Super Phantom Cat: Or, Meow-Rio World, Switch Bound




Currently available on Steam, and in the App Store, Veewo’s colorful, super-cute Super Phantom Cat will make the big leap to Nintendo Switch around March 21. This retro-inspired platformer with is super-colorful visuals seems geared for more casual play, but this isn’t a bad thing at all given the more or less “Try and die!” fervor some of these old school themed games go for on a regular basis.

Now, there’s nothing really wrong with these more difficult experiences that hearken to those days when checkpoints and auto-saves weren’t a thing and you had to replay maps from the start each time you lost a life. On the flip side, both kids and adults who aren’t as fast on the jump buttons these days deserve games they don’t need a walkthrough for because they’re nigh on impossible to complete sans some sort of online assistance. Granted, there are indeed walkthroughs for this game out there, but I think most of you who want to can complete this gem of a game with no help at all. This is a good thing, I say.


Ember Update: N-Fusion’s Late Baby Gets Bigger and Better


EMBER logoYes, Ember was supposed to be out last fall, but as CEO and creative director Jeff Birns explained at 505 Games recent NYC event, the team at N-Fusion has been a bit busy making things even better. The game looked fantastic when I first saw it, but it’s even more gorgeously detailed and as noted in my previous article, the best-looking isometric RPG on any device. Many new areas have been added, older areas have gotten changes and parts that needed work have indeed been worked on. Ten years of work and a proprietary engine that won’t quit go a long way in realizing a dream, is all I’ll say about the art and vast, carefully detailed open world players will get to explore.

I’ll even go out on a limb to say it definitely gives some PC role-playing games of any era a run for their money. Apple clearly has an exclusive to be proud of (the Steam version will most likely be released at some point after the iOS version), but how do you market such an amazing game on a device where most of its games really haven’t been marketed to the masses like AAA console games are?

Ember Screen 1 (Custom)

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About Love, Hate and the other ones: Black Pants’ Mobile Puzzler Arrives on Steam

About Love Hate and the other ones logo
Black Pants Game Studios‘ formerly mobile-only title About Love, hate and the other ones is now on Steam for $6.99 and I’d say you should buy it for the title alone. I just completed downloading it but haven’t had the chance to play, but that title made me smile because I immediately thought of the great Robert Mitchum in Night of the Hunter delivering that classic speech:

(Thanks, TheOdusseus!)

However, the game has nothing to do with that should have been a classic when it was first released Charles Laughton film, folks. The press release and that video below should give you a better idea of what to expect:


About Love, Hate and the other ones is a puzzle game, in which you influence your surroundings by the force of Hate and the power of Love. They shouldn’t have pushed the button! Life on the hill was just perfect for Love and Hate before that shiny red device appeared. Suddenly, they are trapped in a dark and spooky cave, far away from home. Now it is up to you to control the opposing forces of Love and Hate. They will soon meet a lot of Other Ones, wondering how they might react when Loved, or when Hated. Find a way through caves and ice, castles and factories, all by the might of your puzzling! If you ever return to that hill, life will be sweet again…


The game was developed by Tobias Bilgeri based on a short film series he did during university studies. Positive feedback on the game had him teaming up with indie developer brush&bear (two students at the University of Kassel) for the iPhone version, published by Black Pants on the App Store. A few screenshots for you? Of course!

AboutLaH_MainMenu AboutLaH_LevelMap AboutLaH_TheCastle AboutLaH_IceWorld AboutLaH_TheCave AboutLaH_MachineRobots

The quirky visual style and initially simple gameplay should appeal to you puzzle fans out there, but I also like the interesting love-hate dynamic. Now, to shut up, post this and try to get in a some game time at some point today. Back in a bit…

Kabam Comes Out Swinging Hard With a Strong Mobile Lineup…


POW! Okay, I’ve kind of avoided most mobile games over the years for a few reasons that paradoxically enough, I still play console titles for. But I’ve been coming around to the 21st century just in time for mobile gaming to be more or less where I’d like it. An invite to see Kambam’s lineup of mobile titles just so happened to zing into my inbox, so it was off to see what they had to offer and if I’d be hooked in by anything that caught my eye. It turns out everything I saw caught my eye (yes, and the other eye, too) and I found myself trying to figure out just when I’d find time to play what I got my hands on that afternoon and into the evening…
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Review: Sega’s GO DANCE: Your iOS Device Makes You An Instant Party Machine…


GO DANCE icon_tempGot two bucks handy and an iPhone or iPad? Of course you do! Like to dance? Absolutely (even though you only do it when no one is around. Yes, I do KNOW these things). Good. Go get GO DANCE, Sega’s new app that’s a pure blast of fun bound to liven up any get together with some cool dancing and plenty of competitive action.

While that budget price point means only two songs are included with the app (LMFAO’s Party Rock Anthem and Nicki Minaj’s Super Bass, more tracks are available (Flo Rida’s Wild Ones and Avicii’s Levels) as in-App purchases and more are on the way. The game uses the front-facing camera on your device to scan and track your face and torso allowing for some great and realistic dance action from your customizable onscreen avatar.

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R.I.P., Lucasarts (Earn It, Mittens. EARN IT).


If I were a REALLY cranky and cynical bastard, I’d say Disney REALLY killed off Lucasarts (and pretty much anything Star Wars related in the game space forever) so cheaper to make casual games like Mittens could live. Sacrifice that expensive cash-draining bigger studio and two solid-looking works in progress along with that formerly proud sci-fi IP (that still has a gigantic fan base, mind you) that’s had a bunch of not-so-hot games mixed in with a few winners over the years for this cute kitten and a ton of other faster to cash in mobile and social titles? Sure, why not? Any non-gaming industry analyst worth his salt (and a few who do, I’d bet) will say it makes PERFECT economic sense at the end of the day (albeit at the cost of too many jobs at a newly shuttered studio)…

Hey, all is not lost, right? Disney still has some of its own famous (and new original) properties that are SURELY guaranteed a huge audience based on that company name recognition alone? And hey, NO one will miss Lucasarts save for a “vocal minority” (as we get called by the executive types who trumpet these casual games and their monetizing schemes over “risky” IP with a shaky track record).

Yeah, sure… that’s the ticket…

Fortunately, I’m NOT that guy… I think. So long Lucasarts. Hopefully, the Force will be with those now unemployed.

He-Man: Chillingo and GlitchSoft’s iOS Platformer Has The Power!


Say what you will about tablet and device games (or the devices themselves as gaming platforms), but once in a while you get to see something that’s just plain flat-out awesome enough to make you want to change your mind completely.  For me, that would be EA and Chillingo’s spectacular He-Man: The Most Powerful Game in the Universe, a classic side scrolling action game from GlitchSoft that’s going to shock many with how good it is. Despite being developed in a relatively brief time (it was started a few months ago), the dev team has managed to make a game that looks fantastic (you really have to see it in motion in person to appreciate this) and has a great sense of humor about itself while being a blast of nostalgia older games can enjoy with their kids as they introduce the character and his friends to a new generation of gamers…

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Bastion Finally Hits The iPad (But Apple Still Isn’t Getting A Dime From Me)…


OK, I don’t have an iPad and have no interest in buying or owning one, thank you much (where do I put the games again and where’s my controller?). But for those millions of you out there who can’t let go of that trendy tactile tablet thingamajig, you need to get Bastion now that it’s finally hit the App Store. It’s a great game that worked perfectly on the PC, so Supergiant Games is expanding their multiple award-winning game with some touchy-feely controls and other enhancements that make an already superb RPG even better.  Android device owners, you’re still going to be waiting around for a bit if you haven’t played this gem yet… but hey, if you have a PC or laptop, just buy the darn game for your actual computer, I say…