Indie Royale’s Mixer 19 Bundle? It Wants Your Nostalgic Side Turning Its Way

Indie Royale Mixer Bundle 19

Okay, I haven’t been giving my bundle sites much love of late thanks to some pesky business (pronounced “busyness”) here that’s keeping me from posting everything I’d like to. That said, The Mixer 19 Bundle from Indie Royale grabbed my attention for its nice selection of old and new indie titles for a mere shower warble and almost slip on that bar of soap you dropped. Or a measly $2.10 for those you you that don’t bathe every day and were wondering what the heck I was talking about. hey, even if you’re not next to whatever deity-ness you need to be, if you’re a gamer with an eye out for a deal you simply cannot pass up this great deal.

In that mix of old and new games are some gems like The Chaos Engine, a well aged and hard as heck run & gun with a great score that will stick in your head for days. Toss in a hidden object game, a few retro themed side-scrollers and even a game where you fight in magic duels by drawing runes onscreen and you’ve got yourself some additions to your growing backlog. Also, make sure to peek at The Debut Bundle 26 because it has a few retro-inspired role playing games in it (if that’s your boat, well it’s floating away and waiting for passengers).

Indie Royale’s Insulin Bundle: Sweet Games Make For A Cheap High

The Insulin Bundle Indie Royale

Here’s a pretty nice deal on a nicer Friday from the fine folk at Indie Royale. $3.32 for seven Steam games, 6 are DRM-free, 3 run on Macs, 1 on Linux-based systems. Well, you can’t have everything, right? But you do get more than enough in this set of indies.

What, that’s not enough for you? Okay, okay! Head to Humble Bundle and check out the slightly more expensive ($5.00) but well worth the cost Humble Origin Bundle 2 full of over 9 (and counting) Electronic Arts games. or perhaps you’re an IndieGala guy or gal-a? Well, they’ve got you covered with the Evoland Bundle which has eight game for $2.89.. but only ONE is called Evoland. Well, I’d gather that it’s the most popular indie game in that deal, thus the bundle’s name.

Finally, Bundle Stars has an all-multiplayer deal in the Factions Bundle, which will set you back a measly $2.99 for 10 great Steam MP games. As usual, you know what to do next – go support charity and load up your computing device with some fine indies!

Some Late Bundles For Your Sleepy Saturday

IndieGala Friday Bundle 432015

Yeah, yeah… it’s Saturday and I’m posting this IndieGala Friday Special Bundle now. I had a little computer hiccup yesterday before I could get to this deal, so it’s a bit late. Anyway, get three games for a buck or a dozen for $2.99 this time. Flip a coin and choose the latter if you need a hint. There’s a nice set of stuff here from a Match-3 puzzle game, a few adventure games and even a couple of retro platformers with some shooters tossed in for good measure.

Also, if you poke around the IndieGala Store and actually buy something there, you get a free gift just in time for Easter:

Free Fist of Jesus IndieGala 

Yup, it’s a real game! You can also get another freebie just for stopping by in the form of Space Hack, a single player action/RPG set aboard a spaceship besieged by tons of bug-like aliens. It’s old, but quite addictive once you get into it.

humble weekly bundle Hard 

Over at the Humble Bundle, you can scoop up six really hard games in the Humble Weekly Bundle: ARGGGHHH!! These games are hard! Bundle. I’ve only played three of them, but can confirm that you will indeed want to toss a controller or keyboard at something if you’re the impatient sort. The Humble Store has a crazy sale on Deep Silver titles all weekend, so check out that link for a nice assortment of titles from a few genres.

BS the vortex bundle 

Finally, Bundle Stars has the awesome Vortex Bundle, a total STEAL at $2.99 just for the Alien Breed Trilogy. If you’re not into shooting xenomorphs while being scared half to death, there are a bunch of other titles in that bundle bound to please. And don’t forget to check out the Bundle Stars Store for MORE great deals on single games. Hmmmm. I think that’s it, but I’ll let you know. Oh, right – check out Indie Royale,, and of course, for even MORE deals!

Saturday Night’s All Right for Bundles, Get a Little Action In!

the puzzle bundle 

Yes, it’s been so hectic here that I’ve missed out on a few bundle stories, but that doesn’t mean you need to go without some entertainment this weekend. Got a thing for wordplay and other light entertainment? Boogie on over to Bundle Stars and nab the Puzzle Bundle for $2.49. You get a ton of great word games, some hybrids and even a slot-machine simulator that will make you wish your PC or laptop could pay out when you win! Don’t blame me if you get hooked, though.

Humble Square Enix Bundle 2 

Humble Bundle has a few cool deals this cold weekend including the Humble Square Enix Bundle 2, a nice selection of mostly AAA titles you can have for $15 or less. I’d go for the $15, as more games will be added to the deal shortly and it’s already a great purchase.

Humble Weekly Bundle Coop 2 

Or you can grab a friend and get the Humble Weekly Bundle Co-op 2, where $10 gets you seven games designed for more than one player. Sure, you can play them by yourself if you like. But where’s the fun in that when it’s nicer to share the wealth. Especially if you make your friend pay for this deal. Then you’ll HAVE to share even if you’re just showing some non-gamer the ropes.

indiegala friday special bundle 

Meanwhile, over at IndieGala, the Friday Special Bundle offers up two deals that are hard to pass up. Get four Steam games for a buck or shell out $3.49 for ten more. The page is a tiny bit confusing, but even if you paid $4.49 for all 14 games there, it’s still a phenomenal deal you don’t want to miss.

IndieRoyale doesn’t want you to feel left out, as they have The Debut 24 Bundle up, currently at a mere $1.87 for nine titles. There’s a nice mixture here as well of stuff to play in complete to not so complete forms. Everything is good in this budget bundle, but if you’re into fantasy-themed games, it’s all about Witches,Heroes and Magic. WHAM is more or less an homage to the Might & Magic strategy series, but played as a fast-paced action game with loads more challenge. Ride big monsters, command troops and most of all, try not to let your character get killed, as perma-death is in the house here.

Okay, that’s it for now – feel free to poke around each site’s online shop, as there should be even MORE deals to be had and perhaps even a free game or two if you know where to look.

“Wake Up, Time to BUY!” Indie Royale Gives You Coffee and a Mystery…

IndieRoyale Coffee Bean Bundle 

I forgot to add these two awesome deals from Indie Royale yesterday, so here you go: MORE games to buy for not a lot of money, you cheapskates smart and wise savers of money. First up, the Coffee Bean Bundle, which is a misleading title on the surface as you’re buying games, not coffee (or coffee beans for that matter). That said, you’ll probably need to put on a pot of the strongest java you can handle. Blinking while playing any of the high-octane games in this set of five is pretty much guaranteed to make you lose. Hey, sleep is overrated on some days, right?

IndieRoyale Mystery 3 Bundle 

Do you love mysteries? Good. Have you got a digital dollar? Great! The Mystery 3 Bundle is calling out to you and you know you can’t resist. Three of the games are revealed (a retro JRPG and two intriguing deep water diving/hidden object hybrids) and the other seven are hidden until later. Take a chance, folks. No, you probably won’t get some system-taxing AAA game at all. But surprises are underrated on some days, right? Okay, get to it then. Your backlog isn’t a backlog unless it’s got some games in it!

Some Monday Year End Bundle Deals to Scoop Up…

if your year-end plans involved spending as little money as possible on games so you can afford an extra few bottles of bubbly stuff, well… you’re in luck this week.

BS Born 2 Race Bundle

Like fast cars? Got a fast computer? Great. For a dollar (and ONLY for the next 24 hours!), Bundle Stars is offering up a stupendous deal in the form of the Born 2 Race Bundle. Seven racing games plus a bunch of expansion packs for such a low price that you’d be off your rocker if you passed this deal up. There’s a mix of realism here with a few more fanciful games to dink around with and more than enough content to make this one of the best deals of the year.

IndieGala EMS 12292014 

If driving around at high speeds isn’t your thing, how about some story-driven adventures on the cheap? Well, the IndieGala Every Monday Bundle has got you covered and then some with eight games for a mere $1.89, which is yes, nuts. Fantasy, fake historical, sci-fi and horror genres are represented here in this nice variety of brain-bending games. There’s even a dash of humor here if you like your games with a comical bent to them.

Humble Noodlecake Studios Bundle

Whaddaya mean you ONLY play mobile games? Okay, okay… I got you covered. Well, the Humble Noodlecake Studios Mobile Bundle has you covered. Sure, you need to spend a little bit more to get these games. Nevertheless, like the other bundles here it’s worth it because you’re helping support charity. That and you get thirteen games for eight bucks and MORE content that unlocks as more people buy the bundle and break the different targets noted on the game page.

Finally, you may as well check out Indie Royale for more cool stuff for low prices. Or to be more precise, The Debut Bundle 23 gets you eight indie games for $2.58 with a ninth to be unlocked later. I think that should take care of your gaming needs for the end of this year, right? Well, I kind of hope it does. Don’t forget to get out and get some air every now and then, okay? We don’t want people to think you’ve gone and pushed up some daisies somewhere…

Oh, It’s Black Friday? Go Buy Some Games!

Yikes. My inbox is PACKED with deals and more deals and on top of that, guess what? MORE DEALS! Here’s a boring list to click on as I’m in a bit of a crunch today catching up on too much stuff:

Humble Zen Studios BundleHumble Bundle/Humble StoreWhaaaaat? a new Zen Pinball 2 Bundle? YOU NEED THIS! And whaaaaat? MORE fantastic deals in the store? BUY SOME GAMES!


IndieGala Black FridayIndieGala – Too much to list here, but you get a free game if you drop $30 or more in the shop. BUY SOME GAMES! topware – Big TopWare Blowout! BUY SOME GAMES!

BS_Supernova SaleBundle Stars – BUY SOME GAMES (and get a crazy DOUBLE discount of 25% if you sign up for their newsletter!) BUY SOME GAMES!


IndieRoyale mystery bundle 2Indie Royale Hmmm. Ten games in a MYSTERY BUNDLE! Only four are revealed, but it’s ONLY $1.24 for all ten! BUY SOME GAMES!

I know I’m forgetting a few, but I’ll pop back in later and maybe add a few more. For now, also check out Steam and 505 Games’ sparkly *NEW* e-store for some incredible deals you won’t find elsewhere. Okay, my work here is DONE. Have a productive time running up your credit limit supporting charities and adding to your backlogs with these purchases!

Monday Bundle Madness Continues: Get Your Deals Here!

IndieGala EMB 10202914 
More bundles of joy galore this week, ladies and germs! The IndieGala Every Monday Bundle this week is a wild one, with eight assorted games about horse breeding in a fantasy setting, an AWESOME Tempest clone (nostalgia alert!), a fun minimalist puzzle game based on Alice in Wonderland’s first glorious chapter, a great little physics-based robot game and more. Yeah, you NEED this. It’s only two bucks for 24 hours (well, $1.99, you nit-picking penny-pincher!) and you’ll never forgive yourself if you let yourself miss this deal. More deals below the jump (look out belooooooow!)Continue reading

Monday Bundle News: A Bit Late, But Still Doable…

indiegala emb 101314
Oops. I was offline for a bit this evening being annoyed at something or someone or the internet in general or whatever and I realized I’d not seen any bundle news today. That’s because some of it was later than usual and the other stuff was a page of email away and I just got to reading about it. It’s supposed to be a holiday, but I got more email today than I did last Monday! Oh well. I’ll keep it short because I need to go get some rest. IndieGala Every Monday Sale is is here (BUY!), the Humble Flash Sale (and other cool Humble stuff is here, Bundle Stars is here Indie Royale is here and I like that site, keep forgetting to update my news because I haven’t been to either site in a while because I have too much stuff to do.

Gah! There are now MOVIES on Wow. I need to maybe fins some time to check a few out, as they’re all game-related for now, but other stuff is coming. I think they need to snap up or come to some sort of an arrangement with the folks at Sinister Cinema and talk to some movie studios about getting the rights to see all those awesome “B” to “Z” grade flicks that old site has for sale.

Hokay, back to my whatever I was doing or not doing. See you all tomorrow!

It May Be A Holiday, But Bundles NEVER Sleep!

Okay, I’m still kind of in holiday mode as a trial just to see how I handle time off and it’s not going well. Argh. Thankfully, the fine folks at IndieGala, Humble Indie Bundle, Indie Royale, Bundle Stars and a few other places know how to get me back on track (sort of). IndieGala’s Every Monday sale this week has six games, Today’s Humble Bundle is ALL Total War series all the time and an extra year or so because it’ll take you at least that long to go through the epic Napoleonic saga they’ve got up for sale today, Bundle Stars has more Steam games than you can shake a stick at and Indie Royale has nine games up for a really sweet price. I’d write more, but you can click away and see for yourself. Hmmmm. I need a nap now – that was hard work for a day off!