UPTIME vs Downtime: Good Energy Always Wins

UPTIME (1)A few weeks back I got a few samples of UPTIME Energy Drink and a bottle each of Original and Maximum Energy Blend Tablets to take for a spin. I didn’t want to just toss them back over the course of a few days, get a quick buzz and blaze away for a bunch of hours on an energy wave at all. Instead, I decided to hold off on testing them out until I had a reason to require that boost the products offered.

Of course, life has a way of hitting you on the head with stuff that requires excess energy caffeine and its resulting crashes can’t handle. Let’s just say that when used correctly a little bit of UPTIME can really make a difference in your day.

UPTIME looks to distinguish itself from other energy drinks on the market with cool (and resealable) 12oz (355ML) cans, less ingredients than other energy drinks and a cleaner, no aftertaste finish that’s light and pleasing when all is said and done. There are two varieties, Original (sweetened with real sugar) and Sugar-Free (artificially sweetened) for those who want less “guilt” with their boost. For the record, there’s about a cup of coffee’s worth of caffeine in a bottle. So if you’re averse at all to it you’ll want to seek your energy boosting through other means. Personally, I preferred the Original over Sugar-Free as I’m not fond of artificial sweeteners in anything, but the latter wasn’t bad at all. Saving my samples for a few brainy days was a good idea as I got slammed with a few things that required a bit more focus than I’m usually used to.

UPTIME (2) I tried Original UPTIME before a big media event and made it through the day a bit better than I usually do. I tend not to sleep much the night before these press things for some reason, but I hear that’s not uncommon amongst the profession. I saved the Sugar-Free UPTIME for one late night when I usually would put a pot of coffee on and stay up writing. That test also went fine and as I portioned out the can into two servings (hooray for resealable cans!), I wasn’t up longer than I needed to be. The next week was abuzz with stupidity so UPTIME came in even handier. Between a big computer crash and some home-life stuff, I spent a week using UPTIME Original tablets (twice a day) and found myself feeling more energized and focused.

uptime original uptime sugar free


At first I thought it was just a placebo effect of me expecting the product to do its thing and me just going on that thrill. But I can recall on the third day of my experiment that I hadn’t experienced anything resembling a crash or sudden vanishing of any energy as happens with coffee and other beverages. If anything, when taking doses at the same time for that week there was a more concentrated period of time where I got a lot done and felt nothing jittering around later. The suggested dosage is 1 pill per 100 pounds of body weight, but I stuck to two pills a day just to be on the safe side. I recall trying out some nameless herbal energy supplement a few years back at the suggested dosage on the bottle and found my heart doing a Gene Krupa solo that kept me up for the better part of one sleepless night. I’m happy to report UPTIME gave me nothing resembling a telltale heart.

UPTIME Maximum Energy Blend UPTIME Original Blend


For the next week of testing, I switched from the Original UPTIME pills to Maximum Energy just to see if there was any difference in potency. Yup. Zing! I ended up not using the pills for the entire week because I had energy to spare into the evening from my morning doses. It wasn’t “nervous” energy at all, just a steady motor-purring that I hadn’t felt in some time. Hey, I like my current well-aged pace these days, but it’s good to know I can rely on something like UPTIME to get me going if I need to do some overtime. Of course, YOUR mileage may vary, this stuff ISN’T for kids at all and all that other stuff you should probably know if you’re a responsible adult. If you’d like to give UPTIME a shot and a shout out, definitely hit up their online store and get ready for a nice blast of focus when you need it.

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