ZAKU Is Back: Super Fighter Team Gives You A Chance To Nab This One FINAL Time


If you’re a huge enough fan of the Atari Lynx but missed out on its first original boxed (online) retail game in years, well guess what? ZAKU is back! Super Fighter Team has heard the pleas from Lynx collectors worldwide and is reissuing the instant classic for a final time in a 400 copy run.


Just go click on that link above and get that wallet out. Or you can read my old review as you click on that link to BUY THE GAME. Whatever you’re going to do, you better do it FAST, as this is guaranteed to sell out ridiculously quickly.


Random Film of the Week(end): Rubber


I absolutely love that some horror fans HATE Quentin Dupiex’ Rubber (or as it’s called in France, Rubber) for a few reasons. I’m betting he knew that’s just what would happen when the jaded but none too bright gore fanatics out there rolled into theaters or caught this on cable thinking they’d be getting a relentlessly violent and gory flick that just so happened to be non-stop hilarious. Well, it IS indeed gory and often quite funny… but it’s also a one or two gag film that works it hard by going in many directions (often at once) as well as one of the more absurdly meta movies you’ll ever see. You know you’re in for a weird time when a movie starts off with two characters on a desert road talking about how things happen for “no reason” before an audience in the distance waiting around is handed binoculars in order to watch what happens next. That’s probably the most normal thing you’ll see for the next 80+ minutes, by the way…

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“Retro” Review: Data East Arcade Classics

Platform: Nintendo Wii

Developer: G1M2

Publisher: Majesco

# of Players: 1 – 2

ESRB Rating: T (Teen)

Official Site

Score: B+

The word “retro” is in quoted in the title above for two reasons, one being the Wii isn’t exactly a dead system (well, depending on who you ask) and two, I didn’t  get the chance to review this collection at all when it was first released back in 2010. It’s getting a good look now because a friend who got a Wii for his kids a while back but has never played anything on it himself saw this in a closeout bin and as he’s an ancient fan of arcade games, he practically ran over some slow shoppers poking around in that bin to grab a copy. Anyway, no one was injured in that incident, so it’s all good. However, I also grabbed a copy and ended up getting some cramped fingers and sore thumbs from spending too much time reliving some great memories. Data East Arcade Classics packs in 15 games from the now defunct coin-op company that range from great to so-so and while some key titles that probably should have been on this disc are missing, it’s clear that this was supposed to be the first in an ongoing series. While the lack of certain key titles from the era and any sort of difficulty adjustment keep this from being flawless, it’s still recommended as a trip down memory lane or as an introduction to some really fun games for the kids.

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Review: Trinity: Souls of Zill O’ll

Platform: PlayStation 3

Developer: Omega Force

Publisher: Tecmo Koei

# of Players: 1

ESRB Rating: T (Teen)

Official Site

Score: B+

If you’re a big fan of hack & slash action RPGs and happen to own a PlayStation 3, Trinity: Souls of Zill O’ll is going to be right up your alley. Omega Force’s latest is a solid dungeon hack with a few splashes of familiar genre influences (both Eastern and Western) from Diablo to Demon’s Souls. If that puts a grin on your face, you’re all set for many hours of quality monster slaying, loot grabbing and quests galore. The game’s non-linear structure allows for enough freedom that the main plot of a half-elf’s revenge against the evil overlord that killed his family almost takes second place to the sheer amount of rescue/escort missions, fetch quests, arena challenges and other RPG staples. I say almost because while the story does pick up as the game goes on, the simple, yet challenging gameplay is the star when it needs to be. While it isn’t perfect, Omega Force deserves a ton of credit for making such a fun to play experience that’s guaranteed to steal many hours from those players that fall under its spell.

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Batman Arkham City Teaser (Yet Another Long Wait That’s Going To Be Worth It)

Well, now we know it’s next fall as far as the release date goes. WBIE may be stingy with revealing assets, but heck, that’s not going to stop the game from being as good as (or even better than) the original, I say…