Maneater: Watch Out, Folks – It’ll Chew You Up This May




Please don’t sing that “Baby Shark” song here.

Way back in 2006, developer Appaloosa Interactive and publisher Majesco released JAWS Unleashed, an officially licensed game that had players take on the role of the shark in an open-world adventure set 30 years after the original film. While it suffered from some camera issues and a few glitches, the game was quite a guilty pleasure many players liked for its shark-driven bloody violence and some pretty wry humor in all the M-rated mayhem caused.

Me, I have both the PlayStation 2 and Xbox versions of that older game here, plus an Xbox review build from Majesco that I got at a press event for the game, which was a ton of fun to play, warts and all. The Xbox versions are buried in a pile of games here, but I did locate a sealed PS2 version I should crack open at some point (I’d reviewed the Xbox version many moons ago on a new defunct website).


I don’t think a bigger boat will help much, to be honest.


Flash forward to 2020, and developer Tripwire Interactive has what looks like a much meatier game called Maneater coming this May and man, does it bring back some good and gory memories.

Here’s a somewhat tongue in cheek trailer to ogle:

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Atlus Joins The Humble Weekly Sale Action – Knock Yourself Out For A Few Bucks….

While it would have been nice to see an ALL Atlus bundle, the three games here plus the Tripwire Interactive titles aren’t bad at all and for six bucks (which unlocks everything including the soundtracks), you’re getting a really nice deal in this Humble Weekly Sale. Of course, if you’re like me, this tempting set of titles only means your backlog of games you’ll need to play only grows like a beanstalk up to a giant castle full of MORE games (and a golden egg laying goose, perhaps?). And hey, as you can see above, Rock of Ages is insane and hilarious enough to pay six bucks for on its own. Both Zeno Clash games are a hoot as well. Anyway, you know what to do, correct?