This Humble Weekly Bundle Night Dives Into The Past With Some Great Classics

Wow. Three great epic role-playing games, four horror-themed adventures (including one based on a great, gloomy Harlan Ellison story), a sci-fi/horror hybrid first-person shooter still seen as one of the best games ever made and while not quite a classic, a dark and disturbing action/shooter that’s worth a play just to see how bizarre it gets? Sounds like a buy if you ask me. Anyway, Wizardry 6, 7 and 8 plus System Shock 2 are more than worth the price it takes to unlock them and everything else is just the gravy on that cake. I actually liking this bundle because of Harvester, a supremely twisted point & click adventure game that doesn’t shy away from the David Lynch-like weirdness and some mildly to pretty shocking gore effects (which are cheap looking even by 1996 standards, but still effective):

Amusingly enough, the charities this bundle supports are Child’s Play and The American Red Cross (ha and ha, ha). Anyway, this one’s only available for a limited time (6 days, 19 hours as I type this), so GRAB IT before it’s gone!

System Shock 2 (Finally) Available on You SHOULD Buy It. Now.



Well, provided you own a PC and not a Mac that is, as the game is only compatible with Windows XP, 7 and 8. Anyway, this one’s a true classic, it’s frequently scary as hell and has some fine writing to boot. I still have my original disc version in the collection, but it’s a hell of a pain in the neck to get running from the discs, so this one’s a no brainer purchase. grab this while it’s on sale for ten bucks, turn out the lights and get ready to immerse yourself into one of the best games you’ll ever play, period.