Review: Johnny Turbo’s Arcade: Heavy Burger (Nintendo Switch)


Holy… wow. this game is too freakin’ incredible. BUY IT. Or at least hope that Mr. Turbo has plans to get in onto a platform you can play it on.


Ahem. Every so often a good, well-made game of any genre makes me want to wax poetic, so here you go, a rhyming (not “rappin'” as I can’t do that at all unless it’s leftovers that need storage in the fridge) review of quite a fine Switch game you need to buy (ASAP, as its really, really good). Yes, the (very) old Bad the Bard alter ego has resurfaced from the grave, so expect the following verse to be cringe-worthy at best. Very cringe-worthy, apologies in advance…

(Takes out invisible lute and busted Casio VL-10). Er, go watch this rather conveniently placed trailer while I warm up… I’ll be back below the jump.


(Thanks, Flying Tiger Entertainment!)

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Data East Arcade Classics Coming To Wii In 2010

Ah, memories… Remember the good old days of arcade games such as BurgerTime, Heavy Barrel, Caveman Ninja and other Data East quarter munchers? well, thanks to Majesco, G-Mode and developer G1M2, if you’ve got twenty clams burning a hole in your Side Pocket come early 2010, you’re in for a treat.

Anyway, read up below, then start saving up those quarters, folks – this press release has your name written all over it. Screens underneath all the wordy stuff so you can reminisce about all that time you spent snagging those 1-UPs and trying to beat those Hi-Scores when you should have been hitting the books…

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