Oh, The Adventurezator is Going To Get Me Into Trouble… And YOU, Too…

Pigasus Games logoHmmm. Every once in a while, I get an invitation to try out an upcoming game and it’s a hit or miss proposition as to the quality of that work in progress or in some cases, the finished product. Pigasus Games’ Adventurezator caught my eye (OW!) as soon as I scanned the game’s Steam page and later, that video above.

Make your own emergent adventure games? Sure, why not? I’m downloading my beta code now and think I’m going to tinker a bit later this evening. Hey, my Saturday nights are usually not this interesting, people! Anyway, back in a bit – you should check this thing out too and get into some trouble with a story of your own, I say…

2 thoughts on “Oh, The Adventurezator is Going To Get Me Into Trouble… And YOU, Too…

  1. I’ll be lurking around here to check out anything you have to write about it so I can use the feedback to improve it.

    I Hope the buggy and incomplete reality doesn’t erase too much of that excitement… 😀

    Swine Overlord at Pigasus Games


    • Fear not, future household name!
      I’m not here here to point and blame.
      It’s beta code, it will have bugs.
      but unlike those YouTube posting thugs,
      I’ll fair-shake this DIY tree
      and not complain so endlessly.

      (Or something like that.) 😀


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