GTA V PC: Beyond The Almost Uncanny Valley of the Dolls


Oh the places you’ll go next week when Grand Theft Auto V finally hits PC. Well, those of you who have systems capable of running the game, that is. The two high-end system trailers that show off the main game and Online Heists multiplayer mode look spectacular enough to almost fool the eye. This should be the definitive version of the game, which means those who can play it will have some fine bragging rights and fun videos to post as they play through the game they’ve been waiting for for quite some time. As long as there are no crippling launch issues and day one patching woes, I’d gather there are going to be a great deal of happy campers spending all their free time with this one.

GTAV PC 4K.1 (Custom) GTAV PC 4K.10 (Custom) GTAV PC 4K.11 (Custom) GTAV PC 4K.12 (Custom) GTAV PC 4K.13 (Custom) GTAV PC 4K.14 (Custom) GTAV PC 4K.15 (Custom) GTAV PC 4K.2 (Custom) GTAV PC 4K.3 (Custom) GTAV PC 4K.4 (Custom) GTAV PC 4K.5 (Custom) GTAV PC 4K.6 (Custom) GTAV PC 4K.7 (Custom) GTAV PC 4K.8 (Custom) GTAV PC 4K.9 (Custom)

GTA V Online Screens: One More Reason To Hop In For The Long Haul…

The hit parade keeps on coming as Rockstar Games drops these new Grand Theft Auto Online screenshots. I’ll keep it short because these images are so nice. Take a look and see for yourselves:

RSG_GTA Online_NG_Screenshot_001 RSG_GTA Online_NG_Screenshot_001 RSG_GTA Online_NG_Screenshot_002 RSG_GTA Online_NG_Screenshot_003 RSG_GTA Online_NG_Screenshot_005 RSG_GTA Online_NG_Screenshot_006 RSG_GTA Online_NG_Screenshot_007 RSG_GTA Online_NG_Screenshot_008 RSG_GTA Online_NG_Screenshot_009 RSG_GTA Online_NG_Screenshot_010 RSG_GTA Online_NG_Screenshot_011 RSG_GTA Online_NG_Screenshot_012 RSG_GTA Online_NG_Screenshot_013 RSG_GTA Online_NG_Screenshot_015 RSG_GTA Online_NG_Screenshot_016 RSG_GTA Online_NG_Screenshot_017 RSG_GTA Online_NG_Screenshot_010 RSG_GTA Online_NG_Screenshot_014

 In addition, Rockstar has also released a list of the many changes the console and PC versions of GTA V and GTA Online will feature over the last gen versions. Get ready for all this coming your way soon (well, as soon as you click away and head below the jump):

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GTA V Gallery Update: Overwhelming Majority Rules, Coming Soon…


While PS4 and Xbox One owners are finally getting Grand Theft Auto V on November 18, PC owners need to be patient for a little while longer (as in holding out until January 27, 2015). All of that time will be well spent making sure it runs as best as possible on a wider range of systems, but next-gen owners are getting the same features as shown in this video ( which is kind of NSFW, if you don’t like gunfights, a bit of the old ultra-violence and such blasting from your work computer or tablet). This isn’t some simple HD upgrade at all. Every texture in the game has been replaced, the overall resolution has been increased (more than doubling the draw distance), and as you’ll see in the PS3 to PS4 comparison video below, the differences are quite stunning:

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Grand Theft Auto V Limited Edition Soundtrack Box Sets Coming in December

GTV V LE Soundtrack Vinyl GTV V LE Soundtrack CD

You want proof that CD’s and vinyl LPs aren’t “dead”, folks? Well, come December 9, a mere 5000 each of these Grand Theft Auto V Limited Edition Soundtrack Box Sets will go on sale at selected music online and physical retailers worldwide and I’m betting they sell out completely AND become hot collectibles before the year is out. Hell, if I’d not sold off my record collection and player a while back, I’d be drooling all over that vinyl set more than I am already.

These two limited editions are coming to retail from Rockstar Games and Mass Appeal in celebration of the soon-to be released PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of Grand Theft Auto V (set to land at a game shop and download site near you November 18). PC gamers need to wait until January 27, 2015 for their version of the game, but I guess a few of them will want this set as well to keep them grooving during the delay… Continue reading

GTA V “A Picket Fence and a Dog Named Skip” Trailer: Translation: You Need A New Console (or PC), Pal!

Well, it’s finally coming to PS4 and Xbox One on November 18, 2014 with the PC version to follow January 27, 2015, but it seems (as usual), some PC gamers think that’s too long a time to wait despite that version of the game needing to be tweaked for about a million or so different computers and every possible settings configuration, whatever mods some talented users will knock out and so forth and so on. Rockstar could simply release every GTA game on consoles only and make a fortune, but they’ve also decided to see if PC gamers will put their money where their mouths are and hope a bunch don’t simply pirate the game with the tired excuse that they want to “try it out” and then buy it later. Puh-leeeze. You KNOW what you’re getting with a Grand Theft Auto game, kids, so you’d BUY it if you liked the other games in the series. That and ANY complaints about visuals or controls on a PC version are MOOOOOT because of modders who fix the things they don’t like and spread that love around all over the internet. So, yeah… you deserve to wait a little bit longer because the world isn’t ending and hell, you get (depending on your rent money gaming rig) the “best” looking version of the game anyway. Class dismissed!/

E3 2014: Of COURSE Grand Theft Auto V Was Coming To PS4, Xbox One & PC. Who Didn’t Think It Wasn’t?

GTAV_NewSeriously. Rockstar Games isn’t stupid, folks. The figured out a while back that getting Grand Theft Auto V onto next-gen consoles and up to spec and then some computers was a no-brainer a while back and those who doubted them because they weren’t trumpeting that fact out into the wild from day one haven’t figured out how this silly games business works. Anyway, this versions packing lots of heat as it includes enhancements to the already impressive game world that include new wildlife, upgraded weather and damage effects, and more. New multiplayer content will also be part of the game as well as the ability for gamers with Grand Theft Auto Online saves to transfer characters and game progression to this version. Expect this one to rake in a few million more sales and possibly move some consoles this fall and I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions drop a bit in price as the inevitable Game of the Year version most likely gets announced at some point sooner than later…

Dorkly Nails The Anti-Gaming Dolts To The Wall. Details at 11… Or Now.

dorkly nails itAs usual, the media is going (pardon the term) ballistic in some spots over Grand Theft Auto V on a few very incorrect fronts that makes them look like a bunch of knee-jerk jerks who love to generate controversy for rating’s sake as opposed to being anywhere near truthful. Fortunately, the folks over at have a mighty sharp yet paradoxically blunt hammer that works well at smashing this sort of questionable “journalism” right it its face. Read it and maybe keep that link handy when you get into a debate with some anti-gaming troll who thinks they know it all because some guy or gal wearing a hair helmet and too much makeup told them so.

Also, if you’re even in a real-life event where a news crew rolls up to invade your privacy, shoves a camera and microphone in your face and asks one of the two stupidest question in the world you can ask someone who’s been through or witnessed hell (“How did you feel when…” or “What was going through your mind when…”), feel free to grab that microphone bop the “reporter” lightly in the head with it, hand it back and say “No comment, idiot. Go away and find someone else to exploit.”, walk away and go take a nice long nap or have a relaxing cup of hot tea. They’ll get it eventually.

So, Er… What’s That BIG Game Coming Out Tomorrow Called Again?

gtav-the-official-trailer_1280x720-custom.jpgOK, Okay, Ooooo-Kaaaay. I’ll eventually get to the mighty Grand Theft Auto V at some point this month (or next). It’s pretty much a given that Rockstar has already and is going to continue to mop up the high scores with this one and although I’ve reviewed a previous GTA game in the past fairly quickly (I actually had about 30 hours to blow through GTA III and do up a long review for a magazine I wrote for back then), this one will take some time to peel back all of those layers.

Of course, leave it to the folks over at NWA World to take it a bit too extreme in terms of describing some of the game’s content. This one’s definitely NOT for the kids and that Mature rating means Rockstar is pushing that envelope right out the window. It’ll be fun watching the heads over at a certain cable network explode as they run “news” items about the game being “marketed to kids” when that’s never been the case at all. Oh well… just shut up and play it, I say. Or don’t if you don’t like the content. It’s not a mandated game experience, you know…

New Grand Theft Auto TV Spot Is 60 Seconds of “Well, There Goes The Neighborhood…”

GTAV The Official Trailer_1280x720

Well, that was… educational. Every time I see footage and screen shots from this upcoming wonderful time stealing enterprise called GTA V, I have to wonder how Rockstar Games keeps pulling this off, as each title in the long running series has been setting and raising all sorts of bars in terms of interactivity and storytelling. Yeah, yeah, I know many of you buy in for the mayhem you can cause, but when you get to the story and let it play out, they’re always extremely well written (and easily beat much of what Hollywood has to offer to death) and highly enjoyable. September 17th, people – start practicing that fake cough for that telephone call you’re going to make saying you’ve a bad case of the “flu” so you can get that week off to dive in and play around… you KNOW you’re going to…

Meanwhile, In Los Santos (Yep, It’s a GTA V Update)…

image001Yes, it’s a few more Grand Theft Auto V screens below and below the jump, info on the game’s Special and Collectors Edition extras some of you Standard Edition buyers will want to shake your fists at before canceling your old pre-order to upgrade to either the Special or CE version for all the goodies they’ll has. Or if you’re feeling particularly self-generous (or are naturally that way) you can just buy all THREE versions of the game and make Rockstar even happier, right? RIGHT?


September 17, people…

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