Time Escapes Me, But It’s Not My Fault!

Ho-kay. I just posted something (that deep down article below) and it shows up as posting YESTERDAY. Wow. Hmmm… I’ll leave it as is, but I want that power to pull this off at will, not via some funky WordPress shenanigans. I only had half a cup of coffee in my system and I really thought today was Thursday for about half a minute after I ran that post (until I double checked by flipping NY1 on and seeing that yes, it IS Friday the 7th). Hey, it’s happened before where I’ve had THAT vivid a dream about a mundane day, woken up and thought it was a day later than it was. Oh, come on, you KNOW you have too. I like to spread my kind of crazy around, folks. Anyway, let me get back to work – this is a test post to make sure it’s Friday. Back in a bit…

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