Toy Fair 2013: Mezco Toys Brings Chucky Back + Some Living Dead Dolls Banner News…


Mezco Logo B

Chucky smallSay a happy “Hello!” to Mezco’s 15″ Mega Scale Chucky doll. Well, say that happy “Hello” NOW, as once he arrives on your doorstep, it may be the last we see or hear of you. This latest incarnation, available for pre-order NOW and shipping out in September 2013, is decked out in his colorful Good Guys outfit, comes packing a knife (well, not a REAL knife, but you do have some in the kitchen he’ll get a hold of, right?) and will look quite good in your collection. You may want to add a steel-barred locked cage to your shelf, though. Plunk down $90, and he shows up a few months from now all ready for your collection. You can pretend that’s because he walked all the way from the factory, but do you REALLY want to take this fantasy that far?

CHUCKY banner

Me, I’ll just pass out and dream about Jennifer Tilly chasing after me with an inflatable axe in one hand and a Tiffany doll from Bride of Chucky in the other (hmm, does Mezco have one of these for sale?) because there are much more *fun* ways to leave the planet. Of course, the actual GF will be chasing me with a REAL axe if I keep this stuff up, so it may be a messy demise after all… Ouch, ouch, ouch!!!

As for that Living Dead Dolls banner, read on…

Living Dead Dolls BannerWell, there WERE a mere two of these Series 25 banners left when I started this post, so if you like that image to the right, have $60 handy and want a cool 18″ x 36″  image printed on 10oz vinyl hanging on YOUR wall, well you’d best act fast. No faster. Seriously. This series of horror themed dolls is pretty amazing, as it’s run for so long and seems to be quite profitable for Mezco. I’m sure the fab five of Gretchen, Asa, Sospirare, Luna, and Cracked Jack pictured on that banner will be pleased that you want to take them all home and dis-play them for all to see, but I’d bet they’d be a lot happier if you put them near a basket of fresh, cute kitties or puppies and very slooowly closed the door on your way out of that room. Go on, now, scoot! Er, don’t mind the noises coming from behind that door, OK? That and… um, you may not want to peek into that room for a good half hour or so. At least you’ll have a spare basket around the house to put more Living Dead Dolls in afterward…


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