Mild Updates, Weird World Edition

(Thanks, Chris Notap!)


Boo. I was trying to buy a new laptop and a Switch, but my stupid bank (which has given me no trouble until now) seems to have thought trying to buy them too close together was some sort of bad thing to do with my own money.  So, those purchases are pending (which is dumb and is keeping me from being productive) for at least a few days while I wait for whatever needs to happen to happen. The good thing is, I’ve another deposit to make in a few days, which should prove I’m not trying to scam myself (or whatever it is the bank seems to think is happening with my own money). Hey, if I were rich, I’d be spending like a decaf-sipping sailor. I only buy what I can afford these days (so as not to fall into credit card hell) or I’d be even more out of room than I am.

That said, I’ll likely be selling off some items from the collection at some point. Nope, no protos or review stuff, so don’t even ask (that’s for the six or seven people who drop emails in my inbox every so often). And before you ask that second question, I’m typing this post of on a crappy and slow XP monster that needs to be put down. At least it’s up to date in terms of virus protection and such so I can still get some work done. That said, I do need to get to some PC games in the backlog at some point.


#TBT: Old Scams Can Drive A Man To Drink

(thanks, Video Quotes From Seinfeld!) 

Ha. Someone actually tried to pull the ollllllllllllld as the freakin’ hills “I’ll send you a money order… oops, I overpaid, so can you refund the balance by Western Union?” scam for an item I was selling for a friend and that kind of pissed me off big time. Why? Because “Albert Mackenzie” wasted my damn time until I realized what was going on. If there’s anything I absolutely hate it’s scammers of any type because they’re useless in any normal moral situation and only exist to make people miserable when they part us fools from our money. I’d post his email address for all to see, but that would probably encourage the bastard and not scare him off one bit. Drop dead, Albert.

The koo-koo-koo-raaazy thing here is Western Union has a bad rap on this front, KNOWS it has a bad rap on that front and seems powerless (or just plain lazy) to do anything about it despite the scam existing for years with no sign of letting up. Hell, sites like ebay, craigslist and others plus a while bunch of police departments warn people to NOT use Western Union for anything involving sending money to strangers or even honest people who want money sent electronically, so I’m wondering why they even exist as a “reliable” company for any sort of wire transfer. Nostalgia only goes so far, folks.

Okay, at least they DO have a Fraud Quiz you can take while you’re reading that scammer’s email. And ooh, lookit! They have VIDEOS too:

Hmmm. Watching this and the other clips actually made me doubly NOT want to use Western Union ever again for anything financial, so I guess they did their job. Sort of.

It’s a damn good thing I’m not as stupid as someone thought I was. Still, what a friggin’ waste of a few days of back and forth BS from this cat. Sir, the jerk store was supposed to be out of YOU, but it seems you’re in stock and ready to ship. Boo. Anyway, if anyone wants me, I’ll be somewhere without jerks having an adult beverage. Probably home, as the bars around here are pretty damn lame. And probably coffee, as I have a lot of work to do and I’m out of booze. Eh, maybe I’ll just gently slam down some Uptime instead and get that review completed.

Not An Apple-Head, But Still A Dreamer…

While I did have a (very) brief affair with a Macintosh back in the 90’s, I was never really an Apple fan or fanatic, despite the company’s many innovations and rather, er… obsessed user base. I liked the design of their products and their ad campaigns were amazingly clever and clearly made to grab one’s attention. But for me, most marketing flies in one ear and right out the other because I’m all about the end result of all those billions spent and frankly speaking, prefer products where I as the end user have total control over how I interact with them. When the iPod was released, it baffled me because I knew digital music would never sound as good as vinyl or even the few steps down CD’s did. Nevertheless, people sheeped right on up to the bar and made the player a superb success for Apple, changing the way we bought music probably forever, and for the worse some would say. Why buy an album meant to be heard in its entirety when you could pick and choose songs you like and play them OUT OF ORDER, thus destroying any actual meaning their creators intended? Eh, no big deal, right? It’s ONLY music, right?

And don’t even get me started on not being able to change your own damn batteries… Continue reading

Humor: Sometimes, Paying Attention Can Get You Killed (Maybe)…

So, either quarters are the new pennies or I’ve uncovered a crime in progress. Or something. As I’m walking to the library today, I hear the sound of coins falling to the pavement and sure enough, two quarters come rolling my way. One veered to the left sharply, skipped up over a raised bit of pavement and stopped when it fell flat. The other one rolled straight towards me and I put out a foot to stop it as it rolled under my sneaker. I could feel that it was still standing on its edge when I put my foot down and for a quick second, thought of that episode of The Twilight Zone where Dick York gains the ability to read minds after he tosses a coin that lands on its side and stays there:

Of course, I snapped out of my black and white dreamland and looked up to see where that fifty cents came from. There was a man standing at a the block’s parking slip dispenser putting more coins in the machine, so he seemed to be the one who’d just lost that money. I lifted my foot and picked up the first quarter and then scooted over to retrieve the second before taking the dozen or so steps up to where he was standing. Holding out the coins, I got out a cheery “I think these are…” before a blunt “KEEP THEM” hit me on the head. Ouch? He didn’t even look at me, preferring to glare at the meter instead. As he placed a new quarter in the machine, I asked “Did you drop these?” and got a flat “Yes. Don’t need them.” back in response.

Hmmmm… this could get innnnteresting... Continue reading

Waaah! Good News Is Like A Brick Wrapped In Too Many Marshmallows.

Ignatz and Brick and KatPOW! So, I got a nice surprise to-day in the form of temporary freelance gig doing something many people despise but I find really relaxing. “What could it be, what could it be!”, the mob, they cry out – they want a decree. But I cannot say, for it’s not yet quite set. So I’ll ruin it not (well, not just quite yet)…

More on this breaking noose once some logistics are worked out. But if things go well (and it looks as if they should indeed), I’ll be making a little extra money and maybe getting some stuff taken care of (BRAAAAAAWWWNNNNN!) that I need to get done but haven’t because I’m just that broke. One step at a time, watch out for puddles and that’s a hell of a lot of marshmallows on that brick I got hit with. If you guess what the gig is, you don’t get a prize at all – you’re just faster on the draw than some other readers, is all.

No animals were harmed during the making of this post. Don’t throw real bricks at cats or try to get a mouse to do so. If you DO, however, post it on YouTube and make sure you disable comments or have a VERY thick skin. In theory, the mouse will get a hernia from lifting the brick, the cat will eat the mouse and the brick the mouse was lifting will hit the cat on the head. Maybe. Oh yeah, wrapping a brick in marshmallows? Bad idea unless you want an ant farm in your home. That and you’d go broke buying bag after bag of them… unless you made your own marshmallows. Or even better, marshmallow Bricks (which are very terribly NON-aerodynamic)…