Tuesday’s Off (Slight Return)

(thanks, Isochronous!)

Okay. I’m taking today “off” just to pore through my assorted inboxes and reply to a stack of Toy Fair appointment requests plus tackle some other stuff. I also need to hoof it back to the post office to get a box mailed out. I woke up to a digital scale that died after years of flawless service, meaning I also needed to purchase a replacement. As that new model won’t arrive for a few days, anything I need to get out has to get walked down to the post office and weighed, taken back here and labeled, then back down to be mailed. Yeah, it’s silly, but it’s actually good exercise (I can always use this) and I like that it baffles people waiting on any long lines when I just walk past them and hand my already paid for item off to a clerk. That place would be a great deal less packed if more people had USPS.com or other accounts that allowed them to purchase postage online at home and just drop it off with no hassles once it was packed up.

Oh, and if you somehow haven’t seen SE7EN yet, oops. Sorry about spoiling the ending for you. Um, “Rosebud’s the sled”, if that’s any consolation…

Back in a bit- my inboxes just grew by something like 70 emails in the time it took to write this post…

Mezco Toys’ All Treat-No Trick Mystery Box: 310 Cheap Chances To Score Big!

(thanks, CentralMarkup!)

Mezco Mystery Box“What’s in the box?… WHAT’S IN THE BOX?! Yeah, yeah. Anyway, Mezco Toyz isn’t telling because they want you to BUY one or a couple of these $20 steal deals and I’m not telling because hell, I have NO idea other than you’ll get at LEAST $40 worth of goodies for that money. All I can say is it’ll be one or more items from the company’s popular Universal Monsters, Chucky, The Living Dead Dolls, Sons Of Anarchy, Breaking Bad, Mez-Itz, Axe Cop, or other product lines. Yeah, you know you’re curious, yellow. Or blue because you want more of these than you can afford (“let’s see now, 310 times $20 is…”). So goes the wild life of the American consumer, right? Anyway, get your own box before they’re all gone!