Attack on Titan & Arslan: The Warriors of Legend: Omega Force Still Has Some Chops


I’ve been a fan of Omega Force’s work since Dynasty Warriors and Destrega on the original PlayStation shook up the fighting game genre. Of course, like many fans, Dynasty Warriors 2 was the game that made me really fall for the developer. While that series has seen quite a few entries and spin-offs into other series, it’s been their work on licensed and original games using that familiar engine that have really been the ones to watch. Between the Dynasty Warriors Gundam games, Fist of the North Star, Hyrule Warriors and now the one-two punch coming to consoles soon in the form of Attack on Titan and Arslan: The Warriors of Legend, it’s been fun to see Omega Force take on popular anime and game characters as they bring their Musou engine into new territory.


It’s too bad a great little sleeper like Trinity: Souls of Zill O’ll on the PS3 never got the attention it deserved. That game is worth tracking down thanks to it being more of an action/RPG than a straight up Dynasty Warriors clone. A bit tougher to track down but worth it Warriors: Legends of Troy. While it’s not an Omega Force game (Koei Canada did the programming job), it takes elements of the Musou games, adds some M-rated gore (in a nod to Zach Snyder’s version of 300) and makes for a nice and lengthy diversion once you’re hooked in. Another sleeper (but one that hasn’t been forgotten) is Bladestorm: The Hundred Years’ War, which earlier this year got a PS4 and Xbox One update/sequel called Bladestorm: Nightmare.

Both Attack on Titan and Arslan: The Warriors of Legend are coming to PS4, PS3,and PlayStation Vita with North American release dates for AoT to be announced as they get closer to completion. Arslan lands in Japan October 1st for PS3 and PS4, and it seems that Europe and North America will get these two plus an Xbox One version at some point.

To Some Gamers, Dragon Quest Heroes Says: BUY A PS4 ALREADY!


Well, holy wow. I knew veteran developer Omega Force was tinkering away on some next-gen, er, CURRENT gen stuff, but yikes. Yeah, yeah, yeah. To SOME of you folks, this is yet another Dynasty Warriors “re-skin”, but to me, it’s another way for Sony and Square Enix to rip money out of my wallet. I know some DQ fans more used to the turn-based or not at all action heavy role-playing games in the series are probably tearing assorted hairs out in assorted places on their bodies that this isn’t a “normal” RPG. But me, I love this sort of mash-up because it brings new gamers into the fold while also catering to the more open-minded fans of this classic series without compromising on the familiar elements that make it so popular. And besides, it looks as if Square Enix is calling this a RPG, so it looks like it’ll be more of one than those other Musou-mixers that have come previously. Okay, and the game looks INCREDIBLE, to boot .

That, and it’s just a fun and funny as hell trailer as it goes on. Yeah, I guess I finally need to save up to buy my own PS4 and stop using one that’s getting not as much use as it should.

Toukiden: Age of Demons Launch Trailer: A Little Late To The Party, Hmmm?

Okay, Tecmo Koei… I’ll cut you a tiny break today. I thought you guys would post that Toukiden: The Age of Demons launch trailer FIRST, but it was a gameplay basics trailer you ran instead. That made me jump the gun earlier and figure you were all playing your own game so much today that you’d not have time to run more trailers (or anything else for that matter). Oops. Oh well, but it’s GOOD for you because I get to do TWO posts about this really fun game you’ve published. Which is at the end of the day, good for you as well as Omega Force, correct?

Yup, I thought so.

Toukiden: The Age of Demons Basics: It’s a Bit More Work Than Just Pressing “Start”…

Okay, the town and pre-mission setup portions of Omega Force’s rather demon heavy new action game aren’t all that complex, but it’s important to know what to to and who to see both before and after those easy to super challenging missions you’ll ruin around in either solo or with friends. Choosing your look is important, of course. Will you play as a male or female? What kind of hairstyle will you wear and how will you sound? Choose wisely! As for the base gameplay in town, should you sell off some of those monstrous materials you’ve collected, turn them into better gear that will help out you and your team or just foolishly discard stuff (which you had to do in the demo, as the inventory was VERY limited)? I say the second option is the best bet, as the difference between a starter weapon and one that’s enhanced is pretty significant.

Anyway, Toukiden: The Age of Demons is out NOW for PS3 and Vita, so yes indeed… you know what to do.

Toukiden: The Age of Demons Battle Action Trailer: Omega Force To The Rescue (Again)…

With Toukiden: The Age of Demons dropping into stores and onto PSN on February 11, here’s a final look at the game in action. As usual, veteran developer Omega Force is at the top of their game here with another impressive action game for the Vita (and yes, PS3). It’s also important to know that while we’re not getting the incredible-looking PSP version of Toukiden in North America, the fact that they were able to get the same game and what looks like the same story content done for that “old” handheld in Japan is somewhat remarkable. Anyway, based on the demo alone, this one looks like it’s going to be a great home as well as handheld game with offline and online play that should keep those who pick it up quite busy dispatching plenty of demons from minor minions to supreme, hard to take down bosses that require time and tactics to take down.

I do hope the game does as well as it did in Japan, but that’s all up to Vita owners here to get off their butts and give the demo a whirl, then go buy the game as soon as they can rather than wait too long and let this one languish in relative obscurity. We’ll see, as usual…

Toukiden Addendum: It’s Even Better News In This Soon To Be Hit…

2014-01-27-071708Surprise, surprise. Toukiden: Age of Demons had two of them for me I found out after posting my demo impressions. Oops. One was there are a bunch of separate missions you can play online via ad-hoc, over PSN or (wait for it)… OFFLINE with up to 3 AI fighters (woo hoo!). Two, the demo is actually longer than I expected with two chapters and a cliffhanger right before a what looked like a tough boss battle. There’s also a series of weapons training missions that let you practice with each weapon (the bow isn’t as annoying as I thought!) and these are recommended, as you can swap weapons out between missions.

There’s a bunch of other stuff (such as weapons and armor can be strengthened and some can be combined), but I’ll save that for the review.

2014-01-27-022942 2014-01-27-024406 2014-01-27-030614

Okay, that’s it for now – Back to dinking around with more games. Back in a bit. Or tomorrow, most likely…

Toukiden: Age of Demons Demo Hands-On: Don’t Cry For The Dead Devils…

After spending some time with Tecmo Koei’s Toukiden: Age of Demons, I can see why the game was the top selling PlayStation Vita game for 2013 in Japan. The combination of Monster Hunter and Dynasty Warriors plus veteran developer Omega Force’s expertise in creating some gorgeous visuals should help knock this one up the charts in North America and Europe when it launches in February. The demo does a solid job of getting you into the fantasy version of feudal Japan cooked up by the dev team, and the action is more deliberately paced and at times a good deal more tactical than the more free for all Musou style of play many are accustomed to. This is all a good thing, as the game should draw in a few players who want something deeper than the standard (but still fun) chase and chop action some are expecting… Continue reading

Toukiden Demo Drops Onto PSN Today, Demons Everywhere Somewhat Distressed…

toukiden_BG_artWell, that’s a relief. Tecmo Koei’s recently announced demo for Toukiden: The Age of Demons has made its appearance know on PSN today without that usual “where is it” fuss that happens when SCEA takes its time to update the store. According to my Vita, I have about 38 minutes to go before I can jump in and see what’s what… but that 38 minutes was 11 minutes when the download started about seven minutes ago.

Yeah, it’s not really a huge thing to gripe about in the grand scheme of things. But this is one reason why a nice segment of us poor gamers without access to the best connections will be screwed if there’s an always online presence required when it’s beyond clear that not every spot in this land of plenty is ready, willing or able to handle so many people trying to access content at or around the same times. Ah well, this demo should be fun, but I won’t actually get to PLAY it until I get home in a few hours.

Back with some words on the experience later.

Toukiden: The Age Of Demons Stomps Exclusively Onto Vita In February

As someone mad in lust with much of Omega Force’s output over the years, I’m more than pleased that the veteran developer has whipped up this great-looking PlayStation Vita exclusive and it’s making its way to North America (February 11) and Europe (February 14) soon. I like the separate anime and CG promotional videos for this, the gameplay looks thrilling and while some are making Dynasty Warriors and Monster Hunter comparisons (yes, there are some similar elements), I see more of a Trinity: Souls of Zill O’ll influence here:

(Thanks, FrankNStein!) 

THAT game was one of my favorites from 2010 and if Toukiden manages to iron out the issues it had while providing even more action, it’ll be a must-buy title for Vita owners. I’m going to grab it no matter what because I trust Omega Force to keep me entertained until the wee hours bumping off assorted demons and avoiding doom every step of the way. Anyway, I’ll hold of writing more on Toukiden until I get some hands-on time. I don’t think a demo will drop on PSN for this, so I may just buy the game outright if I don’t get a review code. I wont’ note here that the Japanese version of the game is cross play with the PSP version of Toukiden (!!!) simply because the chances of that coming out here are slim to none. Boo, but I’d gather it wouldn’t sell in the numbers it needs to break even. That said, I have three PSP’s here, so I’d buy this game once for both handhelds.

Anyone saying the Vita is “dead’ needs to actually own one and look at the current library (yes, outside your comfort zone there are some GREAT game experiences) as well as the ridiculous value PlayStation Plus adds to the handheld that makes it a keeper. And don’t even get me going about the ability to play PS4 games on the thing…

One Piece Pirates Warriors 2: Big to Small Changes Make Bringing the Pain Much Better…

It’s a great thing that One Piece Pirates Warriors 2 demo on display at Namco Bandai’s press event a few weeks back was timed or they’d have had to drag me away from the controller. I’m a big fan of the Dynasty Warriors/Sengoku Musou series and the games that use the same formula and/or game engine and while last year’s One Piece game was solid, it had a few flaws in the ointment that made some parts slightly annoying. OPPW2 completely nixes the quick time events from the original’s boss battles and has a more free form style in terms of how much there is to do and how you can get it all done. There’s a new leveling system where you can used earned gold to train characters and even the ability to temporarily switch characters during gameplay by building up a special meter.

Developer Omega Force is at the top of its game here, packing the huge battlefields with even more enemies, ridiculously stylized (and hilarious) special attacks and that trademark Musou gameplay that’s addictive and challenging on the higher difficulties. As with the first game, the wacky art style of the anime translates fantastically to 3D with the assorted cast members retaining their exact likenesses and expressions from the show and bringing more to the table thanks to a dev team clearly having a blast doing what they do so well. I keep wondering when Omega Force will finally do a Tekken game in this style or even better, a crazy Namco Bandai character mash-up that’s part Musou, part Super Smash Bros. (of course, some hard core Nintendo fans will want to beat me up for even suggesting this, but I can handle it).

Like the first game, North American gamers are only getting this as a download through PSN while Japan gets this as a disc game, download and as a separate Vita release. Granted, this is exactly the sort of niche title that won’t move as many units as it will in its home country, but I think Namco Bandai should bend a wee bit and reach out more directly to the fan base just to see if they’d indeed buy this as a disc if were to be made available. Even better would be both One Piece games on a single Blu-Ray if possible for a fair price, but as usual, that’s more wishful thinking on my part. Anyway, US gamers get this one soon (September 3, 2013), so keep your eyes peeled and your fingers limber. You don’t want to seize up from a bad case of “controller claw” or anything right as that boss battle gets underway…