The Order: 1886 Update: A Little Right Music For Turkey Day…

Fun fact that’s got nothing to do with actual history: Nikola Tesla has been in at least two videogames this century. Airtight Games’ fun but flawed Dark Void, published by Capcom back in 2010 and now, Ready at Dawn’s upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive, The Order: 1886. Anyway, here’s a look and listen with some of the soundtrack and a nice interview to go with that moody music. If you’re in a Tryptophan haze after gobbing down your turkey dinner, this music may induce some interesting dreams. Hey, at least you had dinner. My kitchen is still a wreck and although some cooking can be done, you certainly wouldn’t want to be here waiting for something to pop out of the oven. Feh. Well, about eight days or so next month will take care of that, so my kitchen nightmare continues into December.

Okay, enough grumbling from me – go back to your celebrating, shopping and whatever else you were doing. I’ll be back tomorrow with a few more interesting posts…

E3 2014: The Order: 1886 Trailer: Ready at Dawn, Making Themselves A Household Name With Certainty…

9071605272_c2f2d83d8d_bYou can very safely say that a new console REALLY doesn’t get games worth upgrading for until it’s second year as developers ease into learning the hardware and Ready at Dawn’s upcoming The Order: 1886 is shining proof of that. Amazing looking cutscenes flow into what’s looking like solid gameplay, the intriguing mix of alternate past with future tech and of course, familiar action-heavy gameplay all make this one look like a winner as well as a system mover for Sony when it’s finally released on February 20, 2015.

The Order: 1886 Update: The Narration & Revolution Will Be Televised…

Hey, look! An new behind the scenes video on Ready At Dawn’s PS4 exclusive, The Order: 1886. If I were a total idiot, I’d say this video arrived so quickly because someone at SCEA read my last post on the game and decided to help me out in covering this game, recently pushed forward into 2015. But I’m not that silly and know Sony is only getting more information out on this because they’ll have even more when E3 rolls around as well as a ton of other news and such on many other first and third party releases. I’ve been doing this long enough not to be so gullible – now, I just need to PLAY the game at some point at an actual media preview…

The Order: 1886 Won’t Be Ready At Dawn (Or By Night-Fall), But That’s Just Fine With Me…

Sooooo, one of Sony big first party PlayStation 4 exclusives is now dropping into 2015 and some of those who care about such things are lamenting about the delay to no end. I say “So what? (again)”, as this means more polish and a better, less buggy game experience. The deal with new consoles is always that it takes time for developers to get used to the hardware, particularly when doing things that the old console couldn’t do as well. So developer Ready At Dawn is just allowing the team some extra breathing room, which is a great thing. It also gives slow dopes like yours truly to find out more about the game. I’ll admit to that title not making my eyes and ears perk up because it sounded like it would be some sort of odd historical simulation game, a genre I’ve avoided for a number of years because I have neither the time nor patience for something that deep. Anyway, I guess I can and should keep my fingers crossed that SCEA’s invisible PR team remembers who I am after all this time and actually invites me to see this game when it’s shown in NYC at some point.

Review: God of War Origins Collection

Platform: PlayStation 3

Developer: Ready At Dawn/Sony Santa Monica Studios

# of Players: 1

ESRB Rating: M (Mature)

Official Site

Score: A

Even if you already own both games on the PSP, God of War Origins Collection is a stellar must-purchase PS3 title that’s also one of the most polished ports of a portable game to a home console ever. Ready At Dawn along with Sony Santa Monica Studios have gone above and beyond here beefing up the two games with high resolution visuals (in great optional stereoscopic 3D), refined controls, Trophy support and even a bit of additional content. Both games are brutal, brilliant chapters that flesh out lead character Kratos’ story and make for a great pair of games that should please any fan of the franchise as well as anyone new to his violent world. As a longtime GOW fan, I’ll absolutely say that the man certainly knows how to make an entrance, no matter what platform he’s on. Continue reading

God of War: Ghost of Sparta Hands-On

If any developer has truly mastered crafting games for the PSP, it's Santa Ana-based Ready at Dawn. Their upcoming game for the handheld, God of War: Ghost of Sparta is not only one of the (if not the) best-looking game on the system, it's one with gameplay that more than equals the stunning visuals. I got the great opportunity to play through the introduction and part of a later level from the soon to be released game and can safely report that this could possibly be the best PSP action game of 2010, hands-down.

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Gallery: God of War: Ghost of Sparta

Want even more Kratos? Well, here you go! Ready at Dawn and Sony Santa Monica Studios are doing wonders with the PSP hardware as you can see in these massive (and massively gorgeous) screens. Best-looking PSP game to date, I say (and it plays pretty damn well to boot!). Between this, Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, Persona 3 Portable and a bunch of other excellent exclusives, it’s definitely looking like the best year for Sony’s handheld wonder.