Random Film of the Week(end): Adrenaline Drive


Adrenaline Drive DVD coverShinobu Yaguchi’s films always make me smile because they’re consistently fun to watch even if they don’t achieve everything they need to over the course of their running times. 1999’s romantic (and slightly black) comedy Adrenaline Drive does make the most of its hilarious plot and energetic cast although it takes a slight misstep later on with a very short burst of violence some viewers may find slightly sours the experience. On the other hand, given the character in question dishing out that brief bit of ouch time, it’s a sort of cathartic moment for him after all he’s been through… Continue reading

The Twilight Zone: The 5th Dimension Box Set: Throwback Thursday Gets The Ultimate Gift!

Twilight Zone Box Set 

55 years ago to-day, The Twilight Zone premiered on CBS and while it only ran for five years (1959-1964), it’s still one of the most memorable anthology series to this day. There was a revival in the 80’s that ran from 1985-1989, and while it wasn’t as great as the original series, there were a number of excellent episodes in that reboot that come to mind as worth tracking down. According to USA Today, the fine folks at Image Entertainment have decided to collect every episode from both series along with a wealth of special features and is going to release a very limited edition 41 DVD set called The Twilight Zone: The 5th Dimension on November 11, 2014.

Only 7500 of these must-have sets will be made and while that $349.98 price tag may seem steep to some of you who think anything old and in black and white isn’t worth that kind of money, old fogeys like me who grew up in the Zone are breaking out our knives and are getting ready to fight it out with other fans and collectors just to get our grubby mitts on this collection. I’d imagine the chances of Image shooting one of these over for review are absolute zero, I’d trade one of Alicia’s robot arms (from The Lonely), a bar of gold (from The Rip Van Winkle Caper), a family-sized can of chicken (from Two) or a Kanamit cookbook (from To Serve Man) for one of those babies. Okay, all I REA::Y have is an old tin can here, but I hear it’s quite magical once kicked around a few times…

Mail’s In, I’m Out!

That's Entertainment Thanks to the mail deities delivering nearly everything at once yesterday evening because of a slight delay from a few states and faster than expected international shipping (hoo-ray!), I’m taking today off to tackle a couple of entertainment options. For the upcoming Fairy Tale Blogathon at Movies, Silently I had to import Ray Harryhausen The Early Years Collection from the UK, as it’s not available in a Region 1 format DVD (why?). I was deciding between writing that 2-disc set up when I came across the complete 2-disc set of Fractured Fairy Tales and snapped it up because it was dirt cheap and had free shipping. Of course, someone claimed that review, but I didn’t mind because I grew up watching The Bullwinkle Show reruns and those FFT segments were always hilarious.

For a crazed change of pace, I HAD to bug Clint over at MVD Visual about The Sex Pistols on TV, a DVD documentary of the band’s outrageous live interviews and other footage that I’ve wanted to see for some time. Yep, I have pretty varied musical tastes, folks. Finally, time to give the devil his due, as Diablo III Reaper of Souls Ultimate Evil Edition is in the house! While the PS4 is getting all the online ink, I’ve only seen two reviews of the PS3 version, so my review will let those of you curious about this who don’t yet own that new console know if it’s worth a buy. I did play a few hours last night and here’s a spoiler: It’s a buy for a ton of reasons. You get the original game with some BIG changes (as in your copy of plain DII is now obsolete to some extent) and the Reaper of Souls content that adds even more new stuff.

Hmmm… okay, enough procrastinating – I need to go dip myself into some diversions, people. Back in a bit…

New Arrivals: Speaking of Godzilla (and Other Big Things)…

new arrivals 2_20 
Yeah, yeah, I know that luscious Criterion Collection version is THE one to have, but I couldn’t pass this older set up at under seven bucks. That Blade Runner set was a gift from a friend who knows I have mixed reactions to this “classic” even to this day and he’s trying to get me to be in the rah-rah camp on this. I don’t “hate” the film at all, mind you. It just has never floored me as much as some and I’ve seen three of the four versions in this set. I’ve never seen the making of features, so those will get viewed first because I just LOVE all that behind the scenes stuff. That Superman cartoon collection was four bucks and ESSENTIAL for anyone who thinks that Batman animated series from the 90’s was amazing. If it weren’t for the Fleisher brothers and their skilled handful of animators, that series and any others that swipe its lovely art style and still powerful animation wouldn’t even exist.

The Sword of Doom is one of my favorite movies, period. But this isn’t that Criterion Collection edition that commands top dollar, but a fine restoration print for under five bucks. On the game front, Tales of Symphonia Chronicles was also in the mail today (Thanks, Namco Bandai Games!) so there goes my weekend. Well, thee goes next weekend, as I’m just starting a few reviews I need to get done and I’m not even going to crack open the shrink wrap on this or else I’ll just see a week vanish in no time flat with nothing to show for it but a lack of sleep. Okay, back to work for me – I’m poking together a few Toy Fair articles for next week, so updates will me minimal while I get those together. My brain is ready – my fingers just need to be able to keep up (typety type type type)

DVD Review: Here’s Edie – Early 60’s Time Capsule Makes A Mostly Glorious Return To Earth…

Here's EdieI had an English teacher in high school who was obsessed with Edie Adams to the point that he actually stopped a fight in class by singing part of a Muriel Cigars commercial that made the two girls fighting stop and stare at him as if he were completely insane. Of course, by then I’d seen some reruns of The Ernie Kovacs Show on PBS and had a whisper of an idea of what he was going on about. However, I also recall bumping into him during a lunch break (he was outside smoking a Muriel Air Tip, of course) and hearing tales of a TV series starring Edie that no one else I asked seemed to have a clue about.

It turns out what I thought was one man’s fantasy life getting a wee bit too real was actually a real TV variety show. MVD Visual is about to unleash Here’s Edie, a 4-disc set of her 21 half-hour specials unseen anywhere since they first aired. After spending some quality time this past weekend with this incredible lady and her talented friends, I can very safely say that fans of classic variety TV will absolutely want this one in their collections… Continue reading

A Doctor A Day Keeps You Guessing (In A Good Way)…

So, not only are we getting what looks like the ultimate Doctor Who episode on November 23 in a very special simultaneous broadcast, but an actual TV movie (and DVD, at least in the UK) about the show’s beginnings. Okay, so I’m a bit behind on this news, but hey – I’m a busy man more than an obsessed fan so I need to time my excitement properly or else it’s a permanent state of bug-eyed wild postings and potentially doing what every other overexcited fan does (posting crazy YouTube videos that make me look like a total nut). Anyway, An Adventure in Space and Time looks like it’ll be a nice history lesson for Who fans and hopefully it’s more fact-based than the crap Hollywood biopics that always follow the same predictable plot patterns and lose any sense of veracity in favor of hitting the audience over the noggin with the requisite schmaltzy elements that focus test better than the actual truth.

An Adventure In Space and Time DVD UK

Eh, we’ll see soon enough, right?

So, There’s Actually a Showgirls Sequel? Color Me Intrigued…

showgirls 2 poster

September 17, DVD and VOD. Yeah, I paid to see the original film and yup, nearly keeled over from the mind-blowing over the top hilarity of it all, so as soon as I got this news I had to put in a review request. As with the original, I’m going not expecting anything but to get a few more laughs and if the press release is any indication, I’m not going to be disappointed. To wit:

Las Vegas stripper, Penny Slot (Rena Riffel), sets out on an adventure to become the star dancer on a popular television show. With stars in her eyes, she tries to find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow – but instead finds drama, danger and snuff movies in a town much more wicked than Sin City.

Hmmm… you can’t go anywhere up straight into parody (and perhaps Russ Meyer territory, or at least the outskirts of that particular peculiar town) from there, so here I sit awaiting “greatness” and a fine time at Camp Value. Maybe I should stock up on brown rice and vegetables while I’m camped out by the mailbox?

Shout Factory Zaps Out Another “B”-Flick Sci-Fi Bundle…

MGM_Sci-Fi_ClassicsNice. At a measly $6.95, these four sci-fi “classics” of assorted quality (mostly of the “so bad they’re awesome” variety) work out to a no-brainer “BUY ME!” price of $1.75 each, which is a BARGAIN if you love old cheese and don’t mind falling off your couch or chair in a heap a few times.

Of this new set of four, Reptilicus is pretty darn amazing as it fails on so many levels (to a jaw-dropping extreme, in fact) but makes for a surprising great visitor’s guide to Denmark’s nightlife (you’ll see). And of course, The Brain That Wouldn’t Die is completely mind-blowing in many ways for what it brings to the table. See it and you’ll get my stupid puns in that last sentence. I’ll make sure I’m out of town when you come to chase after me with a blunt object. The other two are also pretty awesome in that bad way, but it’s been a few years since I’ve seen either (which means I just may have to get this disc at some point)…

I actually didn’t know this the the second entry in this series of MGM non-masterpieces (calling them “classics” is a bit of a stretch that makes me smile and almost feel sorry for someone who grabs these thinking they’ve discovered solid gold in the trash heap). The first disc’s a doozy as well, but EVERYONE who considers himself a sci-fi or “B” movie fanatic needs to have seen Angry Red Planet and The Man From Planet X at least once before they flee this mortal coil.The again, if these are your bucket list flicks… you’ve either seen way too many movies or just not enough. Consider taking long walks (at least five miles a day) and drinking a gallon of prune juice a week. You’ll live longer than your buddies laughing at you for liking such lousy films.

“Why so serious?” You ask? Well, you might actually drop dead after seeing these flicks if you go in thinking they’re “great” and your brain rage quits on you, but hey, what’s life without a little risk, I say? Don’t choke on that popcorn either, stay away from diet soda and watch out for the cat when you plop down on the couch (it’s hiding under that big pillow again, me-ow!)…

Audience Participation Time: Help Me Pick A Movie!

OK, I usually don’t do this, but I got the idea to try something new for fun. I’ve been seeing a load of deals on movies in assorted size collections and box sets and I’m considering picking up a bunch of them over time. However, for the purposes of this post, I’ll pick two and let you vote on them in the comments section. I’ll most likely get both (the prices are too stupidly low to pass up – as in under five dollars each), but you’ll be able to help me decide which one to spring for first.  And no, I don’t stream or torrent (I don’t do the eye patch stuff and my hard drives are packed to the gills with Steam/gog.com/Desura/assorted indie games anyway), so no need to tell me I can get all these for free somewhere.

Your (well, MY) choices are:

hitchcock flicks OR Superman DVD Set

Ready, FIGHT!

I’m thinking Hitch will win this one handily by sheer size alone (ba-dum-bum!), but you never know. And nope – you don’t win a prize for affecting my buying decision. However, I will give you a hearty Kane clap as thanks in advance:

kane clapHey…That’s got to count for SOMETHING these days, right?

Odds ‘n Ends, DVD Division…

odds n ends OK, Some of these flicks have already been written up as Random Films of the Week here and I’ll eventually get to anything I haven’t put up a post about at some point. Yeah, yeah, Possession and Across 110th Street aren’t US-issued DVD’s, but both are really nice looking (and cheap) South Korean versions I stumbled upon while poking around eBay looking for other DVD’s. Oh, stop with the finger waggling, chief. Hell, try and find Possession (which NEEDS an new Blu-Ray/DVD combo release one of these days) for a decent price ans anything other than an overpriced beat up rental copy and well… good luck on that one.

An nope, I don’t do the streaming thing at all as I live with a crap connection and actually PREFER a physical disc. That and I prefer watching movies from a few feet away and not with my nose half a foot or less from a handheld screen. My old eyeballs can’t do that crap with movies on tiny screens and I’ll also be cooler than you hipsters and crazy kids with your dee-vices because I’ll be able to see better than you when you’re my age, ha ha…