PSN Flash Sale: Some October Surprises Abound


Nice. Here I am, trying NOT to spend any more money this month and here comes Sony, kicking my door in and nicely trying to rob me blind with another Flash Sale. “Oh, hey, sorry! We’ll replace the door we kicked in… if you BUY SOMETHING! Heh.” FINE. Well, maybe. I kinda like that cross ventilation thing happening now. Then again, nosy neighbor factor increases by 100% plus there goes my game and movie collection while I try to sleep, sooooo… blast you Sony! *Sigh* I may as well pick up one thing just so my door goes back up today.



6 thoughts on “PSN Flash Sale: Some October Surprises Abound

  1. Nice. I still need to add you on PSN, lol! I’ve been THAT busy that I’ve been too occupied by other stuff to do much online play. My handle there should be GeeLW, so feel free to bug me with an invite or whatever. Maybe grab a copy of Earth Defense Force 4.1 on PS4 (it’s cheap now) and maybe we can go blow up bugs or something? 😀


    • I hear B&B is fun and odd (which is good) and I need to check N.E.R.O. and Grow Home out (oh, they’re on sale, right?). Kromaia is pure visual insanity and surprisingly deeper than you’d think if you like exploring levels. Good luck deciding!

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