Good Gravy, Going Bad

Hokay, I’d normally be up to my nose hairs in post-E3 news and getting some lovely trailers up, but I took a short freelance job that killed my sleep schedule and did a number on a few parts that could use a bit more TLC. Anyway, I’m going to fall into a heap somewhere (fear not, I’m home how) and try to resurrect myself tomorrow in a better mood. Granted, I do have a medical appointment fiesta then, so I’m crossing my fingers that all is well…, er, WELL (or at least not moving any more or faster in a downward direction). We shall see, but have a tree while you’re waiting for new posts.

Outside the Lines



Sometimes, You Need That Head Room Cleared

Catching up to things these days is a, what did that guy in the elevator the other day say as he walked in talking to himself? Oh, right – a big grizzly bear bitch. I don’t like being so far behind schedule, but it’s the nature of this particular beast thanks to the health stuff doing it’s thing and being really good at shifting focus which should be elsewhere to that invisible clock ticking away and some too cool for school super-agent not coming to slide in and attempt to defuse the situation.

(Thanks, imz72)

Still, we press onward despite the tick-tock stuff because it’s what keeps the collective we going. “We” meaning those parts inside the skin shell that want to cooperate and get me perambulating around and motivated to do more, which some days is less than more, which ends up being just enough, but not quite. You know that feeling, right? Anyway, I was parked on the work surface yesterday and deciding how to proceed on a few reviews and such that are in progress when my brain decided to take over and have me go draw something, which in turn made me feel a lot better, despite the end result not being good or complete.

adjustments wip

“Gee, I’m a tree!” Oh, the pun society had disbarred me years ago, so I just do what I do, folks.

Well, it helped a bit in freeing up some clutter in the brain, which in turn has me a bit more motivated to get back to the needed grind, which isn’t really a grind because I do like what I do when it’s automatic and not baked in like a factory churning out Soylent Green or some other humdrum, generic content. Hey, I think I try to be somewhat original in what I do in terms of a few things. But yeah, I have to get faster like I was a few years back when content was flowing and my backlog was maybe a few weeks long. Anyway, I have a plan and the crankier parts of me aren’t going to like it, but it’s going into effect as we speak. So those parts are going to have to take their medicine and like it, or else.


Back in a bit. Or sooner. (*hic!*)


Random Art: Lost Weekend Or Future Gold Mine? It’s Your Move, Hollywood

weekendatbernies ver2

A few years back I was sitting in a diner listening to some folks at a nearby table debating some recent Hollywood remakes that were terrible (what else is new?) because they were basically updated version of the original films with more modern jokes. One of the guys at that table made the point that it would be better to remake a film that kept the title for familiarity but yanked the concept into new territory. A light bulb went off in my nosy little head and later at home I whipped up a poster idea for an old film I hated, Weekend at Bernie’s, re-imagining it as a dead serious zombie film of some sort with some of the same cast just to mess with the minds of those who recall it as a comedy.

weekendatbernies ver2a

For some reason, this idea keeps popping in and out of my head every few months or so. Recently, thanks to more remakes that don’t need to be made at all getting some funky not so fresh trailers (like this one. Seriously? WHY?) But I’m not about to suggest any budding to veteran screenwriter tackle this for real. Well, unless you’re willing to deal with those who somehow hold this stinker “sacred” lining up at your doorstep (or on some message boards) to take you to task for desecrating their nostalgic memories of this flick.

WAB concept 3

Anyway, that first piece above is my latest revision of the idea, the one below that has a font I like better, the third is an old piece I just added some lettering to and this link goes to my horrible-looking original poster concept. I even worked up a plot outline at that time, but it didn’t have much of an ending. Or a middle for that matter. Hey, I just come up with ideas, ladies and germs. Someone toss me a sack of money and yeah, I’ll come up with the rest of that movie in a heartbeat. Inspiration comes from the strangest of places. Like a sudden sack of money, for example.

Random Art: Sunday’s Best For Getting Some Rest

This Note's For You

Nothing to see here. Move along now. Git. Oh, and it’s not #LoveWins people. It SHOULD have been #LoveALWAYSWins because yeah, hate and the misguided opinions of the always wrong ones throughout history finally need to be shown for the insanity they are in this new century. Objections to the happiness of others based on blind ignorance handed down without consideration also need to be beaten to death by now. With love, of course. Just so we can move onto truly important stuff like making sure we all have a planet to live on. And NO, not freaking Mars. That sci-fi fantasy isn’t going to happen without bankrupting the rest of the globe just so a few people can go up there and die to prove an easy to see from earth point. We’re not ready because we still argue over stuff like human rights for ALL. Boo. Fix that and then we can play with expensive spaceships and grand ideas not just for one class of people to see the results of in the future.

Back tomorrow. I’m taking the day off if you haven’t guessed already.

Random Art: For When You Want to Throw Stuff At Stuff, I Guess

Test Subject redux

Nope, I did not bet on and lose a fortune on the Superb Owl and hell, I didn’t even watch that big “event” (and yeah, I know that makes me a baaaad American or whatever). But I’d rather have done that nonsense and wake up with a hangover on the moon with the next bus back not for a month than get hit on the head by a few too many stupid things that have been stabbing at me for the past few months.

Between the shitty work done in the apartment over too long a time period up to the YouTube nonsense that just fell into my lap, I’m going all Howard Beale on anyone else who messes with me. And if you don’t know who Howard Beale is, look him up, please. I’d post that familiar clip from Network here, but I can’t get into my damn YouTube page until I watch that stupid goddamn cartoon pirate cat video and take a dumb-ass quiz that’s an insult to my intelligence… Continue reading

Random Art: One More Before Turning The Page…


Well, I was going to try and wrap things up for 2014 with a a few more posts, but it’s been a weird enough last month or three that I’m just about wiped out. Here’s something odd I whipped up last night or early this morning while up way too late thinking. Anyway, Happy New Year for those of you out there. If you’re out and about celebrating, get wherever you’re going and back home safe. If you’re like me and spending the evening home in front of the tube, yeah, stay safe as well. Don’t fall off the couch and crack your head on the carpet or whatever. Yeah, I lead the thrilling life, folks!

See you all in a day or two. I may post tomorrow, but that depends on me getting out for my resolution stroll in the cold air. I think two or three miles a day is a good start…

Random Art: Good. Buy Roux, Be Tuesday…

For the Record...Let’s see now. Went to sleep at 3, got up at 6am to do laundry. It’s dreary and rainy out now, but I need to try and get some work in on the site down at the library at some point including a massive game download that should take about 5 hours. However, I also kind of need to hang out here and wait for some packages, as I missed UPS last night by a few minutes (oops!) and I have a few other things coming in via regular mail as well.

Hmmm. Oh, and I need to do a bit of grocery shopping at some point, as there’s some chicken broth I made taking a snooze in the fridge and I’d like to turn that into a decent soup for the rest of the week. Or maybe I could make a really big pot of gravy? Nah. I’m not much of a gravy guy. Eh, let’s see where this all ends up. It’ll probably be just a few types of mushrooms and something green going in that pot before I toss in some rice noodles.

Okay. off to grab a cup of coffee and go through some files. Go have a tree or something. I did this MS Paint¬† last night while taking a break from poring over a ton of ideas I’d written down. My brain seems to not like resting during the winter, so I have too many ideas that I sometimes write down and discard to make room for new ones.¬† I think it’s the bad ideas that get tossed. Or at least I hope that’s the case…

Random Art: Nothing to Tree Here, Move Along…

Sample Sale 

A-ha and ha-ha. I’m surprised I had the time to whip this out, but that’s “thanks” to some stalling time in a long download and me not wanting to beat my poor laptop up. It wasn’t its fault anyway. Well, the kitchen is still a mess and there’s a new leak in a pipe in a wall in the back that requires a wall to come down (again!) at some point. Of course, having this place ALL fixed up at once would be the smart thing to do, right? However, between the management here stiffing the union guys and getting rid of some in favor of less experienced new hires and all the under-funded not so hot work they do, it’s going to take a while before this place is back to where it should be. I don’t like this new normal coming up one bit, but I have a few plans to get people back on the ball. All legal, folks. All legal. I’m not one to rouse the rabble, but there comes a point where one needs to raise the damn roof before it falls on one’s head (ouch).

Back in a bit…

Random Art: Sunday’s Off For a Few Reasons…

Oof. I wasn’t feeling too well this morning, but that was probably more due to lack of sleep and the weather outside getting more winter-like (Today only! Temperature 20% off!). Anyway, I was going to watch some movies and write about them, but I didn’t get around to it. Yeah, you know something’s off when you blow off entertainment to do other stuff. Actually, I ended up going through some stacks of PC games looking for a few titles for a future article, but got sidetracked going through two hard drives here to see if I had a really old game installed someone asked me about last week. Meh, I didn’t find it (yet), but while online looking up stuff earlier, I did eventually knock out a quickie tree drawing (enjoy!):

Reach for the Sky

Hokay, I’ll be back tomorrow. It’s going to be a long day, as I need to pop up early and see about doing some laundry. It’s starting to get up and walk around, which isn’t a good thing… Eeek.

Random Art: More Waiting Time Follies for Your Perusal…

branch office V
More waiting time today at the wi-fi shootin’ range, wheeeee! Anyway, this one took less time, but I ended up not getting to download everything I needed to. Oh well. Monday is time to try again. Bright and earlier, this time. Moooo. Okay, good night now!