Pathologic 2 Comes To PS4: The Only Time “Going Viral” Is A Good Thing

Pathologic 2 Now

Grim, the understatement of GIF explanations.

I still haven’t played Ice-Pick Lodge’s rather unsettling survival horror game Pathologic 2 other than a demo from a few years back, but I want to eventually. The first game was quite good, but woefully depressing as its three playable characters each with their own aims, tried to figure out the dealing with the deadly plague that had taken over a small town with only 12 days to find some sort of resolution. That the game initially came out in 2005 makes it suddenly timely in some respects, but if you’re going to go pick it up on PC, don’t expect to be much of a “feel good” experience.

The stylized visuals and very methodical gameplay featured a mechanic where quests disappeared once a day was complete, so fast work was required in some areas lest a character integral to the overall plot expire. The interesting thing was it seemed impossible to do everything that was tasked, so the replay value was in maximizing one’s efforts and trying the figure the most efficient means to work through problems that arose. The tensions that arose from doing certain tasks while the Sand Plague crept inexorably forward made the game compelling, especially when one didn’t use any walkthroughs and took each day as a challenging survival puzzle of sorts.

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Pathologic: Ice-Pick Lodge’s Re-Invention Looks Mysteriously Magnificent

Pathologic Logo

Back in 2005, Russian developer Ice-Pick Lodge released Pathologic, an unsettling horror/adventure/RPG hybrid that garnered excellent reviews at home, decent to fair reviews in the west, and gathered somewhat of a “cult” following for its unusual, creative art direction, extreme difficulty and distinctly bleak tone. The game’s fan base grew with its release and subsequent 2012 HD remastering (both of which come with the purchase of the HD Classic version). With a successful Kickstarter to re-imagine the game in 2015 for PC (and possibly consoles) Pathologic’s new path has added even more fans to this weird game’s potential player base. Ahead of Gamescom, IPL has released a nice set of screenshots that show off some lovely, haunting images from the new version.

Let’s take a look now, shall we?


Pathologic Artwork

While gameplay videos have yet to surface, this 2014 Kickstarter video should give you an idea of what to expect. As the game has no set release date, the waiting period between information drops will no doubt keep fans begging for more. It’s a good thing there’s a board game coming to make that wait less frustrating.

Speaking of more, click below the jump for more about the game (in handy cut/paste/corrected form)…

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Pathologic Update: 17 Days To Go. Getting To Its Goal, Body By Body…

Slowly but surely, this remake of the 2005 sleeper PC game Pathologic is getting funded via Kickstarter, so hop in and splash around those plague-riddled ponds if you want to see this come to fruition. I love the unsettling vibe this gives off, that slow-loading pistol (and if you didn’t squeak a tiny bit when the camera dipped up and that bird-suited thing was standing there, you’re a better person than I am) and the overall air of gloom that makes this one special. Then again, if this real life ebola thing gets into the country, we’ll all be doing that dance those quirky rejects from Mummenschanz are soon enough. Man, I hate it when reality intrudes on my gaming life. Hopefully this gets funded and finished before the planet goes all 12 Monkeys, ha and ha… *gulp!*

Pathologic Reborn: Ice-Pick Lodge Remakes Its Flawed Classic As A Crowd-Funded Next-Gen Game


Pathologic BirdWhile it had its share of problems, 2005’s first-person adventure/role-playing hybrid Pathologic was one of those “creep under your skin” game experiences that made quite an impression. Sure the graphics weren’t exactly “state of the art” for the time, but the surreal nature of the art style, interesting map layouts and unique character designs helped carry developer Ice-Pick Lodge’s vision of a strange world in the grasp of a deadly plague. While the game didn’t do all that well outside its native Russia, enough of a loyal fan base picked it up over the years to gain it a cult following and of course, these days that means there HAS to be a remake or sequel. Thankfully, I-PL has decided to reboot their original game idea and expand greatly upon it to include content planned for the original that was scrapped as well as create all-new content that’s guaranteed to get the game a second life as a more richly rewarding experience… Continue reading

IndieGala Stress Test Bundle: Six Bucks (or Under) For Seven Games? Sure, Why Not?

indiegala stress test 
We interrupt me about to keel over at Toy Fair from exhaustion for a special message: IndieGala has gone rogue, REPEAT: IndieGala has gone ROGUE! Actually, they’re conducting a little experiment in the form of a stress test that’s a bundle sale on seven games, six from Sigma Team and one from Ice Pick Lodge:

– Pathologic
– Alien Hallway
– Alien Shooter
– Alien Shooter 2: Conscription
– Alien Shooter 2: Reloaded
– Zombie Shooter
– Zombie Shooter 2

Yes, it’s a pay what you want deal, but the recommended amount is a measly six bucks (ten times less that what this bundle is work if it were purchased separately. Sigma Team’s simple, bloody shooters are fun run & gun Action/RPG-like hybrids that allow for what looks like hundreds of enemies on screen (of the space bug and undead varieties) and Ice Pick Lodge’s Pathologic is a bizarre adventure/RPG with three playable characters, a very unusual plot and some pretty creative character designs. Not a bad deal, the money goes to charity and you get o feel good about yourself after you spend that money. OK, back to my crazy day… I’m wiped out!

Knock-Knock: Ice Pick Lodge’s House of 2.5D Horrors Spells S-L-E-E-P-E-R…

The last time I played a game by developer Ice Pick Lodge, it was their 2005 PC horror/adventure/RPG Pathologic, one of those quirky sleepers that the mainstream didn’t “get” because it was one long, strange trip of a game experience. This new game, Knock-Knock (now available on Steam) looks pretty interesting in a One Piece Mansion meets Alone in the Dark sort of way. And don’t worry if you know not a whit about either of those old games. Those were the first two titles that popped into my head when I saw that teaser trailer above and the gameplay trailer below. I guess I now need to try out this horror/humor gem and see if it’s a diamond in the rough or a handful of cloudy zircons from the dollar store.

Yes, it most certainly looks as if it’ll be at least intriguing and extremely trippy sort of like a bad dream that gets funny as it ends and has you waking up laughing more than you’d thought as you were having it. Hey, that’s how I roll (out of bed) some mornings, people…

Pathologic: Gets A(nother) Unique Indie Horror Game…

With a name like Ice-Pick Lodge for the development team behind this Russian PC game from 2005, Pathologic was guaranteed at least some notoriety from gamers who pay attention to such things. However, this horror-themed adventure/RPG hybrid seems to have been forgotten over the years until the folks at dug it up, got it working and available as the latest game in their growing library. The surreal visual style is a bit dated (I like it a lot), so the graphics whores will get all pissy that it doesn’t look as if were made last week. Nevertheless, the game still has that odd overall charm familiar to games such as Deadly Premonition, D2, Silent Hill and a bit of Call of Cthulu: Dark Corners of the Earth (among other quirky horror games). Anyway, three playable characters, an intriguing game world and story, plenty of unsettling imagery and yep, death comes a-calling looking quite strange here. Even better – this one’s only $9.99, so definitely check it out if you’re in the mood for something weird and wild…