Shaq Fu 2? Shaq Says It Just May Happen!

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Holy “Nope!”, Sports Fans! According to the big man of the week at CES (GamerFitNation’s all-around Superman, Antwand Pearman), The bigger man he interviewed this week at CES 2014, Shaquille O’Neal says there’s the possibility of a NEW Shaq Fu in the works. Yikes. No way. Yikes. In case you’re wondering, the original Shaq Fu was a weird as hell (and some would say terrible, but I’m not one of those some. I think it’s only just bad and campy!) fighting game featuring Mr. O’Neal as a martial arts master fighter and yes it’s as absurdly brilliant and silly as it sounds. I think nearly everyone I knew with a Sega Genesis or Super Nintendo in their house had this game at some point and even if they hated it, it was PLAYED to death because of the absurd plot, funky fighting mechanics and fact that yeah, it’s a hell of a curiosity piece.

I’d write more on this, but my brain in some form of suspended animation shock. Here, go read about this right from the horse’s mouth. I need to go find a copy of that first game and see if it still holds up. I think Shaq is pulling some legs here, but no one lies to Antwand and gets away with it for too long. Or so I’ve heard. He’s a really nice guy, but don’t make him angry. You wouldn’t like him when he’s angry…

Yes, Virginia, There Will Be A New Deadly Premonition Game. Eventually…


Swery65_dOh, Frabulous Joy Or Whatever, Department: Can I get an “FK in the Coffee!” in the house (to go, light and sweet)?!! According to the fine folks at GamingBolt, Swery 65 says he was working on a sequel to Deadly Premonition during the time he was coming up with what’s turned into the Xbox One exclusive, D4. Granted, this is only noted at the end of a sentence, there’s no HUGE reveal of info about how far along that work went and the interview is 99.9% about D4 (and a good read), so don’t look too much at that 2014 calendar and start rubbing your hands for a release date on that DP follow-up.

The interview also COMFIRMS that D4 is an Xbox One exclusive (argh!), not a DP sequel or related in any way and will contain a load of “Easter Eggs” and other elements to give it more replay value. So now that that’s settled, I guess some Swery fans will be dropping five large to get an Xbox One JUST to play this game. I’m a huge fan of the man’s body of work, but I may be passing this game up entirely unless there’s a price drop on that console and that game comes complete on a disc at some point in the future. To date, it’s the ONLY reason I’m remotely interested in Microsoft’s new service console, as I don’t play online “bro” shooters, have ZERO interest in sports and have plenty of movies that I can watch on cable in a MUCH better quality than any streamed content. Your own mileage may vary, of course…

Import News… From The Future!: Earth Defense Force PS4 Bound


Given the formerly budget priced series’ loyal following since it appeared as part of the Simple 2000 lineup on the PlayStation 2, it was pretty much a given that D3 Publisher and developer Sandlot would be bringing gamers a new EDF game on Sony’s upcoming console. Import gaming site Siliconera reports that there’s a game in the works, which is awesome to hear. No news on how far in development it is, who’s making it (no doubt it’ll be Sandlot’s first title on the new hardware) or what the intended release date is.

Of course, just hearing this news is enough for me and I’m hoping Sandlot can finally make an EDF game with a stable frame rate when the going gets tough on those crazier maps. Granted, the series is known for its sometimes wonky technical issues (that don’t stop the games from being a hell of a lot of FUN, mind you), but given the PS4’s power under the hood, it would be fantastic to see a locked in 30 or even 60fps in the new game even with all those giant bugs, robots and buildings blowing up into assorted pieces. OK, I’ll take a solid 30 at this point, as even thinking of double that is a bit of a pipe dream unless Sandlot gets some help in optimizing whatever engine they’ll be utilizing. I’d gather it’ll be an all new in-house bit of tech, as the EDF 4 engine had some issues on the PS3 that weren’t in the Xbox 360 version of EDF 4.

As usual, we shall see… stay tuned for updates.

And NO, Dream C Club: Host Girls On Stage is most likely NOT coming to North America. Like it or not, that’s TOO niche for even D3PoA to even consider unless they want to sell something like 5000 or so copies of a game (at most) and be happy with that.

Pre-TGS News: SCEJ Drops Plenty of Vita Bombshells Plus a Late PS4 Release In Japan…

Weird, wild stuff going on overseas, as Sony is surprisingly bringing out a redesigned, less expensive Vita in different colors with 1GB of on board memory, an even more inexpensive Vita TV device that will let users play Vita and other PlayStation titles, watch movies and more plus a whole load of so far Japanese-only info including the release date of the PlayStation 4 in the territory. The big surprise on that end is the PS4 is shipping out AFTER the North American and European launch, which is something of a first for a Sony gaming console if I’m  not mistaken.

Back to the Vita for a second – Sony has also announced a new 64MB Memory Card as well as price drops on its other proprietary memory cards for the handheld. The 64GB card will retail in Japan for 9,980 yen (about $100) and the new pricing on the currently available cards is as follows: the 4GB card drops to to 1,480 yen (about $15), the 8GB card to 1,980 yen (about $20), the 16GB card to 3,780 yen (about $38) and the 32GB model to 6,480 yen (about $65). Meanwhile, as noted above, North American and European gamers will get their PlayStation 4’s a few months earlier than Japan, as a February 2014 launch window was revealed. According to a few news sites, the reason seems to be Sony having issues meeting high demand for the console worldwide and probably targeting more units for the US and Europe first thanks to greater demand in those countries.

Finally, the launch title lineup for Japan was revealed as well, but we’ll take a peek at some of those titles in another post shortly. My fingers are of course, crossed that these price drops and new products pop up here in the US, but as always… we shall see…

Sony’s Third Party Production Team Gives The Vita A Big Boost

One of the coolest bits of news that popped up from PAX Prime this year was the announcement of Sony’s new Third Party Production team which will be dedicated to bringing more titles from third party publishers to Sony’s current and future platforms. According to a post on the PlayStation Blog, gamers can expect new IP, ports and localized games, which opens up a ton of options given Sony’s strategy to make as many upcoming titles compatible on the PS4 and Vita. The team is currently working with Iron Galaxy Studios on the eagerly awaited Vita version of Borderlands 2 and OSny fans have been bombarding them with requests (many of them impossible or improbable thanks to the posters not quite grasping how this studio will function).

Anyway, I’ll be keeping an eyeball peeled for more news, as I more or less know what they can and can’t do and want to see them succeed with whatever they’re tackling. Yep, it’s a dull post… unless you’re a Vita owner or soon to be PS4 owner wanting to see more games popping up more often.



Quick News Hits: More Ways For Game Companies To Get Your Money (They Hope)…

Gah, keeping up with all this breaking news is nuts (NUTS, I say!), so I’ll just do what comes naturally in these cases: make fun of the more important stories right from the inbox, but also post coolness where it counts. Hey, it’s tough love time around here all the time (as in I love the industry, but sometimes you guys make me wonder what’s in the water every so often)…

Ubisoft is releasing the 25-minute film Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Alpha on Blu-Ray and DVD on May 22, day and date with Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Future Soldier. The entire package (including extras) runs, according to the press release, 50 minutes. At $7.95 for the DVD and $14.95 for the Blu-Ray, that’s an OK price, but still a bit steep for those cheapskates out there who (paradoxically) probably wouldn’t mind paying ten bucks more (which coincidentally, falls in the center of that MSRP) for the game packed together with the movie in a retail package. Then again, given that the film and extras would probably have fit comfortably on a PS3 Blu-Ray (360 owners would have to get a separate DVD inside the case), maybe it should have been part of the game package after all?

Update: having just seen the film on tonight’s X-Play (it’s definitely well made, excellently paced and will absolutely drive interest in the game), I still think it should have been part of the package – maybe as something to watch while the game is installing, ha ha)

I’m just sayin’… there’s still a recession on among some of us, you know. Yes, I’m SO hard to market to, aren’t I? But I do pass on stuff I feel is important, so that’s the balance here.

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The Resistance Is NOT Over: Insomniac’s Ted Price Clears The Air…

I’d been hearing rumbling on this for a while, but all were from under-informed fan sources or those who didn’t read further than what they should have as to what the REAL deal was. Yes, Insomniac is stepping away from the Resistance franchise, but it’s not going away at all. Watch the video for the facts and keep an eyeball peeled during this year’s E3, as I’d bet we’ll be seeing something interesting coming sooner than we think from Insomniac (in terms of new IP) as well as new Resistance developer Nihilistic…

Nintendo Announces Wii U To Ship By Holiday 2012

Of course, we all knew this was coming at some point, but Reuters has the official word (if not an official release date). Nintendo President Satoru Iwata noted that the Wii U would be launched in the United States, Europe, Australia and Japan for the 2012 holiday season.  No price point was announced and yes, you’ll need to wait a bit for the launch lineup. However, this means that E3 this year will be PACKED with Nintendo fanboys (some disguised as otherwise reputable games journalists) piling atop each other to tilt and whirl themselves into a feeding frenzy, followed by press events in a few spots including here in NYC.

Now, if I can actually get an invite to one of those events like I used to before Nintendo forgot I existed, I could do a better job of covering the upcoming console that doesn’t require me to hang around the Nintendo World Store here and ask all sorts of questions to assorted employees (he said, only half-joking)…

Classic Gaming Expo Is BACK!

Now, I just need to be able to afford to go, grrr! I got this note in my inbox and did a happy dance (despite my lousy finances, it’s great to see the show hath returned!):

YOU WERE THERE FIRST. Not enough time to get this to all of our outlets or properly document it on our website, so those of you here get to hear it first: Classic Gaming Expo 2K12 is ON, it’s August 11th and 12th in Las Vegas at our old stomping grounds, The Plaza Hotel. The Plaza has completely renovated everything from its rooms and casinos to the ballroom itself. We loved it, can’t wait to do this again! More details to follow.

And yes, I’ll be posting those details when I get them. Woo and hoo. Off to find some pennies!

Atlus Discovers Time Travel, Stuck in 1999!

All I'll say is I hope they get back safe and bring a couple of copies of Ogre Battle 64 back with them when they return. I sold mine off a while back and kind of wish I didn't. Atlus Faithful news from June '99 below the jump…Read more »