Yes, Rasputin Celebrates Hump Day HIS Way

(thanks, Sleaze-O-Rama!)

TGVB 2015 FondaI keep meaning to review Don Sharp’s 1966 flick Rasputin, The Mad Monk one of these days for the site or perhaps a blogathon or something. But I also keep forgetting to track down a personal copy so I can watch it whenever I need a good laugh. Waiting for TCM to show it again sometimes pays off in the long run because there’s a decent enough chance they’ll also show something suitably loopy.


This is one of those films that defies proper categorization because it’s kind of all over the map in terms of tone. It’s a biopic, a horror film of sorts, a gold mine of unintentional comic relief and of course, a showpiece for the great Christopher Lee. Yeah, I’d normally have done this up already (and most likely for The Great Villain Blogathon 2015). But it’s been busy as hell here what with the roof being repaired (again!), more work going to happen in the apartment (STRESS!) and some other stuff that’s keeping my productivity lower than usual.

That said, I’ll give ol’ Raspy a two word review for those of you curious types who need to know: SEE IT. You’ll very likely laugh yourself extremely silly and get your cringe on as well because the film can be a bit creepy on a few fronts.

Hump Day? More Like “Hmph” Day…

So, the saga of sluggy-ass internet continues today. I woke up later than usual (it’s all Tales of Xillia’s fault!), mucked around the home for a bit (hey, my peppers are coming in and needed some care) and by the time I finally decided to get out and get some air and some work done, it was later than usual and the wi-fi here was still terrible. I’ve been trying to download Sword Art Online for the Vita since LAST WEEK and have been thwarted at every attempt. I’m gathering part of this is due to the Vita itself, as I can download PC games from Steam, Desura, and other sites with no issues. Of course, PSN must be extra busy as well, but even still, I’d gotten many digital games from there and had almost no issues whatsoever. Damn gremlins! Anyway, short posting today, as I’m in the middle of a few movie reviews for the site and a few upcoming blogathons.

My inbox wants me to post MORE stuff, but given today’s signal strength (Low!) and the fact that that signal is dropping in and out, I think I’d rather not go nuts fighting with the internet any more than I need to. Looks like tomorrow will be a bright and early kinda day for playing catch up.

Back in a bit… maybe.

It’s Hump Day and Conan Still Hates Camels.

OK, this camel-socking joke has a (VERY) short lifespan, but I’d forgotten about the cinema from Cauldron’s 2004 game Conan (or Conan: The Dark Axe), which never got a US release. It’s not bad for what it is (I own the PC, PAL format Xbox and GameCube versions), clocks in at about 8 or 9 hours the first time through and has versus and survival modes that strangely enough don’t allow you to play as Conan(!). Anyway, yeah… more digital animal abuse (again!) just means I get put on that camel hit list again (which is why I avoid zoos, deserts and anything else where there’s a chance I’ll be set upon by pissed off humpbacked four-legged creatures. Well, I’ve had dreams with camels in them, but I’ve never punched one and they’ve pretty much left me alone…

Wednesday Is BUMP Day For Camels on Conan’s Calendar…

(from ptyalisme

Well, now. I guess I can take it this also means Mr. Conan doesn’t need any car insurance either? Well, he doesn’t even have a car in those movies, so… Hmmm, I just realized that this joke only works if you live in the US and watch TV commercials, so anyone reading this outside the states is probably very baffled (or even more so than usual). Anyway, poor camel! Well, I guess it’s better to take a lump to the dome than cough up a lung or two smoking those nasty cigarettes he’s been peddling on the side. I guess that’s another American joke too, huh? Karma is a bitch, folks. Of course, all this means is Arnold is coming back as a camel in his next life and that camel? He’s probably coming back as Bruce Lee and he’ll have Camel Arnold’s address very well memorized. If I’m around that long, I’ll be sure to post the results of that match here…