Rainy Days And Mondays Always Gonna Get Me Down (For Some Gaming)…

Vault of Horror 3…Or a good movie or book. Or some bad ones from any of the three choices (plus a few other forms of entertainment). As I’ve gotten older (and fartier, ha ha), I’ve slowly come to the realization that the best way to handle any bumps in the road of this thing called life is to have a hobby or hobbies that can ease the travel (and in some cases, the travel time) down the creepier and less well lit pathways we all drive into. Sometimes, it’s just good to vanish into a bit of harmless fantasy just to ease out of a stressful situation for a few hours and chill for a bit.

Yep, even it a completely off the walls horror flick like this one can get the blues chased down and considerably maimed into submission!

I’ve also found sleeping on some problems doesn’t work as well as it did years back because the whole “waking up to that problem overcooking on the stove” thing is worse when you’re older, wiser and able to do more about stuff than you could when you were younger (and a lot less smart).  Interestingly enough, watching a film can actually HELP in some cases when that film happens to show a usable (and hopefully, legal) means to tackling at least part of that thing that’s plaguing you.

In other words, a damn great laugh can really help ease some types of physical or mental pain. I’ve had a few aching body parts soothed temporarily by laughing my ass off or being otherwise distracted by a movie (when it was too hard to concentrate on reading) or game (during times when I could hold a controller while something was hurting up a storm). That said, “Laughter is the best medicine” isn’t a miracle cure at all, folks – just a well-known old adage that’s true because the distraction of a solid belly laugh or giggle-snort gets your brain off the pain and onto the laugh track where it belongs. A good joke can also make for a clear head once you’re upright from that doubling over, I say.

Anyway, pay no mind to the old man – I’m just in a bit of a thoughtful mood lately… 

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