Random Art: Sunday’s Best For Getting Some Rest

This Note's For You

Nothing to see here. Move along now. Git. Oh, and it’s not #LoveWins people. It SHOULD have been #LoveALWAYSWins because yeah, hate and the misguided opinions of the always wrong ones throughout history finally need to be shown for the insanity they are in this new century. Objections to the happiness of others based on blind ignorance handed down without consideration also need to be beaten to death by now. With love, of course. Just so we can move onto truly important stuff like making sure we all have a planet to live on. And NO, not freaking Mars. That sci-fi fantasy isn’t going to happen without bankrupting the rest of the globe just so a few people can go up there and die to prove an easy to see from earth point. We’re not ready because we still argue over stuff like human rights for ALL. Boo. Fix that and then we can play with expensive spaceships and grand ideas not just for one class of people to see the results of in the future.

Back tomorrow. I’m taking the day off if you haven’t guessed already.

Random Art: Stuff You Do While Waiting…

more practice

Had some medical checkup stuff to get done to-day, so posting will be limited until I return. Did this while waiting around for an EKG machine to free up. Amusingly enough, there’s usually a decent wi-fi signal here at the clinic, but it’s been dropping in and out to the point where staff asked people not to use devices or limit time to a few minutes so they could keep their work rolling smoothly. Good thing I can sketch offline and post within a handful of minutes once I get online, I guess. Okay, back later. This day is going on longer than expected and I’m missing some important stuff because of it, grrrr.

Random Art: Some Monday Musings

a few more friends

It’s been a little bit since I posted some art, so here you go. This piece was done while waiting for a download to complete and as I was poring over a long list of articles I need to write or finish writing. For some reason, this past month has been a bit rough in terms of finding some focus but that’s most likely due to the weather, my poor throat being out of whack and some other stuff keeping my thoughts split into a bunch of places. In general, my best story ideas pop into my head at random intervals, usually within a few seconds of looking at a product or checking out a link someone’s sent me. This month or so it’s been some great beginnings to articles popping like mad, but no endings in that corn pile. Things are shifting back to normal as of the last few days, so I just need to dip into my notes and play catch up for about a week or two.

Eh, I’ll get my full mojo back soon enough. My motivation has been on vacation, but things on the horizon are looking up, so that trip seems to be coming to a close. Back in a bit…

Random Art: Unfinished Business- Incomplete With Too Much Heat

only a test

Thankfully, other than a few more days next week of colder temperatures, it would seem that this stupid winter has run its course*. I generally don’t get too ill during the season (or I don’t get sick at all), but the last couple of weeks have been rough thanks to wide temperature variations from day to day and the dopey new boiler put into the building about a year or so ago that works all too well. Hey, some like it hot, but I think constant indoor temperatures in the early summer numbers haven’t been the best thing for me. Of course, in a city where too many people don’t have proper heat, complaining about it being too warm in the apartment is a bit odd. On the other hand, one result of all that heat has been my wretched throat condition over the past week or so. It’s clearing up okay, but I certainly didn’t get much sleep last night thanks to all that water and tea with honey I’d sucked down to sooth my fur throat. I guess the good thin is I got more exercise running back and forth to the bathroom than I got walking through the freshly fallen snow yesterday. Ah-ha-ha.

Eh, have a very incomplete tree sketch. I may as well post something more interesting than this post.

*Of course, watch me be totally wrong if we get hit with a last gasp snow blitz right before spring hits. I’ll be the one screaming so loudly your windows shake no matter where you are when that happens.

Random Art: Oh, Look! An Update!

the waiting game 

Well, maybe not the update you wanted, but it’s an update nonetheless. I ended up spending the bulk of today dealing with sluggish internet while researching a bunch of stuff for some upcoming articles and not doing much actual writing. Boo. Well, I have more than enough in the way of notes now. I just need time to compile those and some images into something worth reading. In the meantime, I finished that sketch from yesterday early Sunday morning, but just got around to posting it now. And so it goes. Back tomorrow. There’s a bunch of snow on the ground, but it’s mostly stopped and with the temperatures going up tomorrow, should be a nicely mushy mess to walk around in. Ah well…

Random Art: Waiting on the Weekend on the Weekend…

The waiting game WIP

Hmmm. I see the cold weather here isn’t keeping people inside at all. It’s extra packed at the library to-day, so I’m stuck with a slightly to moderately chuggy connection and needing to pop over to an outlet plug in the laptop as my usual and backup spots are taken by people doing nothing but facebooking their weekend away. Bleh. Oh well. It seems that changing the backdrop and banner will need to be done tomorrow or later this evening at some point. That’s actually a good thing, as I have no idea what to do theme-wise. I could just post some of my art for both, but I don’t want to seem too desperate for attention or anything (he typed, while posting some unfinished art). Feh. Productivity is also a bit frozen, but I do have a film review or two to tackle at some point as well as completing a bunch of stuff that’s either in note or draft form.

Hokay, Back to the salt mines with me (*whipcrack!*)…

Random Art: Head Cold, Remedy Required

A little rusty

I think this extra dopey and drawn out winter has frozen my brain or something. I have a huge list of stuff to do and it’s as if my head is filled with Cra-Z-Sand or something. Well, this too shall pass as it normally does, but it seems to be worse this year and more annoying because the ideas are piling up faster than I can get them out. Eh, I just need a vacation or some quiet time, is all. Or some helper monkeys to keep pouring coffee into me and poking me with fencing foils (with the rubber tips on, of course!). Hmmm. Well, let’s get the brain wagon back into gear and see if that hill can be surmounted. Giddyap!

Random Art: Things Fall Apart In Some Awfully Productive Ways, Don’t They?

Pop Arty Mess 

Ha. Well, so much for a much more productive Sunday. Actually, I ended up doing too much research on an article for another site to the point that the short humor piece I started out with is now bigger than it probably should be. Oops. That’s what happens when you take your game history more seriously than the rest of the internet does. Oh well. I’m pooped, but still need to dig up a bunch of images, clean up the text a bit and roll it into something readable starting early Monday morning. Three shorter articles I’ve started need to be completed and then I get to… do some more writing for my site before Toy Fair rolls into town this weekend. I think breathing is in the mix at some point, as is sleeping and maybe eating. But we’ll see where that goes.

Anyway, some terrible “artwork” to share above. Noting but some mucking around with a random paint program I found on a disc. Ooh, I just remembered The Walking Dead AND Better Call Saul are on AMC tonight. Well, what I’ll be doing for the rest of this Sunday night has just been decided. Provided I remember to stop working and sit down in front of the TV. At least it’s on now as background noise. Looney Tunes, F. T. W., kids.

Random Art: Shhhhh, Quiet Zone!


I’m back. Well, not really “back” back… but let’s pretend. Anyway, yikes, a lot of people want to see me at Toy Fair, it seems. That’s a good thing, as I like seeing fun stuff and passing info along to anyone interested. Anyway, I had to download some files and event tickets for the show earlier and while waiting, whipped up the above. MS Paint, a mouse and some patience as usual. Hokay, let me get back to it, then. “It” being reading some stuff I needed to read, tinkering on a fun new feature column for later this week (you’ll see) and maybe thinking about what’s for dinner. Not necessarily in that order, by the way…

Random Art: For When You Want to Throw Stuff At Stuff, I Guess

Test Subject redux

Nope, I did not bet on and lose a fortune on the Superb Owl and hell, I didn’t even watch that big “event” (and yeah, I know that makes me a baaaad American or whatever). But I’d rather have done that nonsense and wake up with a hangover on the moon with the next bus back not for a month than get hit on the head by a few too many stupid things that have been stabbing at me for the past few months.

Between the shitty work done in the apartment over too long a time period up to the YouTube nonsense that just fell into my lap, I’m going all Howard Beale on anyone else who messes with me. And if you don’t know who Howard Beale is, look him up, please. I’d post that familiar clip from Network here, but I can’t get into my damn YouTube page until I watch that stupid goddamn cartoon pirate cat video and take a dumb-ass quiz that’s an insult to my intelligence… Continue reading