Pathologic Reborn: Ice-Pick Lodge Remakes Its Flawed Classic As A Crowd-Funded Next-Gen Game


Pathologic BirdWhile it had its share of problems, 2005’s first-person adventure/role-playing hybrid Pathologic was one of those “creep under your skin” game experiences that made quite an impression. Sure the graphics weren’t exactly “state of the art” for the time, but the surreal nature of the art style, interesting map layouts and unique character designs helped carry developer Ice-Pick Lodge’s vision of a strange world in the grasp of a deadly plague. While the game didn’t do all that well outside its native Russia, enough of a loyal fan base picked it up over the years to gain it a cult following and of course, these days that means there HAS to be a remake or sequel. Thankfully, I-PL has decided to reboot their original game idea and expand greatly upon it to include content planned for the original that was scrapped as well as create all-new content that’s guaranteed to get the game a second life as a more richly rewarding experience…

pathologic banner bg

As that post title hints at, the developer has kicked off a Kickstarter for the new game with a surprisingly modest goal of $250,000 and it’s currently about $76,000 funded (as I write this) with 32 days to go. Sure, it may SEEM like a huge chunk of money for an indie game from a team with only a few other games under their collective belt. However, the original showed a ton of promise and the features list in the remake make it a must-play game for people like me who crave a decent story with their game and who don’t just want one more “kill everything that moves” bore-fest. Current plans are for the plot-driven survival open-world adventure game to come to PC/MAC/Linux, PS4, and Xbox One as a digital download sometime in 2016, which gives the team more than enough time to make the game they’ve always wanted to. If they can get things up and running and make a far better game than the initial attempt, I’ll go out on a limb and predict it will surprise even the most vocal skeptics out there in internet-land.

One step at a time, each step into more horror – and so it goes in the world of Pathologic. Be prepared for some hard choices if you contribute and are looking for a game that’s most likely going to shock and surprise you and get you to play it through a few times…

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