Waaah! Good News Is Like A Brick Wrapped In Too Many Marshmallows.

Ignatz and Brick and KatPOW! So, I got a nice surprise to-day in the form of temporary freelance gig doing something many people despise but I find really relaxing. “What could it be, what could it be!”, the mob, they cry out – they want a decree. But I cannot say, for it’s not yet quite set. So I’ll ruin it not (well, not just quite yet)…

More on this breaking noose once some logistics are worked out. But if things go well (and it looks as if they should indeed), I’ll be making a little extra money and maybe getting some stuff taken care of (BRAAAAAAWWWNNNNN!) that I need to get done but haven’t because I’m just that broke. One step at a time, watch out for puddles and that’s a hell of a lot of marshmallows on that brick I got hit with. If you guess what the gig is, you don’t get a prize at all – you’re just faster on the draw than some other readers, is all.

No animals were harmed during the making of this post. Don’t throw real bricks at cats or try to get a mouse to do so. If you DO, however, post it on YouTube and make sure you disable comments or have a VERY thick skin. In theory, the mouse will get a hernia from lifting the brick, the cat will eat the mouse and the brick the mouse was lifting will hit the cat on the head. Maybe. Oh yeah, wrapping a brick in marshmallows? Bad idea unless you want an ant farm in your home. That and you’d go broke buying bag after bag of them… unless you made your own marshmallows. Or even better, marshmallow Bricks (which are very terribly NON-aerodynamic)…

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