Indie Royale’s Mixer 19 Bundle? It Wants Your Nostalgic Side Turning Its Way

Indie Royale Mixer Bundle 19

Okay, I haven’t been giving my bundle sites much love of late thanks to some pesky business (pronounced “busyness”) here that’s keeping me from posting everything I’d like to. That said, The Mixer 19 Bundle from Indie Royale grabbed my attention for its nice selection of old and new indie titles for a mere shower warble and almost slip on that bar of soap you dropped. Or a measly $2.10 for those you you that don’t bathe every day and were wondering what the heck I was talking about. hey, even if you’re not next to whatever deity-ness you need to be, if you’re a gamer with an eye out for a deal you simply cannot pass up this great deal.

In that mix of old and new games are some gems like The Chaos Engine, a well aged and hard as heck run & gun with a great score that will stick in your head for days. Toss in a hidden object game, a few retro themed side-scrollers and even a game where you fight in magic duels by drawing runes onscreen and you’ve got yourself some additions to your growing backlog. Also, make sure to peek at The Debut Bundle 26 because it has a few retro-inspired role playing games in it (if that’s your boat, well it’s floating away and waiting for passengers).

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