I Think Tuco’s A Bit Upset…

(Thanks, Luciano Napoli!)

No, Tuco… you’ve not been forgotten, pal. We’ll get to you soon enough. Hey, folks – Video Store Action Heroes is a thing and it’s LIVE (woo and hoo). Check out the three cooler entries and mine, which is just OK:

Video Store Action Heroes - Banner 9 final

Just press PLAY (and don’t forget to rewind when you’re done, pal.

Mike’s Take on the Movies does up 1983’s Uncommon Valor (in which we also discover Mike either works out regularly, has some great Photoshop skills, or both).

Todd goes all Cinema Monolith on 1980’s ffolkes (aka North Sea Hijack or Assault Force) in a Moore or less fine as usual review.

Wolfman’s Cult Movie Club takes on one of my favorites, 1987’s The Hidden and I’ll say now that it’s a good thing he saw this great hidden gem first and not the screamingly awful sequel.

What’s up for future installments? Well… you’ll just need to tune in and find out now, won’t you?



8 thoughts on “I Think Tuco’s A Bit Upset…

  1. A sequel to The Hidden? Dear god! Oh my! I just looked at it, jeepers creepers. 2.7 on IMBD. Haha Then I watched the trailer on YT and they knew it was a turkey from the start, “buy two copies of The Hidden 2 and get The Hidden free” LOL. Man it does look really gawd awful…….


    • The “ending” will likely leave you speechless if you do track it down (or manage to find it online to watch). I recall seeing it on cable back in 1993 and wanting to walk out of my own living room.

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      • Haha heed your warning and will fast forward to the end for a laugh if it ever crosses my path. I did see from the trailer that Nouri makes an appearance. Hopefully the pay packet for a few minutes work was worth it!!!!


      • So you’d post ‘The Zero Boys’ again? Or a review that you’ve posted in the past? If the latter…how about whatever the review is you’d like to re-post, find a theme that it fits and use that! For example, if the review in question features rabid monkeys who drive race cars, you could have ‘Wild Animals of Action’ as your theme.


      • Greg, you can’t kid with me like that…I lead men into BLOGATHONS! But that video was hilarious…that was EXACTLY the type of movie I was talking about!


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