation. Get yours NOW in time for Christmas at a Toys “R” Us and make sure to follow the Kids below on facebook if you’re a fan and aren’t already:


Mezco’s New Living Dead Doll Has Universal Appeal

Mezco creature instagram_1While Mezco Toyz has previously sold a cool 9-inch Creature From the Black Lagoon collectible figure in its Universal Monsters line, this upcoming Living Dead Doll version of the Creature blows that one out of the water. I’m betting a new penny this new doll sells out faster than the Universal Monsters one just because it’s cute and creepy perfection. Just look at it:

Mezco Creature from the Black Lagoon LDD


Featuring an all new body and face sculpt, this iconic scaled terror from the deep stands a full 10” tall and captures the intricate detail of the pre-historic gill-man; from his mysterious yellow eyes, to his claw tipped webbed hands. With nine points of articulation he is the most articulated Living Dead Doll ever, he’ll be able to take out any scientist who dares to come between him and his true love. He comes packaged in a full color, collector friendly window box.

This upcoming Creature From the Black Lagoon Living Dead Doll will cost $32 and ship out in July. Pre-ordering is highly recommended, as I can see LDD fans worldwide making room in a cabinet or on a shelf just for this new arrival. Yeah, that Gill-man will still slay you, man. But he’ll kill you with cuteness first before getting you with those fishy claws of his. “Dawwwww!” and “Gyaaaaaaah!” at the same time? I can do that.

Queen of the Constellations Barbie. Yeah, You KNOW You Want One.

Zerg Queen BarbieSo. Because she made a purchase a long time ago from either a website or home shopping channel, my mother gets a Barbie catalog popping up in her mailbox every so often. If I’m around and I see one on the coffee table, I tend to leaf through it just to see the collector’s edition variants that range from high fashion recreations to licensed celebrity, TV and movie properties, all costing a premium. Once in a while I’ve even poked around the Barbie Collector website for fun or while waiting for a huge file download to complete, but I’m not a collector of figures these days – for me it’s just fun to see Mattel trying to keep the character relevant in this era of short attention spans.

That said, today someone pointed me to this awesome Queen of the Constellations Barbie and I had to do a double take because it looks like something out of a Blizzard game. Queen of the ZERG is more like it! Anyway, they’re marked down $25 to $75, limit of five per buyer. No, I don’t want one, but I guess if you’re a guy or gal who’s going to be sewing up that next cosplay outfit for yourself or someone else, you can’t go too wrong by using this as a jumping off point. Of course, Mattel may sue the pants (or that lovely “Zerg” dress) you’ve made right off you, so make sure you’re covered on those fronts…

Mezco’s Living Dead Dolls Resurrection Series 7: Chucky Gets Some Company…

LDD Resurrection VIIMezco Toyz is dropping some cool San Diego Comic-con International reveals on collectors in the forms of their upcoming Living Dolls Resurrection Series VII and  Living Dolls Resurrection Series VII – Variant Edition sets, both of which now available for pre-order directly from the company’s website.

As you can see, the “reborn” versions of  Revenant, Dahlia, Lust and Killbaby all look nice and ready to stalk your shelves at home (or haunt someone else you decide to gift them). Looks like Barbie’s going onto that bonfire after all. Just keep a window open… the fumes will make you end up looking like one of these hellish cuties if you’re not too bright…

LDD_Series 7alddres7group_1

Get (More) PSYCHO: Mezco Toyz Gets Mother And Marion All Dolled Up…

Mezco PSYCHO Dolls Eeek! I don’t know what’s more frightening: the fact that there are actually dolls based on Alfred Hitchcock’s seminal horror classic now available for pre-order or the the fact that there are people making some more room on their shelves for both of them with big grins on their faces. Granted, Mezco’s Living Dead Dolls line continually sells out and has legions of fans, so this set will most definitely do well with that crowd.

On the other hand, it’s a damn good thing these weren’t available as Mother’s Day gifts, as I’m trying to think who’d be the person giving one or both to their mom in a nicely wrapped-up package with an even BIGGER (and more sinister) grin on his or her mug. Not me, folks… although I can safely say that “My hobby is… stuffing things…”. Hmmm. If I ever tell you “You eat like a bird…”, you may want to start running in the opposite direction (and fast)…

Toy Fair 2013: Mezco Toys Brings Chucky Back + Some Living Dead Dolls Banner News…


Mezco Logo B

Chucky smallSay a happy “Hello!” to Mezco’s 15″ Mega Scale Chucky doll. Well, say that happy “Hello” NOW, as once he arrives on your doorstep, it may be the last we see or hear of you. This latest incarnation, available for pre-order NOW and shipping out in September 2013, is decked out in his colorful Good Guys outfit, comes packing a knife (well, not a REAL knife, but you do have some in the kitchen he’ll get a hold of, right?) and will look quite good in your collection. You may want to add a steel-barred locked cage to your shelf, though. Plunk down $90, and he shows up a few months from now all ready for your collection. You can pretend that’s because he walked all the way from the factory, but do you REALLY want to take this fantasy that far?

CHUCKY banner

Me, I’ll just pass out and dream about Jennifer Tilly chasing after me with an inflatable axe in one hand and a Tiffany doll from Bride of Chucky in the other (hmm, does Mezco have one of these for sale?) because there are much more *fun* ways to leave the planet. Of course, the actual GF will be chasing me with a REAL axe if I keep this stuff up, so it may be a messy demise after all… Ouch, ouch, ouch!!!

As for that Living Dead Dolls banner, read on…

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Toy Fair 2013: Despicable Me 2 Toy Lineup: Gru’s Grunts & Girls Get Great Gear!



DM2ToysDespicable Me was quite a surprise for me, as I wasn’t expecting much before I saw it and ended up charmed by the animation and characters. Of course, so were a few many million other moviegoers, which means, yes indeed – it’s time for a sequel. If the teaser and trailers are any indication, you can expect Despicable Me 2 to be even funnier than the original, as Gru’s Minions seem to be the focus this time out. This also means in terms of licensed products, toy companies such as Hasbro, Thinkway Toys, Basic Fun and others are going all out to get fans of the film into stores and online shops to snap up some really cool new items. I got to see most of the upcoming lineup during Toy Fair off-site at a more relaxed downtown location and everything looks (and sounds, where applicable) great and is coming soon to a retailer near you.

Gallery below the jump along with some more scribblings on the collection from yours truly…

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Toy Fair 2013: Zeenie Dollz – Or: Earth (Saving) Girls Are Easy (To Like)…


Zeenie Dolls DisplayWith all the big toy-themed sites covering almost nothing but the big, hot new products from Toy Fair, there are literally thousands of toys that get little to no love on the show floor from the press. Since I don’t get many invites to the major events (thanks to PR people and companies themselves that want big sites with bigger hits to drive fans into stores on launch days or pre-ordering their products like mad), I tend to dip around the show floor after my big deal appointments looking for quirky and interesting stuff you won’t see latched to a hype train. I’ll be covering a bunch of cool toys for just about everyone in a few columns here, so I may as well start with the last letter of the alphabet and work my way around randomly.  Say hello to Zeenie Dollz!

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