Operencia: The Stolen Sun: Getting Hungary For More of This Classic RPG


I’m a little late to the party, but great games still need love…

Hungary-based Zen Studios, known for years worldwide for its solid Pinball FX series, is taking a little detour and it really looks as if you need to come along. The place they’re going may be temporarily sun-less, but it’s still quite stunning.  Operencia: The Stolen Sun is out now on the Epic Games Store and Xbox One family of consoles and is coming on March 31, 2020 for Steam, GOG, PS4, and Switch and I’m betting it’ll be a welcome surprise to those who think the developer is all about recreating and enhancing some excellent classic to their own newer modern digital pinball tables.

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Pinball FX3 Gets Some Williams In Its Catalog


Lovely. Now, let’s take this pinball history back even further, I say. Lots of excellent tables deserve this treatment.


Nice. Here I was, wondering if I should buy up those import PS4 pinball collections that have gone out of print and *ding!* Zen Studios ends up with the Bally/Williams license. The developer has just published four tables available NOW on PC, (via Steam as well) Mac, PS4, Xbox One and Switch, with the classic 1992 table Fish Tales available for free across all platforms. I recall that one as being a high scorer with even beginners able to rack up tens of millions of points on three balls. The table also had flippers slightly smaller than standard ones, so it was actually easier to lose balls thanks to the super fast action.


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South Park Pinball Launch Trailer: Zen Rolls Out a Double Shot of Silver Ball Fun

south park pinball 

Well, well, well… the eternally entertaining Zen Pinball 2 gets yet another great table (no surprise there), but this one is TWO tables in one. South Park Pinball drops onto PSN, Xbox Live and PC via Steam tomorrow, so you’ll get South Park: Super-Sweet Pinball and South Park: Butters’ Very Own Pinball Game to play around with and wave in the faces of your jealous non-Zen Pinball 2 non-gaming friends. Oh yeah, and the set is also those annoying tablets and other mobile devices that get stolen right out of your hands on public transportation in major cities, too!

The folks at Zen say that the South Park two-table pinball pack launches this week for $4.99/€4,99/£3.99 on PC and consoles, $2.99/€2,69/£1.99 for individual tables on Mac. On mobile platforms (the ones that keep getting stolen, man!), South Park pinball costs $3.99/€3,59/£2.49 for the standalone app and $1.99/€1,79/£1.49 for individual tables through the Zen Pinball app. Me, I’m sticking with the Vita version because I play mostly at home and no one is stealing my Vita from there unless they take me with it, grrrrr!

The Walking Dead Pinball? Believe It Or Else, I’m On Board With This One…

Yeah, soooo… this is a thing that’s actually happening, but as that post title says, I’m completely okay with it. Thankfully, it’s coming from Telltale Games, Skybound and the digital pinball geniuses at Zen Studios, so it’ll at least be familiar and faithful to fans of the episodic game series. The funny thing is I believe this is the only Walking Dead game to NOT get a Mature rating. Pinball isn’t inherently “violent” at all… unless you’re the type to get into fist fights over who gets to go first. Er, anyway… Press release below the jump – the game ships out his summer, but will be shown at E3 this year if you happen to be attending and need something a wee bit different and unusual to play around with.
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When The Last CRT Display Goes, It’s The End of An Era…

I hadn’t thought about this much as frankly speaking, I’ve actually not been paying too much attention to the classics I grew up with until recently. They can take care of themselves in terms of their familiar gameplay and assorted visual styles holding up, but things are certainly a lot more grim on the technical side. Nostalgia is indeed wonderful when it does what it does and makes you smile, but today’s gamers are getting the shorter end of the stick despite having better, faster (and yes, more expensive) ways to play games.

Sure, today’s fast-moving technology is great and all, but sometimes “vintage” is more acceptable for some things for a few very key reasons.  According to a press release I got from the fine folks at  Dream Arcades yesterday, the lack of new CRT’s is probably going to affect their bottom line at some point (and sooner that they’d like) and will probably signal the death of another central core of vintage gaming history…

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Zen Studios Is At It Again… Mystery Game Alert!

Hmmmm…. another cryptic message from ZEN Studios’ PR department. This time, the image to the left has something to do with an announcement tomorrow on the Official PlayStation Blog and I think I know what it is. Although, if this is going to be like the last time I got one of these messages, I’ll probably need to deal with pesky assassins and such bursting through my windows and breaking up furniture in an attempt to end my life before I uncover the big secret.

*Sigh* Why I even bother with this writing stuff sometimes is beyond me. No hazard pay at all, folks… Anyway, take a guess as to what the upcoming game, er… big announcement will be and I’ll be back tomorrow with the answer, dead or alive!

Er, that wasn’t a hint, kids… (sort of)…

Zen Pinball SFII Tribute Table Now on PSN

Zen Studios has launched its Street Fighter II Tribute expansion table for its popular PlayStation Network hit ZEN Pinball. The table, currently available for $2.49 US (1.99 Euro, if you’re in Euro-pe) features all your favorite World Warriors from Capcom’s classic fighter, plenty of fantastic, lightning fast pinball action and of course, Zen’s amazingly realistic physics model that really sucks you into the fun. It’s cheap, it’s a treat (zero calories!) and most importantly, it’s yet another good Street Fighter game. So what are you reading this for? Go buy and download it if you’re a fan of either SFII or pinball. If you’re NOT a pinball fan – well, you’ll most likely become one after a few rounds with this new table, that’s for sure…

ZEN Pinball Street Fighter II Tribute Table Details

Near-final details on Zen Pinball’s upcoming Street Fighter II Tribute Table have been announced along with an August 20, 2009 release date over the PlayStation Network. The table, the first expansion for the hit pinball game, just needs a final price point announced. I’m guessing it will no doubt be affordable, as too many hardcore Street Fighter fans outside your door can be a bit… terrifying? Anyway, here’s part of the official press release: Continue reading