Grand Theft Auto V Limited Edition Soundtrack Box Sets Coming in December

GTV V LE Soundtrack Vinyl GTV V LE Soundtrack CD

You want proof that CD’s and vinyl LPs aren’t “dead”, folks? Well, come December 9, a mere 5000 each of these Grand Theft Auto V Limited Edition Soundtrack Box Sets will go on sale at selected music online and physical retailers worldwide and I’m betting they sell out completely AND become hot collectibles before the year is out. Hell, if I’d not sold off my record collection and player a while back, I’d be drooling all over that vinyl set more than I am already.

These two limited editions are coming to retail from Rockstar Games and Mass Appeal in celebration of the soon-to be released PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of Grand Theft Auto V (set to land at a game shop and download site near you November 18). PC gamers need to wait until January 27, 2015 for their version of the game, but I guess a few of them will want this set as well to keep them grooving during the delay…

Not only do you get the original score composed by Tangerine Dream, Woody Jackson, The Alchemist & Oh No, mixed by DJ Shadow (and others), but there are 59 tracks featuring original music from A$AP Rocky, Tyler, The Creator, Twin Shadow, Wavves, Flying Lotus, Yeasayer and more. Speaking of “more”, you’ll also hear the game’s radio DJ’s in all-new audio recorded for this set. So, expect your ears to crack up while listening to Danny McBride (Duane Earl of Blaine County Talk Radio) and JB Smoove, (Dr. Ray De Angelo Harris of Chakra Attack), Big Boy (Radio Los Santos), DJ Pooh (West Coast Classics), Nathan and Stephen of WAVVES (Vinewood Boulevard Radio), DJ George (Twin Shadow), (Radio Mirror Park), Kenny Loggins (Los Santos Rock Radio) and Cara Delevigne (Non-Stop Pop FM).

Pricing hasn’t been announced, but given all that’s here, this won’t be some budget release at all. Rockstar is very well known for its attention to detail in its game music collections, so expect this one to command a premium price point.


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