Ys I & II Chronicles "Hair Metal" Trailer + Soundtrack Bonus Prove A Point…

Ys I & II Chronicles is coming on February 15, 2011, but Xseed Games wants you to start the party NOW. Dig the rockin’ trailer above and pre-order the limited edition “Hair Metal Pack” and get your head-bangin’ on while those classic game tunes (you may or may not remember depending on your age) are wailing away. Awe-some! Yup, Xseed is adding a CD soundtrack packed full of classic Ys tunes to the RETAIL version of the game ONLY. Oh, SNAP. Take that, digital downloads! Go Xseed!! (and nope, I’m not being sarcastic… some things are just better in a big ol’ box and CD case).

Etna Needs Your Help Getting In the Holiday Spirit!

Yup, that means yet another wacky yet cool Nippon Ichi Software America contest is afoot, folks. Click on that pic above and enter to win some cool prizes! Also, go reserve a copy of Prinny 2: Dawn of Operation Panties, Dood! while you’re at it. As I’ve said before, ANY game with a name like that can’t be passed up!

Commentary: PSP2 – Does it REALLY Need To Do EVERYTHING?

Love Letter From A Low-Tech Hard-Head

As much as I love Sony and the PlayStation lineup), the news cycling 'round about the company's upcoming PSP2 (and possible, on and off PSPhone device) irks me to no end. Well, maybe not that much (this isn't an “angry” rant at all, folks), but still… Not that's I'm complaining (but I'm complaining anyway), but SOME of us just want a pure GAMES PLATFORM, not another touchscreen tablet, laz-e-reader, movie playin', memory eatin' overheatin' shiny new tech toy. If the PSPgo has taught us (and hopefully, Sony) anything it's that getting away from the core consumer or adding too much functionality to a gadget only turns away those who just want to PLAY GAMES (pirates be damned).

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Update: Knights in the Nightmare PSP Screens

Six new screens from the upcoming PSP strategy/RPG/”bullet hell” shooter hybrid (*whew!*) set to hit retail and the PlayStation Network Store on November 9, 2010. Remember, for a limited time, buying a copy of either the retail or PSN version of the game nets you a FREE digital copy of the excellent PSP remake of Yggdra Union. Check out our other coverage of KITN here and here.

Atlus Update: Buy Knights in the Nightmare, Get Yggdra Union FREE!

If Knights in the Nightmare coming to the PSP wasn't enough hardcore goodness (actually, greatness), Atlus is sweetening the pot by offering up a VERY cool bonus. For a limited time, all retail and PSN download copies of the game will include a voucher for a FREE download of the complete version of the PSP remake of Yggdra Union. As Princess Yggdra is a bonus playable character in KITN, Atlus is giving players a chance to experience her story in yet another excellent, super-stylized SRPG. I guess I should also let you know that the game's release has slipped a tiny bit to November 9, 2010, but it's not a huge delay (and besides, you're getting TWO games for the price of one here!)…

Sounds like a plan! I'm off to learn just how to pronounce “Yggdra”, as I keep endlessly rolling my g's and end up sounding like a busted Model T engine…

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Preview: Knights in the Nightmare PSP

“Are You READY…?” For those of you who missed it, 2009's Knights in the Nightmare on the Nintendo DS was an innovative mix of isometric tactical JRPG, RTS, a bit of chess and fast-paced stylus driven “bullet hell” style shooting with a deep, complex (and often quite dramatic) storyline. The often brutal level of difficulty in the game thanks to many factors that required actual thought pre-battle and deft dancing of the stylus hand in battle made KITN a bit of a sleeper for the handheld (and a slightly expensive collectible these days). Developer Sting has taken the game and reworked it for the PSP into what's looking like one of those truly hardcore experiences for those that love their games to bite back hard.

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Ys Seven Now Available At Retail

It's been absolutely the best year to date for the PSP in terms of high quality games and yes, here's yet another one well worth your hard-earned money. XSEED Games has announced that its latest RPG, Falcom's epic Ys Seven is now available at retailers across North America. The game comes in three formats: a standard UMD edition ($29.99), a Premium Edition ($49.99) or as a digital download from the PlayStation Network Store ($29.99). Below is a pic of the Premium Edition, which features the following items:

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Sega Announces Valkyria Chronicles II Pre-Order DLC Bonus

With Valkyria Chronicles II set to hit retail on August 31, 2010, Sega of America has announced a neat bonus for those that pre-order the game at GameStop in the form of two exclusive download missions (known as “Exercises” in the game):

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Knights in the Nightmare PSP Trailer

Atlus does it again, bringing the unique SRPG/bullet hell sleeper hit from the Nintendo DS onto the PSP this October. Check out the first PSP game trailer below. The original was indeed a ton of fun and quite challenging, so it’ll be interesting to see how it plays sans stylus action with the analog stick on the PSP wide screen.

Hmmm… I wonder if we’ll ever see the Wizardry-inspired DS sleeper The Dark Spire get the PSP upgrade treatment? Now there’s a really underrated gem of a game!

Review: Shin Megami Tensei Persona 3 Portable (P3P)

Platform: PSP/PSP Go

Developer: Atlus

Publisher: Atlus USA

# of Players: 1

Official Site

Rating: M (Mature)

Score: A

Not surprisingly, one of the best PS2 RPGs of recent years ends up as one of the best PSP RPGs to date. Persona 3 Portable not only raises the bar for these types of ports, it sets plenty of standards for portable games on its own merits. Of course, you'd expect no less from Atlus these days, right? Granted, the Shin Megami Tensei series has been pretty much critic-proof from the very beginning and Persona 3's excellently addictive mature plot and gameplay are as perfect a fit as they were back in 2007. Once you're hooked into the world and its engaging characters, it's easy to be swept up for countless hours trying for those perfect Social Links, tacking some tough enemies or shopping for the best gear for your party members.

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