Get A Bit Of Reverb in Today’s Humble Daily Bundle…

Short and sweet: pay what you want for Guncraft, the DIY block-based shooter that’s more or less Minecraft meets Counter Strike, pay $2.38 or more and get that plus Ravaged: Zombie Apocalypse, the online only shooter that also packs in some nice vehicle action. Make it nine or more bucks and get the gassy hack & slash game Orc Attack: Flatulent Rebellion (which I need to go review at some point just because my inner 8-year old says it needs to be PLAYED). Your purchase helps out Child’s Play and The American Red Cross and The Humble Daily Bundle more than happily resets itself tomorrow with even more games to spend some (but not too much!) cash on…

Today’s Humble Daily Bundle Will Send You To The Stars (Forever) With EVE Online!

Yikes. I’ve only watched people play this DEEP space simulation that’s insanely hard, but has been a massive hit among its millions of loyal fans for a few years now. Anyway, today at the Humble Daily Sale you can get CCP Games’ EVE Online for a buck or so, $3.41 unlocks the Vanity Pack and if you shell out $20 or more, you get both of those and a 30-day EVE Online PLEX trial. In case you’re wondering what the heck EVE Online is, I’d say hit the Google or whatever search engine you use and see that’s it’s a pretty darn intense online experience with a steep learning curve among many other things that will EAT YOUR LIFE. Eeeek! Anyway, it’s your coin to flip today, so do that if this one’s up your alley.

Today’s Humble Daily Bundle is All About Going Deep And Long (or Short)…

As in DUNGEONS (and get your mind out of the gutter, please!). Three indie games for up to ten bucks or more are on the plate today. Paper Sorcerer, Legend of Grimrock and Desktop Dungeons all come VERY highly recommended from yours truly as each is a decidedly different take on one of my favorite game genres.

Pay what you want for Paper Sorcerer, go above $3.21 for that and Legend of Grimrock and ten bucks or more nets you all three games. Yes, it seems odd that Desktop Dungeons ends up being the “big” game here, but given that you can learn to play it quickly and games tend to last about ten minutes or so, the potential millions random elements here give the game infinite replay value. Anyway, if you’re not going anywhere this holiday weekend, you know you may as well buy a few games, support charity and have something else to do other than stare at the walls for three or four days. Get to it, then!

Today’s Humble Daily Bundle Is All Mixed Up In A Good Way. The Weekly Bundle? Just BUY IT!

Let’s see now, we’ve got goats escaping, a pair of retro RPGs that looks as if it was made in 1990 or so, an offbeat puzzle game with a very weird looking insect and a card battle game that’s quite addictive for almost anyone who picks it up. Yup, that’s what you get today PLUS two game soundtracks when you grab this Humble Daily Bundle. Pay what you want for the two Soulcaster games, six bucks or more gets you Escape Goat 2, but you should bump THAT up thirteen cents for Incredipede, I say. Or just pony up ten bucks or more and get everything and Ironclad Tactics, which should heel you busy for quite a spell.

As for that Humble Weekly Sale this week… Wow! Continue reading

Today’s Humble Bundle Will Send You Flying (And Shooting)…

I actually learned to drive a little thanks to a few video games (notably Hard Drivin’ and Race Drivin’ back in the arcades), but other than a few actual lessons some years later from a willing friend and me actually driving a van around a block to look for a new parking space, I really haven’t been behind the wheel in a “normal” situation. I’d say you’re absolutely NOT going to learn to fly anything with these three games in today’s Humble Daily Bundle, but never say never, I guess. Now, if you DO buy these games and get the wild idea to scoot over to the nearest airport and swipe someone’s Piper Cub or Lear jet in order to do some fancy flyin’ of the real life variety based on these games, you in NO way, shape or form can or should blame me for that nonsense (nor send me any medical bills should you survive) . I’d be the one tying you down and calling the men in the white coats after you fessed up your plans to get airborne on the cheap.

Today’s Humble Daily Bundle: All Crusader Kings, All The Time…

Do you REALLY love medieval history and all the warring it brought about? Well, then… in case you haven’t played them yet, Paradox Interactive’s Crusader Kings series is all yours today for a fair price. A buck gets you Crusader Kings Complete AND an ebook, A Fall of Kings: Champions of Anglia. Add seven bucks or more and Crusader Kings II is added to the deal. If you want so much more that you’ll be spending so much time at home that your face ends up on a milk carton, spend $20 and get both games, the ebook AND a whopping 21 DLC packs (Eeek!) and never see the sunshine again! Yeah, you know the drill: click, buy, smile because you’re supporting charities and enjoy!

Humble Bundles Galore Today: Daily, Weekly, Store, All Waiting To Take Over Your PC!

I’ll keep it short today, as my mailbox is overflowing: Humble Daily Bundle? Three fighting games, old and new. To steal a quote from the past… “Get it… or get hit!”

Humble Spring Sale Then there’s the Humble Store Spring Sale: 48 hours of BARGAINS galore on games old to new, all priced to move or whatever download games do when they go from one place to another (go check it out and watch your wallet gleefully leap to its demise!).

And finally… The Humble Doctor Who Comics Bundle! Whaaaaat?! Loads of books (more on the way if you buy!) AND you get an unlocked version of Doctor Who: Legacy for your Android phone (with all the Doctors)! Yeah, you know you want EVERYTHING and I won’t even try to stop you (so there!). Anyway, buy lots of to way too much stuff, support some charities and then go wish you had a real TARDIS so you could read and play for a while then go back in time and have the rest of your Monday roll out as it should.

Well, minus you spilling that cup of OJ all over the boss man this morning, oops…

The Humble Daily Bundle Goes Kind Of Oprah Today…


So, it’s all YOU get a Hammerwatch! And YOU get a Hammerwatch! And YOU get a Hammerwatch! And guess what? YOU get a Hammerwatch! Hey, people! There’s just ONE game in the Humble Daily Bundle today, folks…. um, guess what it is? Anyway, pay under $7.76 and you get the great Two Feathers soundtrack to this awesomely addictive Gauntlet-inspired hack & slash AND a great art pack! $7.76 even gets you one code for the game… but spend twenty four cents more and you get THREE extra copies to give away to whomever you please. Friends! Romans! Countrymen! Give them all a code! Friends are good to have when playing this game, as it can get tough in those dungeons with everything that’s not nailed down trying to kill your character dead. Lovely and colorful retro graphics, loads of challenge and loot galore await, so what are you waiting for? It’s Hammer(watch) time!

In To-day’s Humble Daily Bundle, The Early Bird Gets The Worm…

Please tell me you read that title above in your best Alfred Hitchcock voice and I’ll be your friend forever. Anyway, to keep those of you who read this site semi-regularly confused, a mild bit of culture today in the form of a poem (that I didn’t write, so it’s actually GOOD):

The Worm (by Ralph Bergengren)

When the earth is turned in spring
The worms are fat as anything.

And birds come flying all around
To eat the worms right off the ground.

They like the worms just as much as I
Like bread and milk and apple pie.

And once, when I was very young,
I put a worm right on my tongue.

I didn’t like the taste a bit,
And so I didn’t swallow it.

But oh, it makes my Mother squirm
Because she thinks I ate that worm!

Anyway, today’s Humble Daily Bundle is a (mostly) all WORMS deal plus some other fine Team 17 games that you probably need to play. If you know WORMS, you know you’ll be gathering a few friends to plop down in front of that monitor and kicking them out a few hours later because they just don’t want to leave. get five games for whatever you feel comfortable paying, six bucks gets you all those and WORMS: Armageddon, more than ten bucks nets you FIVE more games including the excellent (and tough as nails) Alien Breed trilogy. Sounds like a plan and nope, I’d never heard of Superfrog until today either! Did I mention you also get soundtracks? No? Well, you DO! Okay, get to the buying and playing and listening stuff. Both the Child’s Play and American Red Cross charities will be thanking you once all is said and done, of course…

Today’s Humble Daily Bundle Returns Some Modern Classics You May Have Missed

Humble Indie Bundle 8 was a great collection of games at a greater price when it was released a long while back and as part of the sites daily sales, it’s back for 24 hours. Grab it, I say, as you get the haunting Dear Esther, plenty of action in Capsized, Awesomenauts, Hotline Miami, and more. I’d also grab it JUST for Tiny and Big In: Grandpa’s Leftovers because it’s hilarious and strange and a funky learning experience in terms of the unique controls and game mechanics. And the music rocks, too!

Anyway, you know the deal – buy up at a fair price, your money goes to charity and you get to smile a lot as you play too many games and wonder what the outside world is up to on a really rainy day. You know… TODAY is a really rainy day here. Hmmm…