Onechanbara Z2 Chaos Now On Sale: Let’s Get Physical (But Digital Is Okay, Too)


Onechanbara Z2 Chaos screenLet’s get this out of the way. You’re NOT buying Onechanbara Z2 Chaos because it’s anything close to AAA quality “Game of the Year” material. Nope, you’re buying because you’re a guy or gal who really like SUPER offbeat action games from Japan featuring under-dressed but overpowered ladies slicing and dicing hordes of undead creatures and creeps. That and the game is also pretty darn hilarious because it’s so intentionally over the top while being extremely accessible to about anyone who picks up a controller and wants to take it for a spin. XSEED Games has two versions of the game out today; a digital download for $39.99 that includes the game and rather sassy “Strawberries and Banana” DLC “costumes”.

Onechanbara Z2 Chaos BS LE

Hey, both fruit are quite tasty and VERY good for you! Lots of vitamins and minerals and other good stuff like that there. So that LE has some nutritional and educational value. Get two!

If you want something to touch and show off (fear not, Aya, Saki and the other gals won’t chop your sweaty hands off), run like the wind to your nearest game emporium with $49.99 and get the yummy limited “Banana Split” edition shown above. That set nets you a soundtrack CD packed with almost 80 minutes of music from both this game and its Japan-only predecessor Onechanbara Z: Kagura, an 80-page softcover “Behind the Bikini” book loaded with artwork and back story from both games, and a code to download that aforementioned “Strawberries & Banana” premium DLC costume. Let’s see now: so far, Onechanbara Z2 Chaos is (according to me) nutritious, educational, “sassy”, and a few other things. That sounds like a buy to me. And probably XSEED Games as well.


BAM! SOCK! FINALLY! Batman Coming to Home Video!

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Well, that took way too long. Anyway, according to DC Comics and that news item/tweet they ran from Conan O’Brien here, it looks like someone’s long national nightmare is over while others are going to be starting. Anyway, Warner Bros. Home Video will be dropping some sort of set on you Bat-fans sometime in 2014, so you may (or may not) want to haunt your favorite retailer online or off so you can run over someone to grab that day one release. That is all. I’m a little bit thrilled about this because I’ve seen all those episodes but not for some time now and can only imagine the transfer work and all those crazy colors I’m going to see pop off the screen. “POW!” Indeed.

So, There’s Actually a Showgirls Sequel? Color Me Intrigued…

showgirls 2 poster

September 17, DVD and VOD. Yeah, I paid to see the original film and yup, nearly keeled over from the mind-blowing over the top hilarity of it all, so as soon as I got this news I had to put in a review request. As with the original, I’m going not expecting anything but to get a few more laughs and if the press release is any indication, I’m not going to be disappointed. To wit:

Las Vegas stripper, Penny Slot (Rena Riffel), sets out on an adventure to become the star dancer on a popular television show. With stars in her eyes, she tries to find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow – but instead finds drama, danger and snuff movies in a town much more wicked than Sin City.

Hmmm… you can’t go anywhere up straight into parody (and perhaps Russ Meyer territory, or at least the outskirts of that particular peculiar town) from there, so here I sit awaiting “greatness” and a fine time at Camp Value. Maybe I should stock up on brown rice and vegetables while I’m camped out by the mailbox?

Random Film of the Week: Bulletproof

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Bulletproof (1988)Some movies are SO incredibly bad that it’s hard to hate them when you’re nearly dying from laughing so hard at and with them. 1988’s not quite epic action (yet must-see if you love really terrible films) masterpiece, Bulletproof is one of those films for a whole load of reasons from having Gary Busey as its star to the tricked out (and stupidly large) Thunderblast tank that looks as if it was designed by a room full of 12 year old boys with a box of plastic model tank kits he’s after once it’s stolen and taken to Mexico or something.

Actually, the brain-frying plot isn’t even important as much as watching Busey as Frank “Bulletproof” McBain blow away “butthorns”, survive all sorts of death threats and attempts, try hard to get the girl and even play the saxaphone at one point. You’ll probably start grinning less than two minutes in and once the laughs start, they’ll be hard to stop as one scene tops another for sheer overkill or just plain “WTF did I just watch”-ness. Of course, seeing Busey in too-tight jeans running around shooting up the scenery might put you off your food, but just watch the bodies fall or avert your eyes if you feel the need to…

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HBO’s Behind the Candelabra: Back To Camp Value For A Week In The Woods…

Faux Liberace I think there’s a conspiracy going on at HBO to make me laugh myself to death. And you, too. First we get Al Pacino as Phil Spector (not a terrible film if you care about the subject matter, but those wigs were too much) and now it’s Michael Douglas as Liberace and Matt Damn as his chauffeur and lover Scott Thorson. What, that book Scott wrote fell on some HBO exec’s head when he was cleaning out his closet and he had the bright idea to greenlight this potential train-dreck? Hey, even as a kid I knew Liberace was “different”, but seriously… who cares? Like Paul Lynde, Jim Nabors, Rip Taylor and other gay celebrities I first saw on TV in the late 60’s and into the 70’s and onward, I didn’t see them as anything other than entertainers that seemed a bit more lively and fun to watch than other stars when they popped up on TV. “Circle gets the Square!”, indeed. Meh, Bugs Bunny did the best Liberace impersonation, anyway:

Anyway, this one should be a doozy to catch at least once provided Douglas isn’t so much of an egomaniac that we need to see his bare ass again in a movie (Basic Instinct flashback starts up… Yaaah!). If that happens, I’m also going to have a Saturn 3 flashback (if you want to see Mike’s dad, Kirk Douglas’ ass in a REALLY bad flick, go track that bomb down). Well, as with that Spector flick, it might be good when all is said and done, but you have to wonder who the audience is for this one (other than “reality” TV obsessed fanatics of any gender and pretend vampires looking for dated fashion tips, ha ha)…

Random Film of the Week(end): The Baby

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THE BABY_MPAs far as commercial horror flicks of the 1970’s go they don’t get more disturbing than The Baby, a completely bizarre 1973 gem you have to see to believe. And even after you’ve seen it, you’ll probably want to watch it again just to make sure you weren’t having a really wild nightmare. Granted, the film has a few major flaws, some of which come from the writing and pacing. But chances are you’ll be so thrown off by some of the surreal acting and completely insane scenes that you’ll forgive this one for its faults.

It’ll definitely stick in your head for a while afterward, especially if you don’t see the surprise ending winding up to knock you right off the couch. Anajette Comer plays Ann, a social worker who is given the case of Baby, a 21-year old man kept in diapers and an oversize crib by his overbearing mother played by the gorgeous Ruth Roman (channeling Joan Crawford, Joan Collins and Liz Taylor) and two very pretty, very sexy yet verrrrrry peculiar sisters (Marianna Hill and Susanne Zenor). For sheer squirm in your seat value, the film scores big by tossing assorted mental and physical abuses into your lap and letting you figure out where the hell it’s going before taking a big U-turn into WTF territory… Continue reading