A Few Too Few Words About Christopher Lee…


Another light goes out and if you knew the man’s rather astounding body of work it was one of the brightest lights you’d ever seen. While he was known primarily for his work in the horror genre, the late Sir Christopher Frank Carandini Lee was so much more than a one-note performer. Whether or not you liked some of the films he appeared in, he always gave his best even in the worst “B” flicks (Castle of Fu Manchu, anyone?). Some of us recall his films made with the late, great Peter Cushing (I’m partial to Horror Express) while younger viewers will know him from his work in The Lord of the Rings and a few Star Wars films.

I’d pick The Wicker Man (above) as my favorite Lee film because it’s a great flick that challenges viewers who come in expecting a standard horror tale. It’s a surprisingly intelligent genre film that works on a few levels and seeps into your bones for about a week or so after viewing. Go track it down (and don’t bother at all with the horrible remake) along with a few other Lee classics. I’m sure Turner Classic Movies will be running a marathon of his work shortly. But if you’re a film fan with room in your library you should think about adding a few of the man’s always re-watchable works to your collection.

Yes, Rasputin Celebrates Hump Day HIS Way

(thanks, Sleaze-O-Rama!)

TGVB 2015 FondaI keep meaning to review Don Sharp’s 1966 flick Rasputin, The Mad Monk one of these days for the site or perhaps a blogathon or something. But I also keep forgetting to track down a personal copy so I can watch it whenever I need a good laugh. Waiting for TCM to show it again sometimes pays off in the long run because there’s a decent enough chance they’ll also show something suitably loopy.


This is one of those films that defies proper categorization because it’s kind of all over the map in terms of tone. It’s a biopic, a horror film of sorts, a gold mine of unintentional comic relief and of course, a showpiece for the great Christopher Lee. Yeah, I’d normally have done this up already (and most likely for The Great Villain Blogathon 2015). But it’s been busy as hell here what with the roof being repaired (again!), more work going to happen in the apartment (STRESS!) and some other stuff that’s keeping my productivity lower than usual.

That said, I’ll give ol’ Raspy a two word review for those of you curious types who need to know: SEE IT. You’ll very likely laugh yourself extremely silly and get your cringe on as well because the film can be a bit creepy on a few fronts.

Christopher Lee. Heavy Metal. Christmas Songs. Yeah, They All Go Together.

CL_XMAS“There was a time when Saruman walked through my woods, but now he has a mind of metal…”

You know how people say “Now I’ve seen everything!” all the time? No, no… they haven’t. THIS, on the other hand, helps cross a huge bunch of stuff off that long list list of “everything” in one gift-wrapped shot. According to Loudwire, 90-year old Christopher Lee, who’s played everything from Count Dracula, Lord Summerisle in the original (and still outstanding) The Wicker Man, and more recently, Saruman in The Lord of the Rings films has released an EP of two Christmas songs that’s now available for download on iTunes, Amazon and other music sites. I’d normally be clutching my chest and cracking up, but I’ll just tip my cap to the man for still doing what he does at that age. It’s not even the first time he’s done recorded work, as you’ll find out by simply Googling the man up and seeing what the results are.

Hell, the next time you can’t get out of bed because of a “serious” case of the sniffles, you might want to watch your back, you lazy git. Christopher Lee might have your job when you finally get back to work… and he’ll be doing it better than you ever did…