FUNDED! It’s A Good Life, Indeed

The Good Life Funded

Well, this is fine news indeed. I’d bet a penny that SWERY and Yukio Futasagi are very likely doing this routine to celebrate:

(Thanks, laughland!)

Actually, as the note the team sent out yesterday says, the really hard work is just beginning. Me, I’m happy to have contributed my paltry amount to the cause and will now wait patiently for the game to be completed. I’m not going to be one of those folks bugging, nagging, and pestering the folks working on this game at all because I respect game developers quite a great deal, particularly those that do work as interesting, intriguing and surprising as these two gentlemen have previously.



Stupid Weather Makes Me Not So Smart At Continuity…

Ugh. So, a few days ago we got a nice snowfall and today we got temperatures up a bit and a nasty rain for a good part of the day. Of course, it wasn’t enough to melt the snow and it was slippery and gray and suicidal walking weather the rest of the day. Looking outside now, the sky is an awful yellowy gray and the forecast has temperatures dropping way past freezing (as in close to zero or so in some areas). Which means ALL that yucky gray slush will turn to super slippery and super lumpy ice to skate and dance on badly by Tuesday. Wonderful. If I don’t break my head or bust my ass on the way to the library this week, I may post some fun stuff.

The ONLY good thing is I don’t have to worry about freezing my behind or other parts off because I know THE secret to not being cold when it’s very cold out. NO it’s not booze. Booze makes you drunk and colder and dead if you’re tipsy and slipsy on the icy pavement and fallsy on your head or slidesy under a moving bus skidding towards the bus stop sideways on the bumpy, lumpy ice that was slush and a few days before that, snow… Continue reading

Monday Got You Down Again? Call A Cab & The Brothers Will Bring You Up!

Yeah, that rain outside stinks today! It certainly slowed my productivity down considerably. Anyway, you had a REALLY crappy day at work, right? Well, I wish I’d posted this earlier…(sorry!). Anyway, here’s some Stormy Weather for you, complete with possibly the best classic tap routine on film from The Nicholas Brothers. If you’re not energized and bouncing around the room by the end of this, you may want to ring up an undertaker. Yeah, you can dance around the room, you know. Only the cat is watching and it really doesn’t give a hoot… unless you’ve forgotten to feed it and it’s looking at you funny.

Wonderful. Another Storm.


Hokay – it was raining earlier and now it’s snowing a bit. So far, it’s warm enough that that now snowing snow  that’s blowing sideways won’t stick, but the wind is kicking up a little, so the temperature will drop. Looks like I’m inside for the day and it’s a good thing I have games to finish…

Back in a bit. If I’m not sitting in the dark, I may even post a review or two.

Sandy, You Can’t Stop Me! Incoming Reviews (Delayed Slightly)


Hokay, in brief: Ragnarok Odyssey (BUY IT!), Dokuro (BUY IT!) Retro City Rampage (BUY IT!), Orgarhythm (BUY IT!) and Skylanders Giants (BUY IT!) are all incoming reviews this week and next along with King’s Bounty: Warriors of the North (I just got the code now and need to download this, but if it’s as solid as the last couple of KB games, it’s a buy) and some Holiday Gift Guide suggestions, I need to do quite a bit of updating. It’s been a bit hectic here what with all the stormy weather and such keeping me otherwise occupied, but expect a lot more to read as things sort of calm down. We got slapped around pretty badly by Sandy here in NYC, but the home office and games collection are just fine (as am I). Anyway, off to tackle some writing – back later!