AryaBall: Almost There – Just One More Push (Throw, Toss, Fling, Swing, Kick) Away!

If you think about it, Babak Forutanpour’s AryaBall is more or less the smartphone of outdoor toys. Like your modern phone is an all-in-one device that does many things, AryaBall takes care of a few popular sports using a clever, innovative design that makes you want to grab one just to try it out. Go take a look at the almost funded Kickstarter and if you like what you see, well – you know what to do. I’m actually surprised that Babak hasn’t thought up ONE sport using everything in that cool new toy, as I could see some network exec slapping himself in the forehead at the very idea of some new (and popular) competitive show that makes for more must-see “reality” TV. Anyway, 45 more hours to go (and counting down) and AryaBall is only a few thousand from its goal… suspense!


Toy Fair 2013: Flip2BFit and Bakari Will Put A Forever Spring In Your Step…




flip2bfitEven though I know a few folks who’ve lost weight using WiiFit, Let’s Dance, Zumba or other video games, the fact is, these aren’t for everyone. In general, not enough people in the US exercise and eat right period, video game consoles aren’t in every home for any number of good reasons and some people need a bit more motivation than taking the relatively expensive way out of buying more devices that they probably won’t use once they’re unpacked. That said, adding some sort of play to one’s exercise routine is a great thing and that’s where Heather Parisi and her all ages fitness games Flip2BFit and Bakari come in. Sometimes, a good old fashioned board or card game is the way to go for anyone looking to shape up with kids they don’t want glued to the TV or a device when they should be concentrating on a few important things like diet and exercise…

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