Disaster Report 4: Survival Instinct Keeps You Moving


Well, here’s a game that was initially canceled a few years ago thanks to a real-life disaster a few years ago in Japan, but thanks to developer Granzella (R-Type Final 2) taking up the reins on the project, we’re finally getting Disaster Report 4 on PC, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch this spring. The console versions will come digitally downloadable as standard editions on their respective shops, while the NISA store will be selling the Limited physical editions and retailers GameStop and Amazon, physical standard editions for those who don’t want that extra omake swag shown below:


I kind of want the bag, but my wallet is screaming at me from a coat pocket, and I’m trying to keep it happy these days. I still have my old copy of Disaster Report on the PlayStation 2 and I think there’s a copy of the sequel here in the game library, so I’m ready as ever for this one. Here’s the newest PS4 trailer, so yon can see more of the game from a few new angles:


I was all set to give up on “survival” games. but this series has never let me down and it’s lovely to see it come back, albeit at a really crazy time in the real world where every day there’s a disaster of some sort. Thanks to Granzella for saving this from the abyss and tweaking it up for its close-up and NISA for choosing to publish it.




Deadly Premonition: The Director’s Cut – Classified Edition: FK Yeah, You Need This!

(thanks, zbencz2!) 

Not to put too fine a point on it, but for my money, Deadly Premonition: the Director’s Cut was and is one of the most beautifully bizarre and unique horror game experiences to date. Its bat-crap crazy elements and deadly serious story bits combined with the intentionally dated visual style and many hours of open-world gameplay to provide a highly replayable game experience once you got over and used to its many quirks. Given that I’ve probably written more kooky articles about the game than anyone else (well, that’s what I’ve heard), I’m telling you PlayStation 3 owners who happen to also be horror game fans who’ve yet to give this game a try that now you NEED a copy even more than before.


Yes, you absolutely NEED this, Zach!


Thankfully for you, the NISA Online Store is taking pre-orders for this ultimate edition of the PS3 version of the game. In case you still haven’t clicked and whipped out your wallet, here’s what’s in the box:

Deadly Premonition: The Director’s Cut physical copy for the PlayStation® 3
Classified Edition DLC Voucher containing all DLC for the game (It’s all in the details)
Hardcover Art Book 6.75 in x 5.25 in (A book with some unique images inside)
Official Soundtrack 25 tracks with jewel case (Not available before on compact disc)
Deck of 54 Custom Playing Cards (York’s favorite)
Collector’s Box (A good way to keep everything safely tucked away, out of the light)

Given that I’ve played through the game at least five times already (not counting the Xbox 360 version), finding time to do so again won’t be tough. But I can’t let myself become too obsessed, Zach. Actually, I’m much more interested in all that bonus content, particularly the art book and soundtrack. It’s too bad the box doesn’t have a somewhat hard to locate these days Deadly Premonition coffee mug as an extra special bonus. But I’d gather that would add to the cost and there’s the issue of careless delivery persons tripping on that ONE spot on your walkway when walking up to your front door. Well, you can always make your own coffee and find out what the FK is going on when you pour a bit of milk into it.


Anyway, Deadly Premonition: The Director’s Cut – Classified Edition is available for pre-order NOW (you’ve already clicked one of those links above, Zach? I know you did!) for $49.99 and will be headed your way on November 24, 2015.

NIS America’s Holiday Sale is On. And Your Wallet Has Just Gone Off!

NISholidaysale2013BOOM. Yeah, you thought you were going to get away clean, huh? Nope and nope. If you’re a JRPG fanatic or an anime nut, well… the NISA Online Store wants your money and they’ll do all they can to take it from you while you smile and click away. Some stuff is already SOLD OUT, but there are plenty of cool game and DVD deals plus some other cool stuff worth your while to check out. As mother says… “Knock yourself out!” and “Don’t spend it all in one place!”

Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness Trailer: Now, That’s More Like It (Again)!


“Breathe deep, the gathering gloom… watch lights fade from every room…”

Yes, Laharl and Etna and company are indeed baaaaaack in this all-new Disgaea game headed to the PS3 this fall. Expect this one to drop in standard and some sort of limited editions bound to sell out quickly, as this dark yet hilarious series has always been a fan favorite and both Laharl and Etna have some REALLY hardcore fans. Well, Etna probably has the most fans, as no one wants a tattoo of baby Laharl on that demonskin rug on their back, but I’ve seen a few cool Etna tattoos over the years inked on some fans of assorted ages. As for me, I prefer to remain non-inked (needles… NEEDLES!), but pay me a million bucks and you might get me to reconsider. Maybe. Anyway, happy days indeed for strategy RPG fans who like their games wacky, hard as heck and filled with anime goodness galore…

Nippon Ichi’s The Guided Fate Paradox Poses Some Innnnteresting Eternal Questions…


Oh, this one just needs to be read to be believed, so I’ll just run the description below for this upcoming PS3 exclusive RPG and let your brains have at it:

The story for this title in particular is quite unique–imagine you are at the mall and you are forced to enter a raffle they are running inside…and you win! Congratulations, you winner, you! Your prize? You get to become God! Now that you are God, it’s your beeswax to go through the mysterious Fate Revolution Circuit and guide the fates of those who have prayed to God for help!


I happen to love the Disgaea games on the PS2, PSP, PS3, Vita and Nintendo DS and as TGFP is from some of the same team and looks cute as hell (er, ha ha?),  I’ll probably grab this one on the PS3 when it ships out whenever. That said, I’m praying for a physical release (no, not THAT kind of release, silly!) but can see Nippon Ichi Software America needing to deal with a few particularly picky folks who like their old-time religion in a non-anime (and more vengeful if you poke fun at it) manner. Any-way… I’ll be in the back with the devil horns playing loud (Maceo!), filing my nails and tail or something. Red velvet cake for dessert later – with fresh ice cream, by the way. Bring a friend. And a few marshmallows – it’s hot as hell down here.

Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory Trailer: Your Daily Dose of Too Many Anime Sweets…


I still haven’t decided to buy this one yet thanks to me not having enough time to dive back into another lovely new JRPG that’s going to eat up too much free time and well, me just being on the outs with the super-kawaii stuff for the time being (don’t worry, my time away from the genre won’t last more than a few months). Of course, watching the trailer made me almost change my mind, so perhaps that was a bad idea (for me and a good thing for NISA’s online shop if I decide to order a copy). And nope, Ni no Kuni doesn’t count as part of this category – that one was a must buy and play from the moment I found out it was getting a US localization…

Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory LE: Time (Capsules) For Lunch!


For JRPG fans who crave omake items galore, Nippon Ichi Software America has been leading the charge thanks to direct pre-order sales from their online shop that over time has allowed them to put together some incredible value priced collector’s editions that are worth snapping up. For Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory, NISA Online is offering up a ton of bonus items for the measly price of $64.99. Granted, you need to love really offbeat JRPGs, cute metal lunchboxes (they call them “time capsules”, but I say no matter what size it is, if it looks like a lunchbox, it’s a lunchbox!). The game is shipping out on March 12, 2013, but NISA says this limited edition is selling out rather quickly. So yes, you know what to do, right?

Anyway, what’s in the box, you ask? Well, let’s see now:

Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory game for PlayStation 3
Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory original soundtrack
Online Store exclusive: Hardcover 36-page art book
Online Store exclusive: Small Time Capsule Tin
Online Store exclusive: Large Time Capsule Tin containing all the items listed above

So, it’s like a Russian nesting doll, but it’s not a doll. And you need a PS3 to get the most out of this nifty package. Well, you could call the cute anime gals in the game dolls, but they’d probably get kind of upset and beat you up or something like that. Pillow fight! Or not – game characters don’t get offended my much unless they’re always IN character. Well, that’s what I’ve heard..

Mugen Souls Pre-Order Goodies Take On The “Stinky Gamer” Stereotype…

NISA’s Online Store does it again with yet another nice set of dual pre-order Premium Box sets for an upcoming PS3 exclusive. This time, it’s Mugen Souls, coming your way on September 18 in not one, not two, but THREE editions. Pick one, unless you have that much cash to spare (and maybe want to surprise me with a gift, ha ha). You can pre-order NOW or snap the standard edition later at any game retailer or at NISA’s online shop for $49.99 or grab one of the SUPER limited single print run boxed versions via pre-order (ASAP, as they’ll go FAST) for $64.99 or $99.99 depending on how much swag you want to fill up your shelf space. Both box sets come complete with an art book, soundtrack CD, bath sponge and hand towel, with the more pricey set netting buyers three exclusive figurines you won’t see anywhere else. Gamers who only go for the standard edition have to provide their own fancy washing goodies, or just rub the shrink wrap all over them to get that new game smell. Anyway, the game looks like a ton of fun, promising “overwhelming visuals, massively customizable characters, and never ending gameplay” according to the press release.

Clan of Champions Update: PSN, Steam Bound This Summer in NA & EU.

So, Clan of Champions still isn’t getting a budget retail release? Boo. Still, it’ll be worth a buy or try if you’re a fan of the underappreciated Gladiator Returns on the PSP or Warriors of the Lost Empire, another PSP game that’s got visual similarities as well as some of the same game mechanics, menus, options and even typefaces as Gladiator Returns. Well, all three games are from the same developer, so I don’t mind this sort of recycling, although Warriors was one of those games that you had to get used to (and actually only really got great after you beat it once). Gladiator Returns was better in some respects, but had some of the same flaws as Warriors. That said, both games had more than enough going for them to keep me playing and CoC looks to hit that same spot.

Of course, I still have my fingers crossed that NISA gets back to doing more with retail as well as DLC so MORE people can play these games, as not EVERYONE has the ability to or hell, even likes to download ALL their game content. Getting this game and perhaps some of their other upcoming PSN-only content on a disc at some point (together in one package deal) would indeed be sweet… but I’m not holding my breath. It’s kind of hard to type when you’re blue in the face, you know…

NISA Announces New JRPGs Galore (Hey, Three Counts As A “Galore” Around Here…)

NISA is rolling out some really fun-looking RPGs of a few varieties in 2012 and 2013 (that I wish were all arriving on discs, but what can you do these days but hope?). The company announced three new titles for the PS3 and/or PSN that include:

Legasista (Summer 2012), which SOUNDS like a 70’s Legosploitation flick (har har), but is actually a lovely rogue-like tactical RPG coming from developer System Prism exclusively to the PS3 via PSN:

Then there’s Mugen Souls (Fall 2012):

…which sounds like some import tuner muffler company sticker you’d see plastered on some goofy looking tricked out street whip (oh, I’m on a roll, aren’t I?), but it’s actually a very cool looking PS3 Strategy/RPG from Compile Heart (the folks behind the Hyperdimension Neptunia games) and GCREST.

And finally…

The Witch and the Hundred Knights, an Action/RPG set for a 2013 release on the PS3, has some lovely stylized visuals and while early, has “BUY ME” written all over those screenshots on the teaser site…

Add in a few more intriguing games such as Clan of Champions (Spring 2012), Disgaea 3: Absence of Detention for the PS Vita (Spring 2012), Atelier Meruru: The Apprentice of Arland (sooner than you think!) and a few other surprises and that’s actually even MORE of a galore! OK, my work here is done – now go pre-order something or get that wishlist updated already!