Pathologic 2 Comes To PS4: The Only Time “Going Viral” Is A Good Thing

Pathologic 2 Now

Grim, the understatement of GIF explanations.

I still haven’t played Ice-Pick Lodge’s rather unsettling survival horror game Pathologic 2 other than a demo from a few years back, but I want to eventually. The first game was quite good, but woefully depressing as its three playable characters each with their own aims, tried to figure out the dealing with the deadly plague that had taken over a small town with only 12 days to find some sort of resolution. That the game initially came out in 2005 makes it suddenly timely in some respects, but if you’re going to go pick it up on PC, don’t expect to be much of a “feel good” experience.

The stylized visuals and very methodical gameplay featured a mechanic where quests disappeared once a day was complete, so fast work was required in some areas lest a character integral to the overall plot expire. The interesting thing was it seemed impossible to do everything that was tasked, so the replay value was in maximizing one’s efforts and trying the figure the most efficient means to work through problems that arose. The tensions that arose from doing certain tasks while the Sand Plague crept inexorably forward made the game compelling, especially when one didn’t use any walkthroughs and took each day as a challenging survival puzzle of sorts.

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IndieGala Stress Test Bundle: Six Bucks (or Under) For Seven Games? Sure, Why Not?

indiegala stress test 
We interrupt me about to keel over at Toy Fair from exhaustion for a special message: IndieGala has gone rogue, REPEAT: IndieGala has gone ROGUE! Actually, they’re conducting a little experiment in the form of a stress test that’s a bundle sale on seven games, six from Sigma Team and one from Ice Pick Lodge:

– Pathologic
– Alien Hallway
– Alien Shooter
– Alien Shooter 2: Conscription
– Alien Shooter 2: Reloaded
– Zombie Shooter
– Zombie Shooter 2

Yes, it’s a pay what you want deal, but the recommended amount is a measly six bucks (ten times less that what this bundle is work if it were purchased separately. Sigma Team’s simple, bloody shooters are fun run & gun Action/RPG-like hybrids that allow for what looks like hundreds of enemies on screen (of the space bug and undead varieties) and Ice Pick Lodge’s Pathologic is a bizarre adventure/RPG with three playable characters, a very unusual plot and some pretty creative character designs. Not a bad deal, the money goes to charity and you get o feel good about yourself after you spend that money. OK, back to my crazy day… I’m wiped out!