Toy Fair 2013: Flip2BFit and Bakari Will Put A Forever Spring In Your Step…




flip2bfitEven though I know a few folks who’ve lost weight using WiiFit, Let’s Dance, Zumba or other video games, the fact is, these aren’t for everyone. In general, not enough people in the US exercise and eat right period, video game consoles aren’t in every home for any number of good reasons and some people need a bit more motivation than taking the relatively expensive way out of buying more devices that they probably won’t use once they’re unpacked. That said, adding some sort of play to one’s exercise routine is a great thing and that’s where Heather Parisi and her all ages fitness games Flip2BFit and Bakari come in. Sometimes, a good old fashioned board or card game is the way to go for anyone looking to shape up with kids they don’t want glued to the TV or a device when they should be concentrating on a few important things like diet and exercise…

fit cards 1Even more fitting, both games are perfect for a worldwide audience because neither requires electricity to play – just some energized kids and adults ready to get fit quick through play and learning. Parisi certainly is a model spokesperson for her products. Both she and her husband looked as fit as fiddles (well, without the fiddle shapes) at this year’s Toy Fair where she showed off the games for the first time. Flip2BFit is immediately appealing thanks to its colorful board, cards and pieces that should drawn the unsuspecting in closer until they want to start playing. Once the game gets underway, you can think of it as a Twister-less Twister as players will need to bend, stretch and otherwise safely exercise with enough room to move around and get that cardio going. Learning simple Yoga poses and doing quick Cardio workouts along with simple to advanced Stretching as well as using one’s Strength are the keys here for player discovery, with no two games playing the exact same way. If you find yourself tired but grinning after a game session, that means the product works as advertised and you’ll be back for more.



fit cards 2The game also teaches proper nutrition choices as you play, offering up good and bad food options to look out for in the real world. Sure, that WiiFit Balance Board can weigh you in (and call you fat if you’re a pound over what it considers a target weight), but it can’t tell you about good and bad fats or point you to a piece of fresh fruit over that bowl of chemically flavored and colored and fatty strawberry ice cream. If you’re in a less urban area with a nice back yard and friendly neighbors with or without kids, you can also take Flip2BFit outdoors and have an exercise “party” of sorts that has the potential to be a regular thing if everyone enjoys the workout. As you can see above, the game got a great reception in Uganda (and yes, it was probably pretty hot under that sun, but you don’t see anyone complaining or headed to the mall for a Big Gulp there), so hopefully it will do even better amongst Americans who constantly fist-pump and puff out their chests about ow much better things are here (until the subject of “Do you exercise enough or regularly?” comes up, that is)…

As for Bakari, it’s a cool memory card game you can take on the road for yourself or on those trips with the kids and family that have you sitting and getting cranky in a vehicle for too long. It’s a matching game where you need to try and pick two of the same card and complete the exercise on your match. Simple, yet another new way to get in some fitness time for the whole family. If your boat is feeling floated right about now and you’re ready to get up off of that couch, you can grab your own copy of Flip2BFit and/or Bakari and get ready for a life and lifestyle change. It would be excellent to see this in as many schools as possible, I say, and interestingly enough, there’s an Educators/School Option deal for a dozen or more copies of Flip2BFit provided your school has the appropriate credentials. At the end of the day, it’s always great to see a creative entrepreneur like Parisi come up with something that not only has worldwide appeal, but actually ends up making for a life-changing experience for anyone that sticks with it.

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