Better Call Saul Digital Comic: Read The Fine Print, Please

Better Call Saul ComicOkay, I had no idea there was a digital comic book based on AMC’s hit show Better Call Saul, but that’s because I waste less time online these days and spend more time trying to do stuff. That said, it’s actually a pretty good read if you’re into the show and the bonus “Super Saul” stories are hilarious send-ups of assorted superhero comic conventions with more of a legal bent.

If you’ve yet to see the show and wonder if it’s good (or as good as Breaking Bad was), fear not. Vince Gilligan and company are doing some excellent work and if you’re needing to catch up, AMC has a few suggestions. For starters, there’s a marathon of the first season running this Monday, April 6 at 12:15PM (11:15 Central) that leads directly into the premiere of the Season 1 Finale at 10/9c.

Yes, you should take Monday off and spend it in front of the TV because I said so. Hey, my lawyer said I can do this and not face any sort of legal retribution if you decide to do so and lose your job or whatever. Who’s my legal eagle of choice? Well, he’s got a very successful TV show that’s ending its first season on Monday night if you need a clue…

“Better Call Saul” Poster: Well, He’s the One on the Phone…

Better Call Saul Poster 

Ha. This nice promotional poster for AMC’s post-Breaking Bad prequel, Better Call Saul made me chuckle for a few reasons, but the key one might not be so amusing. That pic could be Bob Odenkirk NOT on the horn with his agent at a phone he told him to expect a call at about him doing another show other than this one. Now, I’m not saying it’s going to tank at all, kids. In fact, I’ll be watching each episode with bated breath and probably on the edge of my seat thanks to Vince Gilligan’s fine writing (and writing team) and whomever is set to direct the first season’s scripts.

I’m just somewhat amused that if it does run for a few years, the makeup budget to keep Saul looking five years younger than he was on Breaking Bad (which shot its last episode something like two years ago) will probably end up exceeding the budgets of some student and indie film projects. Okay, I thought it was funny. Well, that double part premiere isn’t until February 8 and 9, 2015, so I guess Saul and Bob can work on any gray hairs growing between now and when the reviews roll in. Those handful of clips certainly are pretty amusing, that’s for sure…

Mezco Toys’ All Treat-No Trick Mystery Box: 310 Cheap Chances To Score Big!

(thanks, CentralMarkup!)

Mezco Mystery Box“What’s in the box?… WHAT’S IN THE BOX?! Yeah, yeah. Anyway, Mezco Toyz isn’t telling because they want you to BUY one or a couple of these $20 steal deals and I’m not telling because hell, I have NO idea other than you’ll get at LEAST $40 worth of goodies for that money. All I can say is it’ll be one or more items from the company’s popular Universal Monsters, Chucky, The Living Dead Dolls, Sons Of Anarchy, Breaking Bad, Mez-Itz, Axe Cop, or other product lines. Yeah, you know you’re curious, yellow. Or blue because you want more of these than you can afford (“let’s see now, 310 times $20 is…”). So goes the wild life of the American consumer, right? Anyway, get your own box before they’re all gone!

So, What’s In That Breaking Bad: The Complete Series Barrel? Let’s Ask Vince…

*DING!DING!! DINGDINGDINGDINGDING!!* Translation: Since Gilligan IS the Skipper, he knows it all. Check out the man himself unboxing the gift that keeps on giving, one of the best shows on TV and yeah, you want it even if you’ve seen every episode multiple times and can run lines with the family pet (who wants to bit the heck out of your foot for making him watch all that TV when it wanted to catch up on naps and playing with your shoe). I think I need one of these. Or one for each hand. I’ll give the second one away as a gift, you know…

Two “Amusing” Things About Breaking Bad’s “Felina” (Spoilers Abound)

BB_Walt_RIPONE: Jesse Pinkman speeding away in that El Camino. Like many viewers, I figured he was going to find his son, Brock and spend some quality time with the kid now that he’s been orphaned since that penultimate episode’s shocking scene. But, noooo... it looks as if he’s speeding off to Hollywood for an ill-advised detour (which might not be the best idea if you know how crappy video game movies usually turn out).

TWO: Walt had to die at the end (of course), but if you read between the lines, it’s a great possibility he also got some minor redemption in the eyes of his son, Flynn. I thought of a sort of coda scene with Junior at home with Skyler in front of the TV watching the news and seeing that Walt had been killed in a shootout with those drug dealers and as soon as the car Walt rigged up with that M60 appeared on screen, Flynn knowing what went down. The news would also mention that Hank’s body was found thanks to a mysterious phone tip and here, I could see Skyler and Flynn hugging it out with a few hankies. Of the more amusing bits through the last few episodes, his revenge on Lydia was probably the ultimate against someone who was even more evil than he was. She tried to have his family killed by Todd and the gang, but Todd respected Walt for teaching him to cook, thus that scene in the previous episode where only a warning was delivered…

If you’ve seen every episode, you know that some of Walt’s plans that went wrong really saved his bacon because they failed and didn’t get him into even more danger with assorted people who’d have killed him without half a word. This was a MUCH longer post, but I lost a chunk through a tappy accident before I could save. yeah, I fat-fingered a delete, folks. That’s actually a good thing, as anyone who hasn’t seen Breaking Bad yet needs to do so from the beginning just to watch all the pieces fall into place during the five seasons the show aired. Vince Gilligan and his writers COULD have ended the show after the fourth season and it would have been just “good”, but VERY unsatisfying. Thankfully, Gilligan and his corner-painters extraordinaire were able to blow fans away with a perfectly powerful final season that’s going to resonate for years to come. TV writers, you’re ALL on notice, no matter what you’re working on, is all I’ll say…

Too Much TV Can Make You Go Nuts. So Let’s Get Nuts.


OK, I don’t own a DVR here, so I’m going to be playing catch up this week with a LOT of stuff. I’m sticking with Breaking Bad and Talking Bad tonight (both are extended shows and will take up the better part of tonight), but it’s also the night that Showtime’s Homeland kicks off its third season followed by the premiere of Masters of Sex (still a coin toss as to whether or not I’ll commit to another new show). Meanwhile, on HBO… the awesome and hilariously outrageous Eastbound and Down is back from the “dead” for one final go-round on HBO, followed by Hey Ladies (which I currently don’t watch). TCM has a couple of Hitchcock flicks running all day until midnight, but as I’ve seen them all a few times, it’s all about AMC tonight. THANKFULLY, I’m not a sports fan or a network TV viewer or my poor little head will explode.

OK, back later… probably not until after midnight when I’m through processing the chaos BB is no doubt going to end on… whee.

Breaking Bad Ends It Classy… At Least Here In The Big City.

BB_WW_6If you’re lucky enough to live in and around New York City and have been to the Museum of the Moving Image any time since July 26th, you’re probably more than aware that there’s been a very cool exhibit based around AMC’s Breaking Bad that’s running until October 27th, 2013.

Those in the know about this also know about tomorrow’s really special viewing party for the show’s final episode that’s going to draw in BB fans and toy collectors thanks to the fine folks and AMC teaming up with Mezco Toyz. Tomorrow’s events include a raffle of some of Mezco’s popular Walter White action figures with the already sold-out screening.

Details below the jump. If you’re interested you can most likely pop into the museum to see the exhibits but not the screening unless you’ve got a ticket from somewhere or someone. Fat chance on that happening at this late date, but a bag of blue can get you anything I hear…

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Not Quite Taking Sunday Off…


Ha! I’m still alive, folks. I was glued to a few other projects today, so updates have been nonexistent. That and I was sort of saving up my strength for tonight’s penultimate episode of Breaking Bad, which thankfully is supposed to be 75 minutes long (as is the final episode). I figured a few of the final eight shows would be a tad longer thanks to so much that needed to be wrapped up, so I’m happy to see the end rushing up and having enough room to breathe as things come to a close (even though a bunch of characters won’t be breathing when that final episode ends). Speaking on endings… Poor Dexter is going out with a confusing whimper with a terrible final season packed with too many characters, silly plot twists and (I can’t believe I’m saying this), TOO many killers in a truly confusing mess that seems to be every idea tossed into a big bowl, stirred around and dumped in front of the cameras. Bleh.

I still have the new season of Boardwalk Empire to catch up on, but I’m holding out until Breaking Bad is all done with. Thank goodness for HBO on Demand and what’s hopefully going to be a slow Saturday night in about two weeks…

Breaking News, Badly: “Better Call Saul” Is Indeed a Go!

Better Call Saul

Well, it may be DOOM! for Breaking Bad on AMC, but everyone’s favorite legal eagle, Saul Goodman will get a second shot at life when all is said and done. AMC’s PR department dropped this short note around to a bunch of entertainment sites to-day:

AMC and Sony Pictures Television confirmed today that they have reached a licensing agreement for a spinoff of Vince Gilligan’s landmark AMC/SPT series Breaking Bad. As conceived, the new series is based on the show’s popular Saul Goodman character with the working title Better Call Saul. Plans call for Saul to be a one-hour prequel that will focus on the evolution of the popular Saul Goodman character before he ever became Walter White’s lawyer.

Which means that there’s a good chance this show will be popping up sooner than later. As it’s a prequel, there’s that very tantalizing element here that perhaps ol’ Saul won’t be around when that Breaking Bad finale rolls around, but I won’t even start speculating about that here. However, I will say that I guess this was going to happen during Sunday’s show when Saul’s early entry at the car wash led to he and Walt talking shop with a HUGE billboard for Goodman’s law firm in the background that tied in nicely to the very funny fake site AMC put up recently. As long as Bob Odenkirk stays healthy and stays away from sinking cruise ships, air shows with faulty planes, auto races on bad days, slippery bathtubs, angry pets, well-armed ladies of the evening or other modern hazards, I predict this quirky show will be a winner once the pilot gets done and screened.

And yes, the title of this post refers to this being “old” news already even though it’s only a few hours fresh. I’d have posted it sooner, but I was working on a review and running a virus scan. Ah well… Not the first, but the most entertaining is my motto (today at least. For another hour or two at best)…

Breaking Bad: The Complete Series to Roll into Retail on Blu-Ray November 26


Here’s a good reason to quit smoking (or cooking) all that meth and start saving up some of that cash you’re throwing out the window like a certain Mr. Pinkman. $300 (or less if you shop around online) will get you this set of 16 Blu-Rays packed full of every episode of the show PLUS a ton of special features (or whatever 55 hours weighs these days). So yeah… “Fire in the hole, bitch!” – go dig up one of those barrels you buried in that secret spot and buy up a ton of these to give out as gifts if you’re so inclined. As for exactly what’s in the box, just peek below the jump for the long press release… go on, you KNOW you want to…

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