Skybound Games Has Me Talking to Myself (Again)

“And it goes like this.”

Me: Uh, hey, man.
Me: What?
Me: I need $200. Plus shipping, I think.
Me: For what?
Me: This (look down):


Me: HOLY $#!+!
Me: Well, SOLD, huh?
Me: Um, hold on a sec.
Me: Awwwww, come onnnn…
Me: Look, we made a deal, remember? We’ve no more room for those big collector’s editions. That, and we DO have a big backlog of other games…
Me: (pouts, gives me the sad puppy dog eyes)..
Me: Oh, that’s SO not going to work, pal. We’re also on a budget, remember?
Me: Well. you COULD sell off some of those older games you aren’t playing like you did that one time…
Me: Yeah, right. That was kind of an emergency and this, well… it’s really damn cool and all, but it’s not super-urgent.
Me: Booooooo!
Me: Okay, knock it off. I need to get a post up and get back to those other reviews in progress.
Me: Bill
Me: Oh, don’t get cranky with me, buddy…

Me: Grrrrrrrr! (thinks:

Me: Um, I know what you’re thinking, you know.
Me: Hmph. Well IF you did, then you’d also know that big ol’ box ends up costing not too much more than the regular editions IF you think about it…
Me: Be that as it may, the chances of me buying that set are like the chances Skybound will send me one to review.
Me: Well. it COULD happen!
Me: Yeah, sure. Well, I’ll let you go handle that and see what the results are. Good luck, pal.
Me: Well, first, let me go make some wall space for that bo setx…
Me: What?
Me: (pulls out big ACME rubber sledgehammer):Hey, you DID say we needed more wall space once, so I’m gonna go make some…
Me: Wait a minute!
Me: Too late! (swings hammer at wall, whereupon is bounces off and knocks me out cold.
Me: Well, that’ll learn ya. Again. Good thing that store only sells rubber hammers.

And so it goes…




Beamdog and Skybound To Bring D&D Classics to Consoles This Year

This somewhat astounding news popped up a few days back, but I’ve been a bit busy and just got around to picking my jaw up from the floor after it bounced under the bed. I really need to vacuum more under there, yuck. Say, did you know that Baldur’s Gate was in the works for the original PlayStation? Well, go peek at this for proof and get ready for a nicer thrill coming your way soon.

A little press release action is below the jump, but here’s a peek at the PC version trailer to one of those upcoming D&D classics for your perusal:

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Nintendo Switch: Waited, Dated – Sated? We Shall See

So, as you can probably guess from the general lack of Nintendo Switch posts until now, I’ve been wholly avoiding the nonsense rumors, speculation and generally pointless gossip about Nintendo’s new console until this official reveal event just so what remained of my sanity stayed intact. This quickie post will actually be a preview to my hands-on later in the week where I form actual news based on what I see and play during my three hour time slot on Saturday. Tonight’s event was what I’d call entertainingly sedated with some expected releases, a few surprises and at least one must-buy launch title that should have been a pack-in. EDIT Of course, with only an hour to show off stuff, the event seemed… lacking in thrills to some extent. However, post-show, a small flood of reveal trailers for other games have dropped online, making the Switch a lot more impressive.

March 3, 2017 is the official mostly worldwide street date for the console which will launch with a $299.99 price tag in North America. The package will include a system, dock, two Joy Con controllers, HDMI and charging cables plus an AC adapter. A new Pro Controller is a separate purchase (and yes, third party peripherals are coming from a few companies. More on those in a separate post). A full list of features is here. The Switch will also be the first Nintendo system to require a fee for online play (Wii U and 3DS are unaffected), but there will be a free trial period at launch with some features disabled and the full paid version with a few perks to follow later this year. There’s also going to me mobile device implementation so players can communicate far better than possible on Miiverse.

As for games, well… it was a mix of oddball new stuff, the return of a few classic characters, a few sequels and… not much else for the moment. Some 80 games were said to be in the works, but the event revealed a mere 15 including a number of works in progress and very brief non-gameplay teases, trailers for a few below the jump. Oh, by the way… the Switch seems to be region-free. Huzzah! But this doesn’t mean the Asian territory e-Shops will be accessible if you can’t read the languages on them. Continue reading

Actual Usable Nintendo Switch News: Price/Launch Titles Reveal In January


Yay. Something worth running about Nintendo’s new console that’s NOT a rumor-filled rumor rolled in opinionated analysis! It’s also boring because it’s an untrimmed press release. But, hey. I want you to know what a chunk of my inbox looks like on the best of days. Dull.. but *EXCITING!*

REDMOND, Wash.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– In a presentation to financial analysts today in Tokyo, Nintendo Co., Ltd. president Tatsumi Kimishima announced that major details regarding the company’s new Nintendo Switch home gaming system will be shared at the Nintendo Switch Presentation 2017. This will be an event for invited media, financial analysts and trade partners in Tokyo that will be globally live streamed on Jan. 12, U.S. time. The presentation will include the launch date and pricing for Nintendo Switch, as well as a look at the lineup of games currently in development.

The Nintendo Switch Presentation 2017 will include the launch date and pricing for Nintendo Switch, as well as a look at the lineup of games currently in development. (Graphic: Business Wire)

Kimishima also announced that Nintendo Switch sampling events for invited media, partners, and consumers will take place in the U.S. and Europe after the presentation at later dates. There will be opportunities for the public to participate in other hands-on events around the same time, details of which will be announced later.

The exact time of the Nintendo Switch Presentation 2017 will be announced through Nintendo’s social media channels in the coming weeks. Last week, Nintendo Switch was first revealed in a video, available at

Source: Nintendo


Gallery: Hello Kitty Kruisers (Wii U)

HelloKitty_WalkI’ve found that one of the big secrets to enjoying life is smiling more and anything Sanrio is usually quite good for getting a grin going, no matter what your mood is. Austin-based Scarab Entertainment knows this, so they’re cooking up a fun family friendly kart racer for the Wii U and mobile devices (with other platforms TBA) called Hello Kitty Kruisers, set for a Q4 2013 release from publisher Bergsala Lightweight.

Granted, I’m betting the bulk of you fist-pumping, caffeine swigging uber-core gamers are probably cringing from all the bright colors searing your eyeballs and rainbow juice splashing onto your keyboards scaring that mouse you were clicking under your seat. But, hey… I say everyone needs a too cute for words game in their libraries just to break up the monotony of grays, browns, greens and whatever color big explosions are.

Besides, EVERYONE loves Hello Kitty – they just don’t all admit it in public. For those of you immune to the charms of Miss Five Apples Tall (weight, three apples!), you’d better put on those sunglasses now if you dislike bright colors in super shiny HD, folks – things are about to get Kitty up in here:

HK_Kruisers_01 HK_Kruisers_02 HK_Kruisers_05 HK_Kruisers_08 HK_Kruisers_09 HK_Kruisers_10

Screens above, press release below the jump.

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PS4 Reveal Event (Full Version)


Put on a pot of whatever and pull up a seat. Here’s the full press event I didn’t get to see live, so whee, we get to watch it together!  Hey, it’s NOT a rerun if you’ve never seen it, right? Hmmm. this brings back memories, though. I need to interview Mark Cerny at some point, as he’s been missed for a while on the gaming scene. KNACK looks like a classic PSOne platformer remade with amazing physics and I can’t wait to see more. Amusingly enough, I haven’t seen Dave Perry in years (he’s something like seven feet tall in person), but I remember a chat we had about Shiny’s development on The Matrix: Path of Neo and some other fun stuff a few years back at a loud Atari event.  Enjoy the ride, folks… Sony’s just getting started.

Below the jump is the official press release (I fixed a silly spelling error I caught), as I’m too busy to edit the darn thing down, you get to pore over every official word and hold Sony to the fire if they don’t deliver the goods…

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EDF Recruitment Update! Earth Defense Force 2025 Coming to PS3, Xbox 360 in 2013

EDF_Wants_YouThe EDF Wants YOU! Well, not right now, but soon enough. Get ready for more big bugs, big robots and big futuristic weapons to take them out with sometime in 2013. Although the game is still working its way through development over in Japan, Sandlot’s upcoming Chikyuu Boueigun 4 (Earth Defense Forces 4) is indeed coming to North America and Europe as Earth Defense Force 2025 next year. For hardcore EDF fans like me, this is fantastic news, particularly given that we’re also getting Earth Defense Force 2017 Portable on the PlayStation Vita in February. Yep, I have the import and in fact, I’m currently playing through EDF 2 Portable on the PSP because I’m that hooked on the awesome fun of this pick up and play run ‘n gun series since about 2004.

As you can see from the lovely screenshots below, EDF 2025 is going to be Sandlot’s most polished work to date. Not bad at all for what was initially created as a budget game for the Japanese market.  Now, all we need to see are some official game trailers and it’s even more on than it already is. While a concrete release date for EDF 2025 has yet to be revealed, the press release is dated “June 28, 2025”, but let’s not make anything of that until there’s a more official update in the future. All D3Publisher of America needs to do now is actually update their official site to include this game as well as EDF 2017 Portable, which is set to hit the PlayStation Vita on February 12, 2013. Between these two EDF games and Guillermo Del Toro’s Pacific Rim coming out next year, it’s going to be an absolutely epic year for kaiju fans. And if that new Godzilla gets let loose next year, expect lots of screaming in the streets as we all run into the theaters to see these flicks and then into game shops to snap up these two games.

EDF2025_Ant_March EDF2025_NewModel_Hector EDF2025_Ranger_Explosion EDF2025_Retiarius EDF2025_Street_Invasion EDF2025_Wing_Diver_Glory

Square Enix’ E3 Lineup: From Assassins to Zombies, You’re Covered Quite Well…

With a determined focus toward publishing more varied games developed around the world as well as keeping its core JRPG franchises alive and well, Square Enix is really pushing “content” this year. In other words, they have more than enough content to keep core gamers VERY content, indeed. Their E3 2011 lineup is pretty amazing overall, featuring a few types of RPG's, sequels that mean something (thanks to a reboot or two) as well as an all-new IP that's been on everyone's radar from its first mind-blowing backward spooling trailer. Full press release below the jump.Read more »

Portal 2 Suffers Time Warp Delay, But This Is Actually Good News…

According to Valve and this nicely hilarious press release that pokes fun at the company’s track record for its games slipping into the infamous release date triangle, Portal 2 is special for yet another reason:


Valve today announced that Portal 2 — the sequel to the ground-breaking title that won over 30 game of the year awards, despite missing its original ship date — will now be available the week of April 18th, 2011. This two month slip not only marks the shortest delay in Valve’s proud tradition of delays, it represents the approaching convergence of Valve Time and Real Time. Though this convergence spells doom for humanity, it will not affect the new Portal 2 release date.

Capcom Announces Mega Man Legends 3 Project, New Resident Evil For 3DS

In one of the best “IT'S ABOUT FREAKIN” TIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIME!” sequel announcements this year, Capcom has made me and a whole bunch of gamers pretty happy clams (well, mostly). A new Mega Man Legends game is on the way (yay!) for the 3DS (er, Yay?). While a new cross-platform game would have been even more fantastic (especially with HD remakes of the previous MML/Tron Bonne games), it looks as if Nintendo's upcoming must-have bank-breaking handheld wonder will be the lucky recipient of this latest installment.

Anyway, press release, logos and RE 3D screens below the jump. I'm going to go dance around the room a bit before crying as I check my bank account (and cry some more afterward).

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