IndieGala Hump Day Bundle: Ignore That Camel. Buy Some Games Instead

indiegala hump day bundleMore bundles? No problems! “What day is it?” and yeah, yeah… you know the rest. Stupid CG camels. Anyway, say hello to the IndieGala Hump Day Bundle.  Go click on that link to the left and pick up three games for a buck or (even better) a dozen for a measly $2.99 plus no tax (well, in the U.S. of A., at least). Pay more if you please, as what you spend supports charity. Even if you don’t go the low-ball route and pony up a bit more you’re still getting an excellent deal on what’s here.

Oh, did I mention the Spring Rush Bundle is on sale? Well, it IS! Go get it as it’s got even more fun to funky titles on it. It costs a little more, but it’s the same buck for three title tease to lure you into looking before you decide to commit to just plopping down about seven bucks for nine games total.

IndieGala Every Monday Bundle: Your Anniversary Gift Costs Under Two Bucks

IndieGala EMB Anniversary 

Happy Anniversary IndieGala! One year of Every Monday Bundle sales and the hits keep on coming. This week’s deal is a nice set of eight indie anime/manga-inspired games for you lovers of that art style. Pay a measly $1.89 within the next 24 hours and get a gorgeous mix that includes the awesome Freedom Planet, which you NEED to check out if you’re into retro-style platformers:


Yes, it’s a MUST buy and as part of today’s bundle, it’s a no-brainer purchase, I say. Oh and I guess this is some sort of anniversary for me as well, as this is my 5200th post. Yikes. Well, that’s not a lot of posts to me, as I need to do more just to keep up with what’s in my assorted inboxes. Where’s my helper money and fast typing robot coffeemaker when I need them? It’s supposed to be the FUTURE, right? Grrrrr!

IndieGala Has A Happy Monday Deal For You Bargain Hunters

indiegala EMB 03162015

If you have at least $2.49 burning a hole in your pocket right now and need something fun to do with your PC or laptop, well… yup, it’s that time again. The IndieGala Every Monday Bundle is calling you. Can you hear it? Good. This week’s selection is mostly role-playing games from mostly western indie developers. Some are Japanese inspired old school goodness, some are western style old-school goodness. You’ll figure it all out soon enough because you’re good like that. Or, you just learned it all from me and aren’t as thankful as you need to be.

Whatever. As long as you’re playing more games and enjoying them, it’s all good.

Review: The Shadow Sun (iOS/Android)

The Shadow Sun boxPlatform: iOS/Android

Developer: Ossian Studios

Publisher: Ossian Studios

# of Players: 1

ESRB Rating: N/A

Official Site

Score: B+ (85%)


TSS 15Four years in the making, Ossian Studios‘ first mobile RPG, The Shadow Sun, brings the look and feel of classic PC fantasy role playing games to iOS and Android devices along with a few quirks common to mobile games. It’s a solid enough adventure of a decent length (about 15-20 hours or so if you seek out everything) and for a mere $4.99, it’s a fantastic deal.

While the game is indeed engaging and quite challenging in terms of its combat, it’s also a patch away from being even better than it currently is. You’re certainly getting a heck of a lot more than five dollars worth of gaming here and while in-app purchases are available, none are needed to beat the game.

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Since I Missed Some Bundles, You Get All Of Them To Buy At Once!

Yes, I’ve been busy elsewhere and here and over there, too. So I haven’t been letting you all know of too many bundles to keep you warm this winter. Or something like that. Anyway, keeping up with all of these deals is a fool’s errand, I know. But I’m a fan of spending as little money as possible on some games and feel you should be as well. Let’s get to it, shall we?

IndieGala Friday Special Bundle II
IndieGala Hostile Reaction Bundle 

First up, IndieGala is re-running its Hostile Reaction and last Friday’s Friday Special Bundle, both with Happy Hour status in full effect. “What’s Happy Hour?” you ask? Well, it’s FREE gifts (more games!) if you buy a bundle at a higher than average price. All that PLUS there’s a FREE Steam game waiting for YOU in the IndieGala store if you have a Steam account. All you need to do is pass them your email and Flump Studios‘ arcade shooter Super Killer Hornet Resurrection is all yours!


BS FlatOut Complete Bundle

Meanwhile, Bundle Stars has a couple of cool deals this week. If you love racing games, tons of destruction and even mini-games where your poor driver gets used as a projectile in faux “sports” events, get the FlatOut Complete Bundle NOW. $5.99 gets you all four games in the series, and while FlatOut 3 is the black sheep of the lot, it’s still interesting to compare it to the three other games to see where it went off the rails. I blame the different dev team (as did everyone else who played the game, it seems), but once you spend some time with it, it’s not the worst racer ever made. Don’t forget to poke around the site for still hot deals on the Bloodshed Bundle, the Abstract Bundle and more!

Humble Store Games Workshop Weekend Sale 

Over at the Humble Store, this weekend, you can score some awesome Games Workshop titles for a song or two. Also, this week’s Humble Weekly Bundle is all BRAWLERS, with seven games for eight bucks (or five games for a lot less if you’re a total cheapskate). There’s also some cool Humble Book Bundle deals on digital comics (and a free daily digital comic just for dropping by the site). Let me cease here and post this. There are a few other deals in my inbox, but I’ll let you digest these and add dessert at some point tomorrow.

The Shadow Sun: Ossian Studios Makes a Mobile RPG Monster…

The Shadow Sun 

I think Ossian Studios must be full of very powerful wizards who just so happen to stay out of trouble magic users get into by making some really wonderful games. The developer, well known by western RPG fans for two excellent expansion adventure packs for BioWare’s Neverwinter Nights 2 (Mysteries of Westgate and Darkness over Daggerford) has a new mobile RPG that’s going to maybe make some PC-only players jealous. Available for Android and iOS platforms, The Shadow Sun is a Unity engine RPG with about 10 hours of content, some really pretty visuals and what looks like fine gameplay in action.


The Shadow Sun is packed with features you’d normally see in high-quality PC and console role-playing games. However, given the developer is made up of veterans with experience on Neverwinter Nights and The Witcher, what’s here is just the team showing off their work for all the (mobile) world to see and enjoy. Check out the gallery, game features and teaser trailer below the jump, if you please:

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IndieGala Every Monday Bundle: Hard To Pass Up (And Harder To Put Down)


Let’s see now… six games for $1.89 for the next 15 hours, then the price jumps to a still insane $2.99 for the same content? SOLD, even though I already have the excellent A Valley Without Wind in my still hefty backlog of games to be played. Nice. Get this deal HERE and make sure to take a look at the assorted Happy Hour deals on other bundles and the other sales on too many titles while you’re there.

Risen Comes to Adventure (And Lots of Dying For The Impatient) Await!

One of my favorite adventure/RPGs of the past few years is finally DRM-free and ready (once again) for its close-up. While the Xbox 360 version of Risen suffered from a terrible downgrade in visual quality, the gameplay was intriguing and challenging enough to keep me playing. Of course, the PC version is the way to go if you can run it smoothly with all the settings up, so here you go for a measly four bucks. While the game is shorter than developer Piranha Bytes’ Gothic games, there are a ton of things to do and places to go on that deadly island your character gets shipwrecked on. The solid sense of accomplishment you get from surviving those early encounters is bolstered even further as you take down enemies that previously caused you grief (and there are many right from the beginning of the game) and your character grows into a force to be reckoned with.

Anyway, I’ll shut up now and let you get to checking this one out. It’s a really nice surprise for fans of European made open world RPGs as well as quite the sleeper that should have gotten a lot more attention. As for Risen 2? Well, we’ll talk about that one later, as I still need to finish it one of these days and can’t say whether or not I like it just yet…

The Indie Gala January Bundle Gets Deadly… And You’ll Get A Premonition When You Buy It…

Indie_Gala_JanuaryHa! ANY chance to write more about one of my favorite games is a good thing, so here you go. Over at the Indie Gala site, their January bundle just got even more interesting, going from a must buy pack to “If you DON’T buy this bundle, you’re nuts!” deal. $5.19 got you seven games up until today when Deadly Premonition: The Director’s Cut was added to the deal and three more Steam games are coming soon. Nice.

The Steam version of DPTDC adds a ton of bonus content, Steam-specific achievements and (Xbox 360) controller support (sure you CAN play with a mouse and keyboard, but this is ONLY recommended if you already do so and are GREAT at it). As for the game proper, it’s a surprising throwback that won’t win any awards for visuals, but has a story that’s quite interesting on a few emotional layers. In addition, the game is a homage to all sorts of cool stuff and packs in movie trivia like a boss (just drive around and listen to the banter for some fun knowledge dropping). Sure, it won’t look amazing at all on that 50″ or three screen monitor setup and the game isn’t going to task your overclocked gaming rig at all. But good, quirky games like this don’t need fancy system defying visuals to be awesome, I say.

That, and the rest of the games in the bundle are all pretty unique in their own right. You’ll see soon enough. Now go spend a few spare bucks (part of it will be going to charity, so it’s okay!) and have a great(er) weekend!

BUY! Ridiculous Indie Bundles Galore From All Over!

With so much other stuff going on here I’m having a stupidly difficult time keeping up with all the deals going on in the indie game space, so I’ll just list what’s in my inbox here in a single post and let you all have at it. There are some REALLY great titles in these bundles, so definitely check one or all of them out, especially since (with the exception of all those Square-Enix/Eidos titles if you buy them all) you’re basically able to get the bulk of these titles NOW for much less than the cost of a AAA title at retail or via a digital download service.

Ready? OK, here we go:

BUNDLE STARS (Indie Rush Bundle)!

Oh, that’s not all – I’m just sending you below the jump so I can save space on this page for more of my scribblings…

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