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Well, maybe this is actually more of a generic post to say Sunday will be slow for them. Posts, that is. I’m doing some away team stuff today (playing Destiny at a friend’s place for a review using his speedy connection and PSN account) and generally keeping a low profile because it’s a busy week ahead and I want to expend as little energy as possible today. “But what about Destiny?” you ask? “Isn’t it EXCITING?!” You ask? Um… welll… it’s FUN, don’t get me wrong, folks. Oh, you’ll see in my review later this week. I do like it so far, but to quote a certain fake Harry: “A man’s got to know his limitations…” Anyway, back in a bit. Maybe I’ll even get in another post today if I get back early enough to ramble about something.

DESTINY Collector’s Editions: Get That Ghost (Or Whatever Else You Want) Soon!

Digtial Digital Guardian Edition_info sheetWhile I’m not sure how supremely high interest is in Bungie’s first new project since the blockbuster Halo days (that’s a bit on an in-joke, kids – people seem to want this all-new IP quite a lot), the hype around Destiny is certainly huge enough that the game is getting a few collector’s editions as you can see and read below:

Destiny PS4 Limited Edition_packshot Destiny Limited Edition_info sheet

That’s the Limited Edition above and there’s the Ghost Edition below:

Destiny PS4 Ghost Edition_packshot Destiny Ghost Edition_info sheet

And of course, DLC is along for the ride in this online-only experience. Here’s what’s coming down the early part of that long road Bungie and Activision have planned for the future:

Destiny Expansion Pass_info sheet
Now, I’m not big on the whole Expansion Pass thing, but it’s one of those accepted practices that should work here quite well should the game have legs and Bungie wants to give its fans more as they burn through all the content in the main game. I just KNOW there will be some really enterprising players who team up to blow through the game world and its story content as quickly as possible, so I’m hoping the developer can at least keep up with those people and address any “complaints” they have. Granted, you’re not “supposed” to stay up for what, 20 hours straight (or however long it takes to see everything) playing ANY game. but try and stop someone with too much time on his or her hands and prepare to get slapped when they get a free hand.

E3 2014: DESTINY E3 Experience Trailer: No Fate But What You Make, Huh?

I’m not embarrassed at all to say that I can’t play Activision’s upcoming online only shooter DESTINY, although I’d LOVE to. The game is Bungie’s first since breaking off from Microsoft and the multi-million selling HALO franchise, but it’s not coming packed with an offline mode at all and my connection isn’t up to snuff at all. As with Titanfall (which I eventually played a chunk of at a friend’s place), ANY online-only console or PC game limits its audience by not including some sort of offline content, meaning a few million people WON’T be playing these games that NEED as many players as possible to enjoy them so that development money can be made back FASTER. Of course, that the game is for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 Xbox 360 and Xbox One means it’ll have a few million more active users at launch than other big franchises did when they got started (another great thing for Activison and Bungie to crow about), but the lack of solo play unless one is connected to the internet interests me not in the slightest. It’s too bad for me, I guess – this sure looks pretty damn cool.

DESTINY “The Law of the Jungle” Trailer: Bungie’s Jumping Into This Action/MMO Both Feet First…

Well, all in is all good and well if you’re a Bungie fan and yes indeed, this live action and CG trailer looks absolutely gorgeous. However, my only caveat is this is exactly the type of game I’m not interested in as it has no offline single player mode and seems to be a fancier version of a AAA shooter and MMO hybrid. Yes, it will sell incredibly well, but I’m more concerned about longevity and what happens when people burn through content too quickly or grow tired of this sci-fi shooter sub-genre. Granted, it’s going to be a few years before that happens, but I’m glad as hell I don’t have to be the one putting all my eggs into one basket and dropping it into a pack of internet wolves hoping it’ll keep them happy. I’ll keep an eyeball on this one anyway, as anything Bungie does seems to turn out really interesting when all is said and done…

DESTINY: Bungie’s Big Ideas & Big World Need Big Gameplay To Get My Money…

So, the big, big not so secret big game revealed today at Bungie HQ is an all-new IP for Activision and a purported innovative open world sort of multiplayer FPS (don’t call it a MMO!) called Destiny with a heavy social tilt and a ton of intriguing elements that look and sound grand on paper and in print (and in video – see above)… but I’m not all in just yet. One MASSIVE problem I have with these press events where ideas and concepts and big talk about the future come up and cycle about the room is until there’s ACTUAL gameplay to be seen. Sure, I know Bungie can most likely deliver the goods their fan base expects and then some. However, I’ve never seen a game that delivered as much as promised after a huge press event such as this one.

That said, I’m more than happy to be proven wrong, but the game has lost my interest already thanks to the online only play and heavy cream emphasis on “social” play. Ugh. I don’t own an iPhone, my internet connection blows and I like my games story-driven and immersive outside of flashy visuals and cast of thousands scope. I’ll only cover this again after I get to PLAY it, as it’s a case of so much promise that might not deliver everything at the same time plus a bunch of other things that annoy me to no end. Hey, at least I’m a positive skeptic willing to change my mind after finally tasting what’s on the menu that’s been waved under my nose all day…

Review: Halo: Reach

Platform: Xbox 360

Developer: Bungie

Publisher: Microsoft

# of Players: 1-16

ESRB Rating: M (Mature)

Official Site

Score: A

If you even thought Bungie was going to make their final Halo title for Microsoft some sort of rushed to market affair with a big “seeya, suckers!” plastered into the end credits, you'd be dead wrong. Halo: Reach closes up shop more than nicely enough to be an instant classic no fan of the franchise should miss. From the solid campaign mode to the ridiculous amount of customization and user-creation options that guarantee the game's place among the most played Xbox 360 games, there's nothing that should stop you from owning (and keeping) this one in your collection. Granted, if you're a straight-up Halo hater for some reason, the game won't do much to sway your opinion. On the other hand, it's impossible not to recognize how solid Reach is as a total package.

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