GetGeeked: Matter and Form Brings Affordable 3D Scanning to the Masses…


vlam matterform 070 vlam matterform 102 blank

With 3D scanning and printing being one of the latest new big tech things anyone who wants to do can do if they’ve the money, time, and patience, it’s still a somewhat expensive hobby to leap into for novices. Poke around online and you’ll see some scanners still run well over a thousand dollars and that’s out of the range of potential casual users or those who just want to experiment with 3D modeling techniques or maybe make a small amount of crafty goods as gifts or whatever using any number of 3D printers or printing services cropping up all over the place. Enter the folks at Matter and Form with a cool and affordable solution that does what the more expensive models do at a faction of the cost.

Matter and Form Educational Video from Mike Erskine-Kellie on Vimeo.

The company had a booth at the getgeeked tech show last week and I accidentally picked up the cute alien figure being scanned (oops) because I saw it and immediately thought up an ad for the company I think they should use with that cute little greenish guy. Of course, I put the figure back onto the turntable (heh, sorry!) and picked up some info about the scanner instead to peruse when I returned home…

Photo Credit: Chris Payne Photos

Photo Credit: Chris Payne Photos

At $579, M&F’s scanner comes in a neat folding design that reminded me of a retro record player (it’s the modern Close ‘n Play, but a LOT more useful!), but don’t tell the company I sad that. I prefer the term Easy Scan Non-Oven (heh). Actually, there’s a lot to like about the scanner just from reading one page of the company’s very helpful website. This cool bit of affordable tech started life as an Indiegogo campaign (that went well over its target) and now, any average Joe or Jane can get scanning like the big boys without a lot of fuss and bother.

But is this for YOU? I say sure, why not. Id bet everyone has something they’d love replicated either to give out as a gift or to just see if they can get a bit more creative in terms of customizing that object once it’s been scanned and printed as something they can play around with. Granted, currently the scanner only supports Windows 7+ (64 bit) and up in terms of OS, but I see that Mac OS 10.9+ is coming soon, so you Apple-heads won’t feel left out.

What would I do with one of these? Well… let’s see now. All I’ll say is once I can find a printer large enough, landmarks will go missing and be replaced with new and very large substitutes, and some museums with sculptures had better lock up their doors extra tight at night or else they’ll find big 3D printed sculptures and dinosaurs where the originals once stood, Mua-ha-ha-haaa! Okay, not really, folks. I’d probably scan up some old toys here and see about recreating them just for fun. Yeah, that’s a good cover story. Just remember THAT when you see the Statue of Liberty has been mysteriously replaced with a really well-made (and much lighter) replacement…

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