Sometimes, You Need That Head Room Cleared

Catching up to things these days is a, what did that guy in the elevator the other day say as he walked in talking to himself? Oh, right – a big grizzly bear bitch. I don’t like being so far behind schedule, but it’s the nature of this particular beast thanks to the health stuff doing it’s thing and being really good at shifting focus which should be elsewhere to that invisible clock ticking away and some too cool for school super-agent not coming to slide in and attempt to defuse the situation.

(Thanks, imz72)

Still, we press onward despite the tick-tock stuff because it’s what keeps the collective we going. “We” meaning those parts inside the skin shell that want to cooperate and get me perambulating around and motivated to do more, which some days is less than more, which ends up being just enough, but not quite. You know that feeling, right? Anyway, I was parked on the work surface yesterday and deciding how to proceed on a few reviews and such that are in progress when my brain decided to take over and have me go draw something, which in turn made me feel a lot better, despite the end result not being good or complete.

adjustments wip

“Gee, I’m a tree!” Oh, the pun society had disbarred me years ago, so I just do what I do, folks.

Well, it helped a bit in freeing up some clutter in the brain, which in turn has me a bit more motivated to get back to the needed grind, which isn’t really a grind because I do like what I do when it’s automatic and not baked in like a factory churning out Soylent Green or some other humdrum, generic content. Hey, I think I try to be somewhat original in what I do in terms of a few things. But yeah, I have to get faster like I was a few years back when content was flowing and my backlog was maybe a few weeks long. Anyway, I have a plan and the crankier parts of me aren’t going to like it, but it’s going into effect as we speak. So those parts are going to have to take their medicine and like it, or else.


Back in a bit. Or sooner. (*hic!*)


Random Art: Not Mighty Oaks, But Mighty OK Is Fine By Me

So, yeah. I haven’t been drawing a lot lately. A few people bug me about his, but it’s that eternal struggle thing, I guess. The old self-taught artist with no big ego who’s tried and failed miz-er-ah-blee* at a few things while having successes in others stuff. I think they call that “life” or something like that? I’ll have to look that up one of these days.

Anyway, some room was recently made in the upstairs vault and mouse in hand, I knocked these out within the past week between a few actual money-making projects. Full of imperfections, like that “life” thing I keep hearing about, but I’m still working out the ins and outs of digital art. I could use a good tablet, but funds need to go elsewhere for the tie being, as this year has been lousy for me and tech stuff falling apart, going missing (Phill Katz, I haven’t forgotten you) or just giving up the electronic ghost entirely.


This one? Ugh, but it was my first attempt at really trying out the revamped MS Paint in Windows 10. I don’t like that they changed the interface and added effects to the brush strokes, though. If I wanted to do watercolor or oil work, I have a bunch of aging art supplies stored here. Ah well. Perhaps I’ll change my mind with some more experimentation. Art classes would be great, but those cost money I don’t have at the moment.

Hey Mister 

That one? Better, but “done, with errors on page” as they say.

*or is it miz-er-ah-bleh? I don’t speak French other than a handful of none too helpful phrases. 😀



Gallery: Thea: The Awakening


cover_art_thea (Custom)Described as “a strategic survival game steeped in Slavic myth and monstrosity”, developer MuHa Games’ formerly Early Access turn-based strategy game, Thea: The Awakening is nor available for purchase on Steam. As this is the first I’m hearing of it, I’ll just say that the nice visual style and music caught my eye and ear respectively and that’s why you’re reading about the game here.

The game also features procedural map generation as well as a non-linear story, which means no two players should experience exactly the same game twice. Check out the art and screens below and if you like what you like what you see, you know what to do, right? You’re welcome.


Baba Yaga Leshy (Custom) Orc Matriarch (Custom)


Thea_Screenshot1 Thea_Screenshot2 Thea_Screenshot3 Thea_Screenshot4 Thea_Screenshot5 Thea_Screenshot6 Thea_Screenshot7 Thea_Screenshot8 Thea_Screenshot9


Random Art: Tuesday Tries Its Best to Trample. Trees to the Rescue!

November so far
So, today was a royal pain in the few places that ouch the most. Let’s see now: there’s a wall in one bedroom here that needed two minor patch jobs thanks to the pipe behind it getting slightly leaky. That’s all well and good and the inspector who popped up last Friday gave out that appointment like he was handing out Halloween candy. Then, on a whim I had him check out the wall in the kitchen with the two cracks in it and *whamm-oooo*, things got ugly. Suddenly, he’s up on a stepladder here and mumbling into his cellphone. I hear “asbestos” mentioned and my brain spins around like a kid on a soda shoppe stool who just got a free scoop of ice cream in his sundae. Only it’s not a sundae I’m getting, but a lousy case of déjà vu all over again (thanks, Yogi!) with a big fat, juicy Red #40 colored cherry on top.


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Random Art: Not Quite A Tree This Time, Man. Thing Is, It Was Once…

The cool thing about drawing digitally is you can make mistakes and “fix” them without going through piles of paper. Anyway, this Man-Thing started out as another tree sketch, but I mucked it up a bit too much and was about to scrap it when I saw a hint of something, flipped the image, did some playing around, flipped it again and decided to keep hacking away until I got this as a result. Yeah, he sort of looks like he needs a tattoo on that arm of his and there should maybe be a low rider in the background bouncing up and down to some trippy beat, but hey – it was late and I couldn’t stop once my brain started moving my hand around. That happens a lot these days it seems, so I just go with the flow…

Random Art: Rainy Saturday, Misty Scribblings…

Slightly Haunted II 

Yeah, the hits just keep on coming… sort of. Okay, I got really lazy with this piece, as the first sketch I did was more detailed and this piece is pretty simple compared to that. I still have that first sketch and may dive back into it at some point to pit in all those details, but we’ll see. I’m just surprised I have the time to draw these days. Okay, time to shut up and get back to work, as my backlog is glaring at me and shaking a fist or three…

Unconventional Games of the Year Choice #2: Wii, U? Get Over Here!

windwaker art 
Nope, I haven’t yet picked up The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD, but it gets an automatic kick onto my non-list for a few reasons. One: the GameCube original was pretty darn awesome and that wonderful art style made an impression on me as soon as I saw screenshots and others were griping that Nintendo had “lost its mind” by making Link and company look like something out of an old cartoon. As a friend ran out and snapped up a Wii U recently just for this game (he got that fine bundle package with the fancy Zelda-themed GamePad art), I got to see a few hours of the game running (and even played a a little) and can vouch for the buffed up HD visuals as being better than the original game… mostly.

There’s an odd muting of the palette in a few areas and while the use of depth of field is super cool, it tended to make some areas force my eyes to automatically squint until I got used to the effect (but that’s probably just me). Otherwise, the game is just as fun, funny and almost as tricky as ever. From what I’ve heard, Nintendo hasn’t adding any new areas, but tweaked the gameplay, adding some easier and harder means of playing the game for new and old players alike. The annoying Tingle portions are apparently less so, but if the game is also a straight up enhanced port, I’m gathering that long and pesky quest that makes up a chunk of the latter portion of the game is still intact. Oh well, but the good thing about a LoZ game is once you’re past a certain point, you’re committed to completing the adventure, so that’s not much of a big deal.

I’ll most likely go with the physical version over the eShop download just because I really, REALLY want that case and manual. My GameCube Wind Waker is signed by Mr. Miyamoto and I’d love to get the Wii U game signed as well. Hey, I may not have the biggest collection on the planet or be the super-fan Nintendo wants me to be, but I do know having the chance to meet one man I respect for what he’s done for the medium is one other thing worth holding out for…

Random Art: The Return of Frankenstein’s Monster? Sort Of… Maybe?

FlowersI forget if I’ve posted this piece here before, but what the hell – I need to up my post count a bit, as it’s way down this month thanks to all the stuff going on around here. Anyway, this one’s a MS Paint experiment (yeah, done entirely with a mouse) from 2011 when I was really bored yet inspired to fiddle around with that stupid program just to see if I could get it to do stuff in as simple a way as possible but look somewhat hand-drawn. I have a Wolfman pic that’s been sitting around unfinished for a while, but I may start it over, as it wasn’t coming along well at all (the layout is OK, it’s just in need of some scaling of the figures and I haven’t had the time to get back to it since. Eh, perhaps I’ll just redraw the whole thing… we’ll see.

Ten One Design’s Pogo Art Contest: Draw Something Cool, Win Cooler Stuff.

Pogo Art Contest 

Hey there- got an iPad? Do a bit of art with that thing? Feel like showing off your skills for fun and prizes? OK, here you go: Ten One Design is running its third annual Pogo Art Contest for digital artists armed with iPads and any model Pogo stylus to draw that potential masterpiece with. Entries are due by August 31, 2013, but before you get all doodly with yourself, here are the categories they’re accepting art under:

Current Events

· Satirical or thoughtful explorations of world events, politicians, daily news and journalistic expressions

Wildly Creative

· Thinking outside the box, pioneering digital artwork that has never been seen before, using an application not intended for drawing purposes, application mashing with multiple programs in a unique way or even collaborating with multiple artists

The Way You See It

· Realistic, impressionist and representational artwork of a person, place or thing

Obviously Abstract

· Nonrepresentational interpretations of reality, exploring forms, space, depth and colors

Now, I probably won’t enter (hey, I’d be a ringer here as I’m reviewing a Pogo stylus for the site and I use a different capacitive screen device that Pogo I got works on just fine), but I won’t stop YOU at all. So get creative and go show off your digital art skills. You just may walk away with some nice gear…

It’s #drawingday Somewhere in the World (And I’m Cheating A Little)…

cute thingOK, I thought June 1 was Drawing Day here in the U.S. of A., but it seems I was incorrect (or that dumb site needs to be updated!). Er, anyway… I found some locations in Ireland and other places having a DD celebration where people get out and draw stuff or submit art they’ve done today, but here, it seems all is quiet on the Western front… Boo. Actually,  #drawingday seems to be getting used, so perhaps I’m wrong even when that dopey site’s got the incorrect date? Yaaah! I hate being confused like this…

No matter, though. I did some art this week and last (not today, though – too busy!) and I may as well share. No questions, please – I have no idea what was going on in my head in most of these other than either waking up after a silly dream and hitting the GIMP hard or futzing about in MS Paint for fun and no profit. That tree drawing is for all those kids who’ve ever got stuck in class “sharing” crayons with the smug brat who has the biggest box, but only hands you one color (which happens to be black). Enjoy!

you are free galatea one crayon revenge visitor