Mezco’s Talking Mega Scale 15″ Chucky: “Best Friends Forever”… But Not One of the Good Guys

Chucky Says HiWell, now. Chucky’s back in action, this time in a new Mezco Toyz figure bound to scare up some sure sales among collectors when it ships out this September. Be very polite and don’t forget to wave and smile back, now. You really wouldn’t want to get Chucky angry with you, not even a little bit.

Mezco’s latest take on the classic horror villain from the Child’s Play and Chucky films stands 15″ tall and features real cloth Good Guys clothing, 11 points of articulation, a plastic knife and his trademark flaming orange hair. Did I mention he also talks, saying seven phrases from the movies? Well, he does. Nope, “I Can Talk” isn’t from any of the films, but seeing that in the image below made me immediately chuckle and think “Well, I can run away while you talk!” as well as “Exit, Stage Left!”

Mezco Talking Chucky Anyway, you can pre-order the Talking Mega Scale 15″ Chucky by clicking away on that handy link I’ve provided. It’s $94 worth of scares coming your way, but you knew that from the moment you laid eyes on him. Make some room for him, or he’ll be pretty upset when he arrives and has to lurk about in his shipping box while you clear out that space you should have beforehand. If he starts yapping away in that box before you get to opening it, that’s not a good sign at all…

Humble Daily Bundle #2: It’s All About Space Today!

X3_TC_coverWhile today’s Humble Daily Bundle deal is a mere three games, each one looks like it’ll be deeper than it looks and well worth checking out. I’ve yet to play X3 Terran Conflict, I’ve played the other games in this deep space simulation lite series and while they’re not perfect, there’s a LOT to do and plenty to see as you planet-hop. I’ve never played the other two games in this bundle, but the two words Universe and Sandbox mean nothing but a HUGE game. Or at least it SOUNDS like one. Heck, it BETTER be after all that build up, huh? Anyway, Kinetic Void is an Early Access game, so it’s a work in progress… but a great looking one and yes, also looks quite peachy.

Now, you may NEVER get your ass to Mars or anywhere higher than your average airliner flies, but for ten bucks, these three are worth the trip. Well, whatever the distance from your mouse to monitor is, as these are digital games. Anyway, check these out on the Humble site and do your thing with the wallet or purse if you like what you see.

Humble Daily Sales? For TWO WEEKS? There Goes Someone’s Summer. And Fall. And Winter…

First up, The incredible DEEP SILVER Re-Bundle!:

Wow. I missed this big sale last time on a fantastic bundle of Deep Silver games and as I just walked in the door about twenty minutes ago and see it’s on again, I’m kicking myself hard because I’m too busy to play this lot even if I did jump on it and buy it up. But still, WOW. Pay a buck or so for four massive games, bump that up to $6.16 and add FIVE more games (that’s nine), but go for not broke and get TEN games for nine dollars flat? THAT’S the way to go here, considering the games in question and how much content you’re getting. All the Saint’s Row games are outrageous, stupid fun, Dead Island and Dead Island Riptide will appeal to your undead killing,get me the hell off this “vacation paradise” gone to hell in a hand basket side, Risen 2: Dark Waters sets you out as a pirate type in a big fantasy world, Sacred 2 Gold is an even larger and more fantasy world with some incredible replay value (and even more incredible difficulty if you try to run around like you’re the boss of everything), Sacred Citadel is a goofy throwback to arcade brawling/hack ‘n slash games of the past and finally, Metro 2033 is a bleak, unsettling, freakish and deadly trip to a future Russia where radiation, mutants and not enough survival supplies test your skills.

All that and yes, some of what you pay goes to the Child’s Play and American Red cross charities. So yep, you NEED this bundle even though I won’t be buying it. THIS time (again). Now, I’m wanting to see the next 13 days of sales as I eyeball my hard drives and probably dump a few older games for some nice new-ish ones. Just like you, too. Anyway, I’ll be back every day of this sale with an update (and hopefully earlier, at that!)…

This Humble Weekly Bundle Night Dives Into The Past With Some Great Classics

Wow. Three great epic role-playing games, four horror-themed adventures (including one based on a great, gloomy Harlan Ellison story), a sci-fi/horror hybrid first-person shooter still seen as one of the best games ever made and while not quite a classic, a dark and disturbing action/shooter that’s worth a play just to see how bizarre it gets? Sounds like a buy if you ask me. Anyway, Wizardry 6, 7 and 8 plus System Shock 2 are more than worth the price it takes to unlock them and everything else is just the gravy on that cake. I actually liking this bundle because of Harvester, a supremely twisted point & click adventure game that doesn’t shy away from the David Lynch-like weirdness and some mildly to pretty shocking gore effects (which are cheap looking even by 1996 standards, but still effective):

Amusingly enough, the charities this bundle supports are Child’s Play and The American Red Cross (ha and ha, ha). Anyway, this one’s only available for a limited time (6 days, 19 hours as I type this), so GRAB IT before it’s gone!

Humble Weekly Bundle: 15 Spiderweb Software RPGs. No-Brainer Buy of the Week? Absolutely!

Eyes Bigger Than the Head and Now REALLY Needs a Time Machine Department: Holy Cats. Spiderweb Software teams up with the Humble Bundle folks to provide ALL of their currently available hand-crafted fantasy RPGs in a “pay what you want” bundle that’s a MUST buy if you’re looking for some of the deepest and most unique role-playing experiences out there. Jeff Vogel and his tiny team of talented tricksters have been slowly turning out some really cool isometric games since 1994 and this spectacular sale features a whopping 15 games (faint, *THUD!*) which can be all yours for as little as a few dollars.

Yes, some of that coin you pay will indeed go to some great causes (the Electronic Frontier Foundation and Child’s Play Charity), so feel free to feel guilty and pay more than the average or even give more money to Vogel and his merry men and women if you like. OK, I’m babbling on here, but I’m just thrilled about this offer because it gives some of you the chance to play some really fun and challenging old-school epics. Oh, in case youe sense of humor is too new school or just slow on the uptake, Jeff is making a funny in that video when he calls himself a “living legend”. Some folks on YouTube don’t seem to understand this. Damn kids…

Toy Fair 2013: Mezco Toys Brings Chucky Back + Some Living Dead Dolls Banner News…


Mezco Logo B

Chucky smallSay a happy “Hello!” to Mezco’s 15″ Mega Scale Chucky doll. Well, say that happy “Hello” NOW, as once he arrives on your doorstep, it may be the last we see or hear of you. This latest incarnation, available for pre-order NOW and shipping out in September 2013, is decked out in his colorful Good Guys outfit, comes packing a knife (well, not a REAL knife, but you do have some in the kitchen he’ll get a hold of, right?) and will look quite good in your collection. You may want to add a steel-barred locked cage to your shelf, though. Plunk down $90, and he shows up a few months from now all ready for your collection. You can pretend that’s because he walked all the way from the factory, but do you REALLY want to take this fantasy that far?

CHUCKY banner

Me, I’ll just pass out and dream about Jennifer Tilly chasing after me with an inflatable axe in one hand and a Tiffany doll from Bride of Chucky in the other (hmm, does Mezco have one of these for sale?) because there are much more *fun* ways to leave the planet. Of course, the actual GF will be chasing me with a REAL axe if I keep this stuff up, so it may be a messy demise after all… Ouch, ouch, ouch!!!

As for that Living Dead Dolls banner, read on…

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Another Reason The Industry Needs To Stop The War On Used Game Sales: Think Of The Children!

Crap. I can’t sleep (I never can before big press events), so you get another boring, opinionated  article to pore over. With all the overly dramatic (and highly annoying to folks like me with large game libraries) fuss over used games and how developers and publishers aren’t making a dime off sales of pre-owned games (or consoles, for that matter), I figure I may as well add some opinions about a few things here. First of all, it’s the industry itself to blame for NOT capitalizing on the used market sooner, which helped breed the concept of used game retail in the first place. Had the big publishers figured out (say, back in the 90’s) that buying into a retail chain or setting up an online shop where their games could be fed back into profit, we probably wouldn’t be seeing this narrow-minded view of all used sales as the crime of the century (next to the piracy issue that the industry is even more toothless against despite some recent “victories”)…

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Hudson + Lost in Shadow + Child’s Play + Facebook = A Great Cause!

You have to love Child's Play and Hudson for teaming up for the charity with a simple yet extremely awesome Facebook idea YOU can help with. How? Just boogie on over to the official Lost In Shadow Facebook page and “Like” the game. What is Lost in Shadow, you ask? Heck, it's looking like an amazing, ethereal Wii adventure like no other on the console, so you also get a chance to find out more about it (bonus!).

Once you “Like” the game page, Hudson will donate ten cents to Child's Play – now how great is that? Want to contribute even more? Well, just change your profile pic on Facebook to a shadow of its former self (any shadow will do) and Hudson will up that contribution to a dollar.

I'm off to snap a new pic now. So far the LOS page has a mere 58 likes… let's change that in a BIG way, OK? The event ends on September 7, 2010, so don't wait! By the way, Lost in Shadow is set to hit retail on January 4, 2011 – back with more on the game shortly. The press release is below le jump if you want to check it out.

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